One week down. (First week in Germany)

I will try to post about once a week, so here goes my first post from germany. (sorry this one is really long, I have alot to share)

We said our goodbyes early Wednesday morning and my dad took us to the airport, I don’t think ive ever been so nervous for anything. I wasnt exactly nervous about moving to germany at this time, I was more nervous about going through each airport, not missing a flight, or not missing the train once we got in germany, because obviously, I dont speak any german, and Hailee and I were supposed to hop on a train once we got to germany for 3 hours, then board another train for 1 hour.. and thats alot harder than it sounds when you have never been somewhere and dont know their language. Our first flight was a breeze, when we landed in chicago (one of americas biggest airports) I started getting nervous, how was I supposed to find our next gate and get there on time? Well, it turns out its pretty easy, all that freaking out for nothing. We got to our next gate no problem, about an hour later we are on the plane again heading to newark. Yes, newark not newyork. I thought my mom was just trying to be funny by saying “new york” wrong, turns out newark really is a place. The second plane ride was horribly hot and I felt clasterfobic, but hailee and I both fell asleep and all was well. Once we landed in newark we headed toward our next gate. We had to be there an hour early for international flight, while we sat there we heard many different languages around us, russian, swedish, german, french, and some I didnt recognize. That was already starting to frustrate me, I hated not knowing what people are saying or what was going on. We sat and waited while eating our dinner. funny side story: as we were eating our dinner I put on my back pack to go to the restroom, my back pack weighed aournd 400000 tons. so, as I’m trying to put it on the force yanked my arm and I nailed hailee in the face,(its like when you try to pull up your blanket and you hit your self in the face) everyone started staring or laughing at us. I broke her glasses. (sorry hailee) We boarded the plane and hailee and I found our seats. A few moments later the flight attendent (quite rudely) told me she moved only my seat because they wanted to sit a mother and child together. Which, I totally get. But why out of all the people on the plane you would seperate two sisters who are traveling to germany without parents. and knowing me, I started crying. She told me once everyone was on I could start begging people to move. (seriously lady why cant you take care of that? we reserved this seats a month ago.) I called my dad and he talked to a much nicer flight attendant who fixed everything, thank goodness. I would of had a panic attack not sitting by my sister on an 8 hour flight. So as we were sitting on the runway waititng to take off, the plane hit some “mechanical issues.” long story short we sat on the runway for 4 hours. and at this point hailee and I both looked and smelt like death. We finally toke off, and hours later landed in the frankfurt airport, and thaknkfully Hailee apparently knows some german because she got us to our bags and to the ticket machine for the train. The ticket machine was in all german, so Hailee kind of pressed a few buttons and a ticket came out, my aunt b said we should have 5 but we only got one and only having 10 minutes until the train left hailee and I just thought it would be good enough. We got onto the train and I immedietly fell asleep. I woke up to some german man yelling at hailee. “dis is no right ticket!!! you owe me 136 euro! you no pay, dis is no right ticket!” I tried explaining to him that we pre paid online and this is what the ticket booth gave us. I was scared he was just going to kick us off when we still had an hour to go untill our next stop. I called my aunt and she said she would pick us up at the next stop and we could figure out then, I told the man that, and I think he said I just needed to pay the ticket booth at the next station. So I guess we fixed that problem, I am just so happy he didnt kick us off. anyways, we safely got to my aunt and Hailee’s freind and her friends mom. The first thought I had of germany was smoke. everyone here smokes, and they do it anywhere. Jen (hailees best friends mom) bought hailee and I a “mezzo mix” its coke mixed with orange fanta. and it is absolutley disgusting. Hailee loves it. Hailee and I went straight to Jens house so my aunt could go back to work and run some errands. Thank goodness for jen and her family, they are so kind and welcoming, they are the kind of people you just attomatically feel at home with, its nice knowing I already have a go to family here! later that night we went to my aunts house, it is such a cute house in such a cute town. I got into my room and noticed there was no closet, and knowing me (an OCD freak) I had to put my clothes away right then and there or else I wouldnt sleep. So I made my poor aunt carry my heavy wardobe up the stairs and put it together. (She got zero sleep the night before trying to figure out all the travel stuff with hailee and I) Thanks aunt b!:) So far since I have been here: -went to highschool registration.
– went shopping at the farmers market. Which was interesting, The people here dont care at all about bees and flys just sitting in their food. It doesnt gross them out at all! another thing I l

One night we went to dinner at this little italian resturant. its really fun learning about their culture and comparing whats different. for example, If you order water, you have to ask for it without bubbles. because they only serve carbonated water. and water costs money! they also find it very rude if you leave a tip. there is no airconditioning in resturants, beer is cheaper than soda, and they dont bring out everyones food at once, and it is considered rude here to not start eating when your food is served, even though in america it is polite to wait for everyone to get their food.

some of the best things over here are. their ice cream, they have a cute little ice cream shop down town. everything is wakable distance from our house. I dont really like some of the treats they have here, as in cookies, they dont make it as sweet as we do in the states. but I do love all their harbio and kinder candies! I found an obsession with kinder eggs. (they are alot like wonder balls) My aunt bought me and hailee each one kinder egg just for fun, but that was a mistake. the first one I got I got cinderella. And princesses are hard to come by, normally you get a stupid little animal. so now im on a hunt to collect every princess. and thats all I have been doing, I have everyone now but ariel.

as for school, unfortunetly I haven’t been able to go, The base commander still has to sign off my paperwork. we are hoping that I can start tomorrow. And all you kids would think its so fun not going to the first week of school, its not. I just sit at home doing nothing all day, I dont have a car, and during the day here all my friends back in the states are asleep, so I dont have anyone to talk to! and there is no tv here! im dying! i never though i would say this. but I MISS SCHOOL! (not to mention stressy jessi is freaking out about making up homework) but I have to make the best of the situation, its completley out of my hands! not to mention my aunt feels bad so she has been spoiling me, so thats a plus 🙂 I will write again next week after our trip this weekend and my first day of school. Love you all 🙂 (my photos are on my facebook page under the album “germany”

Screen Shot 2015-04-02 at 12.24.36 AM


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