WOW! I dont even know where to begin. Im trying to type fast, so Omi, im sorry that this will not be grammatically correct. with that being said, I LOVE IT HERE. oh my goodness. So much has happened in one week. So the first day I got here, Dad and Hailee dropped me off at the curb. A host was there to help me with luggage, I gave a quick hug to dad and hailee and I was off. So My host took me to a room, where they handed me a name tag, and made sure all my info was correct, and then my host and i went to my room to drop my luggage off (no time to unpack) and then before I knew it I was thrown into a class room with 7 other very confused missionaries staring at a guy speaking only portuguese. Oh the joys of the mtc (ctm as us brazilians call it). So that three hours was fun!;) They definitely dont ease you into anything here at the CTM. so after that 3 hours of what on earth am I doing on a mission we went to new missionary orientation. at least that was in english. and all 300 of us new missionaries were there. The entire MTC presidency served in Brazil. So they came right up to us to talk about our missions. Everyone tells me mine is the “paradise of brazil” and I guess they gave us the “special treatment” by asking me to pray at the end of all the talks. One thing i’ve learned in my wise days of being a missionary.. you aren’t asked as a missionary. you are assigned. So praying in front of 300 people for my first day was fun. Now, everyone told me “oh a mission is so hard, but so rewarding” yeah I figured a mission would be hard, but not THIS hard, and not THIS fast. I thought the MTC would be a nice relaxed place where we all sit around and enjoy being on missions. HA. yeah right. ive only been here for a week, and i have never been pushed so hard, or pushed myself so hard in my entire life. I have been out of so many comfort zones and I wouldnt trade it for anything. If college was anything like the MTC we would graduate college in 6 months. so the second day being here I was informed, Oh by the way tomorrow you will be teaching a 45 minute lesson to an investigator.. IN PORTUGUESE. what! I just learned how to say hi, im sister george, where are you from? and thats it. thats all I could say. and I have to teach a lesson in portuguese for 45 minutes?! So we got to planning. our investigators arent real investigators, yet. i guess in a few weeks they will be. but for now shes just a teacher acting. her name is rosaria and we learned that her kids dont live with her and her husband is in a wheel chair. we know she believes in god but isnt sure who he is. so we decided to talk about that. I took so many notes on how god is our loving heavenly father. And before the lesson i prayed my little heart out. it was super funny, you dont think of little things like.. oh yeah we have to ask to come in.. and none of us know how to say that in portuguese. lol. so that was interesting. my comp asked her in spanish and after 3 minutes of awkward silence she figuered out what we were trying to say. anyways, long story short we finally got into the room and I begun to teach my lesson. I was so nervous and I could tell she had no idea what I was trying to say. So i was finally just like; okay im going to bare my testimony. The second I started baring my testimony she could understand everything. the spirit was SO strong. Then all of a sudden I realized, wait what im speaking portuguese without notes! and just like that the spirit was gone, I didnt know what to say, so my comp could tell and she took over. it was HORRIBLE. the rest of the lesson I couldnt understand anything and I had no idea what was going on. The second we left I just sat on the stairs and cried. And that my friends is how mission life is. TOTALLY KIDDING. it got so much better. after my breakdown I was so discouraged. I know every one says is hard but its different when you are the one in the situation. but I realized, you know what, I can do this. because i was CALLED here. this wasnt by chance. I can do this. I can speak portuguese. and my entire district could tell i was super upset and one of the elders was like.. you know sister george, we have only been here for 3 days. and we arent here to be perfect, we are here to invite and share our message. so true. that night we got to watch the broadcast of Elder tom perry’s funueral. one thing that really stuck out to me was that someone said perry used to always say “ive never had a bad day” from that point on I was like okay, yes this is hard, yes i dont know portugese YET. but it isnt a bad day. Me and my comp the next day planned out the entire second lesson for rosaria, we even translated it to portugeuse (that seriously takes like 3 hours) then at the end i just got the strongest feeling to change the lesson. and she agreed. something just felt weird. so we did. we re wrote the entire thing and translated it. so the next lesson i went in with complete faith. and my teacher always says that if you teach with the spirit and have your testimony, thats all you need. So my companion (or missionary friend as sam would call it) IS SO good at porguguese. she just babbles on and on. but she took 6 years of spanish. anyways, so most of the lesson i just was quite until it was my turn to bare my testimony. and I did! and she understood the entire thing and my entire lesson! my portuguese didnt get better. but my faith did. and YAY FAITH ROCKS. The more im here the more I realize my purpose isnt to learn portuguese, my purpose is to simply envite others to come to christ. and being fully converted is so much more important than a testimony. by the third lesson I understood almost everything rosaria was saying, and shes from portugal and those porguese have an ugly lisp when they talk (hah jk dad) SO enough of the churchy stuff. but i mean thats what ive been doing all week. I love love love it here. Im learning so much. I can already pray and bare my testimony in portuguse, I can even give 45 minute lessons even if they are probably horrible hahah. The food is great. well at least i think so. its kind of like the marketplace food from utah state. My district is the best! we have so much fun together, sometimes we need to be better about staying on track becasue the dumbest things make us laugh. I feel like ive known them forever. sorry this email was so jumbled. I dont have a ton of time and I had so much to say about my first week. the days are starting to go by so fast. we dont have a lot of free time, the best part of the day is gym when we get to go play sand volley ball or basketball or go for a run. but by far, this is the most ive ever learned and some of the funnest times ive ever had. Oh! so yesterday we were outside doing personal study and a bird was flying and rammed into a window! it fell and was literally (yes hailee not figuratively) knocked out! so i went to go help it, (dont worry mom we didnt touch it) so i went to go see it, and then it kinda woke up, but it looked like it had a broken wing, then all of a sudden it flew right at me and almost nailed me in the face! i screamed so loud and then almost peed my pants laughing so hard, there goes sister george, ruining the spirit one bird at a time hahaha.
ill send some pictures! I love you a lots! this email was a mess i had like 20 minutes, but just know im doing great and its so fun 🙂
Sister George!



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