Week #4!:)

4 weeks down?! no way! Our district is officially the oldest district in our zone! I only have 13 days left here at the mtc! Im so excited to get out into the field.. but Its sad thinking I will have to be leaving this place. I love it here. My district/ zone is the best. We have all grown so close and I cant imagine saying goodbye to these people. BUT I am so excited to get out there 🙂 So my visa has not come in.. so that means REASSINMENT!:) we are all so excited. we will be re-assigned this friday.. but the travel office has been stubborn lately and wont let people know where they are going until the friday before they leave. so thats annoying! i feel like im waiting for my mission call again! we just want to know! A sister in our district got her visa but her comp didnt, they left this morning.. one to brazil and one to long beach califonia! The only people that have been getting their visas are the peopel who did not go through LA consulate. so Im 99.7% sure my entire district besides sister lockhart will be reassigned. We are all so excited. it doesnt matter where we go.. because the lords work is everywhere, not just in brazil 🙂 My guess is orlando Florida! everyone elses guess is Tuscan Arizona! its so fun guessing 🙂 im just excited to know!

This week was great! We all moved into the newer and nicer residence halls.. we were there for a whole 2 nights when they discovered bats were living in the vents. GROSS. So we all got to pack up again and move to the old residence halls! haha.. it was nice while it lasted 🙂 all the new mission presidents came in this week for their training, they kicked us all out of 1M (the main builiding with the cafeteria) so the mission presidents could all be in there. The entire first presidency and the quorum of the 12 were here! SO AWESOME ahhh we didnt get to see them (although there’s rumor one of them will be speaking in devotional tonight) any who, so they sat up some tables in the gym for us.. so we were expecting cereal an peanut butter and jelly all week… wow were we wrong! we got the special treatment! we got tacobell.. chick fil a.. costa vida.. papa johns.. subway.. endless ice cream and fresh raspberries!! Mormons and food.. man it gets me every time. it was SO nice to have fast food. ahhaha as weird as that sounds.. One night a few weeks ago in class I was craving a cheeseburger so bad I half considered hopping the mtc fench to make a break for it. (dont worry I contained myself). but the food was great.. and mom.. now i need new skirts because none of them fit! (all jokes all jokes) I burn it all off in 98 degree weather playing sand volley ball. The mtc is the good life.. do i really have to leave this place?

So funny story of the week: Sister Carleton and I were teaching our investigator “Jo” his second lesson. We taught the plan of salvation.. and when we got to the part about the Telestial Kingdom Jo was like.. Soooo the telestial kingdom is like hell? and at the EXACT same time me and my companion responded to his question.. so in sync right? nope not exactly.. becuase my answer was no and hers was yes. hahahaha! SO AWKWARD. You could tell he was trying not to laugh.. In my head i was like well this should be interesting try to explain our way out of this one in portuguese. So i look over at my companion and was liike….well we clearly have different thoughts on this one so good luck. hahahhaah She pulled it off though and explained it well, as to why its not considered :”hell” 🙂 so its all good. but it was hilarious. Sometimes i Think our teacher is like oh please dont let these girls go out and teach real investigators hahaha.

One nice thing about the MTC is devotionals every Tuesday and Sunday night. All the missionaries gather and someone gives us some super awesome uplifting spiritual talk. I look forward to them all week. This week Brother Steven Allen the MTC director (not sure what that means but it seems pretty fancy) came and talked to us. He asked us all a million questions and we would stand up if it applied to us. questions like… “who has been homesick?” “who has at one point thought about going home?” “who has felt discouraged?” and “who has felt the love of their heavenly father” and every missionary stood up for most of his questions. He then responded with “good.” He explained to us that if we are trying to become more like Our savior and be his disciples its expected to have hardship and struggle more than we ever have before. I have never thought of it like that before. I mean, we are all striving to be like Christ.. we are all trying to gain Christlike attributes everyday.. whether its patience, faith, kindness, Knowledge, or service… we all everyday are striving to be a little bit better than we were yesterday. Missionaries or not. But, in order to progress and gain experience, we have to struggle. Our savior sacrificed and suffered more than any of us will ever even begin to comprehend, so of course to become like him, we must suffer too. As we all know.. life can be HARD. and sometimes, we cant seem to find an answer as to why bad things happen to good people.or why on earth is this so hard? why am i going through this? But the thing is, we weren’t send on this earth to just easily float through life. Yes we are here to experience happiness, but to know the good times from bad we must have trials. And the only person who knows our full potential is our Heavenly father.. not our coaches, not our parents. our Heavenly father is the only one who knows our FULL potential in this life. We don’t get trials because we “deserve them” or becuase “karma” we get trials placed in our lifes because our heavenly father has so much love for us that he wants us to be pushed to our fullest abilities. A few of my friends and I would study preach my gospel up at Utah State before our missions, while on this topic of discussion and girl told us an analogy that fits perfectly:
a mother had a baby who was not progressing as fast as the other children that were his age. She was worried about him and couldn’t figure out why he would not learn like the other children. As she was thinking this she saw her child struggling to reach for a toy, she quickly sat up and ran over to his aid and handed him the toy.. she then realized why. because she wasn’t letting him learn for himself how to get to the toy, she just resolved the problem for him everytime so he didnt even have the chance to learn how.
I imagine this is how our heavenly father sees it. He gives us hardships in life to grow. Not to ruin our lives, or to watch us fail. He wants us to find joy and to become the best we can be. because he knows our potential! And the thing is, he loved us so much that he sent his son, to suffer for not only all of our sins, but for our trials as well. So in Brother Steven Allens talk he said.. FIND HIM. find his son, let him into your life and use the most amazing gift, the atonement. We have countless angels on our side, heavenly father is on our side. They want us to succeed. He told us how much our heavenly father wants us to grow, not only in our missions but in our lives. I hope I can remember this talk while I am being pushed and tried… because i know with the help of our brother Jesus Christ, we have the strength to Endure to the End 🙂

Well, thats all for this week!:) Just know that I am doing great, I love love love the CTM!! but im so ready to get out into the field. Whether thats in ogden utah, boise, california, Florida, or BRAZIL!:) I hope next week I will be able to reveal where I will be re assigned temporarily… maybe I can bribe the Travel office with some tootsie rolls.
TCHAU TCHAU! ( i guess all the cool kids in brazil say it twice)
Love you all 🙂 I love hearing from all of you, the support means the world to me.
Sister George 🙂





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