Week #2 at CMT!:)

Bom Dia Familia e amigos!:)
All is well here in the life of sister Jess in the CTM! I can SO believe ive been here two weeks! sometimes it feels like an eternity! haha but then other days I feel like I have only been here 2 days. Also, I feel like im never leaving this place. Like when someone asks me where im serving my mission im like “ummm the MTC where are you serving?” One more month and I will be out in the field! so crazy.

We finished up our lessons with our “investigator” rosaria! Shes probably gonna get baptised πŸ˜‰ in fact, shes now an RM from portugal and will be our second teacher for the rest of the MTC! her real name is sister Hirshi! she is SO awesome. So now we have Irmao workman for 3 hours before lunch and then 3 hours after lunch we have sister Hirshi. Shes so cute. The girls got style. She definetly gives me hope for sister missionaries, because I miss cute clothes. Sometimes I cant tell if im at an old folk home or the mtc with some of the clothes! hahah. totally kidding. sorta. Sister Hirshi has such a thick accent. So its really hard to understand her, but shes working on her brazilian accent for us. However, I think its good hearing both accents because then we will understand the language better. Im learning so much! its so much better having two teachers, the days fly by now! well sometimes πŸ˜‰ We still teach her and irmao workman they just pretend to be invetsigators. its fun, but its stressful and hard! I just cant wait to know the language better so i can be able to teach better and relate better to them. When we went to go teach irmao workman as “jo” he would not let us into his house! it was so awkward hahah. I have alot of moments like that as a missionary. we had to keep talking about our lesson outside the classroom because he refused to let us in! He just kept asking about our message and when we would tell him, he would just look at us like a bunch of crazies! but its good because he puts us into real life situations! the other sisters forgot to bring a book of mormon to one of their lessons, so when jo was like… well what makes your church different from others? they were like the book… and then got silent because they realized they forgot it. then they just started laughing and couldnt stop becuase its even funnier because they are teaching their teacher and its not a real investigator so in his head he is probably like “are you kidding me? you forgot the one thing you were supposed to bring?” so funny.

I am slowly starting to make slow victories when it comes to Portuguese. I have memorized the mission purpose, AND I dont have to take notes into lessons anymore! im at a point where I can study the vocab from a lesson before I go in, and be able to formulate sentences using that vocab! its so exciting! I sometimes struggle to get a thought out, but I do it. But maybe my teachers are just being nice and acting like they can understand me even though they cant! its fun learning a language, but also really horrible. I dont know how to explain it. depends on the moment, because one second I could dance out of excitment and the next im like, I might go jump the MTC fence and just go get some chick fil a and never come back. hahah! (mom im totally kidding I love it here)

one sad thing did happen this week. Three of our elders got their visas 😦 we are so sad, but so excited for them. our fantastic 8 of district MaçÑ (apple it just sounds cool in portuguese so thats what we named our district) is now the fantastic 5. So poor elder murray is stuck with us 4 sisters as a solo companion! I feel so bad for him, I dont know how he is going to do it… thats so many emotional girls. 4 against one and he is with us ALL day. please pray for him hahahahha hes gonna need it. The elders left to brazil this morning! and one got his before he came here, but there wasnt an american comp down in brazil for him at the CTM so he had to wait for another elder to get theirs, so marsh got his last week and then YESTERDAY after lunch elder Whiting got his! and so he had less than 12 hours to pack up and get out! but, today was the “deadline” so now if any of our visas come in they will keep us here at provo! which is actually very reassuring. I love it here. so we wont know if we are getting reassigned or going to brazil for another 2 weeks! Whenver we all talk about reassinmetns its kind of exciting! most districts all get called to the same place, we all want to go to arizona. I kind of want washington πŸ™‚ its so fun! its like waiting for a call all over again! being out here though, I dont care if I got to brazil or stateside. (I still dont want stateside for more than 5 months though) but I think it would be kind of fun to have two misisons… and teaching in english sounds SO FUN. especially knowing how frustrating it is trying to teach a lesson in portuguese. All i know is, everything happens for a reason and I will go wherever im needed πŸ™‚ (but I wouldnt be too upset if it was spokane washington for 3 months, thats where my misison prep teacher will be the new mission president and he is awesome) but my guess is arizona! and everyone wants arizona! I think it would be fun! ahhh its like waiting for a call all over again!

So I had a really life changing moment while here at the CTM, and some deep thoughts…. so there I was in class… spacing out a little (dont judge me. 13 hours of being in one class room you would too) and I found myself staring at the elders ties, and then I realized.. Ties are super weird. Has anyone else ever thought about that? its just a random piece of patterened fabric that hangs off guys necks. WEIRD RIGHT?! like who ever decided that: whoa look at this piece of fabric, lets hang it on our shirt and make everyone think its classy. I DONT UNDERSTAND. and I cant use google so if someone could please enlighten me on the history of Ties that would be great because I think they are so weird and its really bothering me. WHY.

Tomorrow I get to host, so i get to show all the new little missionaries around and im super excited for that. I love it when we get to mix it up a little bit! and i feel so old being a two week missionary, im super knowledgeable πŸ˜‰

Well anyways, I love it here. Being on a misison is the coolest thing ever. So if anyone is ever thinking about it. DO IT. I cant even put into words how much I have grown even in the short two weeks ive been here. Its the coolest experience ever. Im learning so much about my self and this awesome gospel. Its really hard at times, in fact, its really hard all the time. but its so fun. SO FUN. YAY TO BEING A MISSIONARY!:)

much love,
Sister George

ALSO dear elder is a thing that you can go type out a little message and they print it off here the day off and I get to read them that day!:) dearelder.com and its the funnest thing receiving them. So if anyone has a minute, I would love to here from ya!
thanks for all the love and support. I am one lucky sister!:)




Sophster out:)


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