Week #3 HALF WAY!!

HALF WAY DONE?! so crazy. but so exciting. Things here are great. I am becoming more and more comfortable with the language.. okay well not really but im still learning a ton 🙂 I guess I should say im not embarrassed to make mistakes so I just try to talk anyways.

Cool experience of the week: Sister Lockhart and I (not my companion but a sister in my district my comp was already to gym we are too slow for her haha) were on the way to gym, and a bunch of the mission presidents who need to come in early for English training are here. They were all outside practicing talking to the missionaries.. normally they just ask get to know you questions. its really cute and fun. I imagine that’s how I sound when I try to speak Portuguese. Anyways.. A sister from Ecuador stopped us and asked “can I share my testimony with us?” so of course we were excited and said yes. she began to bare her testimony on Christ our savior and the truthfulness of the gospel. Her English was in no way perfect.. but it didn’t matter. It was AMAZING. The spirit was so strong and I could understand what she was trying to say perfectly. It really showed me that.. yes my Portuguese is probably AWFUL. but it doesn’t matter. because with the help from the holy ghost.. and my testimony of our savior.. my point can get across. I don’t need to know Portuguese perfectly to fulfill my purpose as a missionary. and my purpose is to invite others unto Christ.. not to speak fluent and flawless Portuguese. I am SO grateful that sister had the courage to bare her testimony even though her English was not.. well.. good. Its truly amazing what baring testimony can do for people. she helped me so much. Ah I love it. I love the MTC. I kinda love Portuguese. Faith in Christ is KEY. however, to show our faith we have to take that first step into the dark and he will guide us the rest of the way.

This week flew by. being so busy really helps; an average day here at the MTC goes something like this: Wake up at 6:30… try to remember where on earth am I “oh yeah im on a mission!” go to class.. do additional study.. so normally we go over lessons that we will be teaching our “investigators” that day. Then breakfast! yay best meal of the day! they always have DELCIOUS doughnuts and hashbrowns.. the good kind. so yeah.. its the best. Then we go back to class and have some time for more additional study.. i know it seems like a lot of additional study… but its much needed. Its also nice to pracitce teaching the lesson to my companion in portuguese before i teach it to the investigator. then irmao workman comes in and teaches us for 3 hours.. hes tough. he refuses to use any english ever. even outside of class! so like if he is walking and talking english wiht another teacher he will stop talking right when he sees us! its hard.. .but i think we learn alot because of it.. its just frustrating when we are trying to learn grammar and he wont use enlish to explain it! but its one hour of language, then an hour of gospel doctrine or some super awesome uplifting message and then an hour of teacing him or “investiagor” then we have lunch, we come back from lunch and have 3 more hours with sister hirshi. She is AMAZING!! i love having two teachers. its nice to mix it up and have two different teaching styles, but the lay out of her class and irmao workmans is the same.. but sometimes she willl throw in english words to explain grammar better. YAY!:) after sister hirshies class we go to gym.. by far the best part of the day! there is a gym with a track, volley ball courts, basketball and foursquare. we can also go outside if we want and play sand volley ball or soccer.. but im all about that foursquare life. ITS THE BEST! us misisonaries take foursquare very seriously. but sometimes when i get lucky in basketball I can school my entire district at lighting.. but thats rare, so i like to stick with foursqure to boost my confidence haha! after gym is dinner, then after dinner is personal study, comp study, then language study, then 9:30 we are back into our dorms and we have an hour before bed to shower, write in our journals, eat my body weight in cookies and tootsie rolls and talk with my sisters! its the best 🙂 but by the end of the day im so tired the second my face hits the pillow im out. Mission life is a busy one.. .I cant even imagine what it will be like out in the field!

My cute mom sent me a package and stickers with all 50 states on them.. I had to find people from every state and give them their sticker with their state on it! it was so fun! I only have 22 more.. its such a fun way to meet people and… who doesnt love stickers?!
also my dad sent our district a “halfway done” box with some sparkling cider.. so its a good life here at the MTC.

I love you all so much! I love it here 🙂 my weird thought for the week is.. what exactly is a tootsie roll? because its kinda weird.. but so delicious.
Stay great!
Sister Georg




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