Week #5 At CMT!!:)

Week #5! one more week to go.. but wait! there’s more! sooo funny story about my reasSignment… (drum rOll please) so we go into the travel office, because everyone that is suPposed to leave the same day as us got tHeir travel plans but we didnt. so we go ask them if we can pretty please with sugar on top get them. Sooo the lady looks us up on the computer, gIves the computer a weird/concerned look. Then goes and talks to her boss (never a good sign) and then comes back makEs a phone call, jots some things down on a paper, slowly hangs up the phone then looks at us like shes about to tell us our dog died, then is like… well for some reason you weren’t on the re-assignment list. so we were like okay.. what does that mean for us? well it means you will probably be here for an extra week. HAHAH Oh my heck. WHY. we all just strated laughing… because it was one of those situations where thats all you can do! sooo my reassingment i guess is the MTC!;) so funny. like what are the chances?! we are all having a good attitude about it and just hoping for the best šŸ™‚ we should be told our reassignments Friday. and maybe just maybe if we are super lucky we will be able to leave on tuesday as planned.. but its unlikely šŸ™‚ guess we will find out!:) MTC FOR LIFE! fist pump!

Now onto some more positive and fun things like.. the FOURTH OF JULY!:) my all time favorite Holiday! and it was a blast! it was so fun walking around the MTC seeing all the sisters wearing anything in their closet that was red white and blue even if it didnt match. everyone was so happy! (happier than usual, you cant be at the mtc and be unhappy its impossible) Everyone would just be walking around the MTC singing god bless america and all the fun ones šŸ™‚ then that night they gave us a special program, there was a huge flag ceremony with people from every country! and we got to stand up when our country we were from was announced, and the country we will be serving in. its so fun seeing where everyone is from! 2000 missionaries in one place and thats alot of different cultures! so diverse and so fun. then after the devotional we all got to go outside and watch the stadium of fire’s fireworks from the MTC parking lot. everyone was waving the mini flags our parents sent us in the mail and singing our hearts out! it was seriously a blast. but staying up late was exhausting. By 10 im ready for bed! so all in all, such a fun fourth of july!

So for TRC (when we get to teach members in Portuguese so like a family home evening) this week we got to skype a girl from Brazil. It was so fun! but we serioulsy could not understand anything she was saying. hahahah, you think you learn so much in the MTC until you talk to a native. but she could understand us so that was good šŸ™‚ Brazilians talk so fast and they talk almost like they are singing. I dont really know how to explain it but its crazy. Anytime i talk to a native and I tell them where I am serving in Brazil they always tell me how fast they talk there! I guess they use the most “proper” portuguese in Brazil and talk so fast. So that’s hopeful šŸ˜‰

Thing I learned this week: thanks to Brother Nilsson a member of our branch presidency we always have fun stories to listen to. He is a spiritual Giant! hes so Legal (cool). anyways, he took us on a “field trip” to his class room from when he was here at the MTC learning spanish. he told us how he was by far the worst Spanish speaker in the class. and he would always ask to be put last on the list to pass things off to his teacher (they don’t do that anymore) because he wanted to hear everyone else go first because he wasn’t confident in his ability. Then one day he said he was sitting there and thought to himself.. this is so stupid. im so bad at spanish, and i cant do this. Then he felt a prompting to just go first on the list. he thought.. . no way! i cant pass it off first! but he took the step of faith and did it. and he spoke the best Spanish he ever had. He said that was the day he learned his most valuable lesson while here at the MTC. “we need to stop worrying about OUR ability, and start worrying about our ability to have FAITH in our savior and Faith in Gods plan for us.POOF MIND BLOWN. hahah but really, this is so true. because I feel like as misisonaries we worry so much about what our skills are, about how good we are at the language, about how much we know. We forget that the only thing that truly matters is our faith in Christ, because with him, he will show us our weakness, and make those weaknesses strengths. So cool. It doesn’t matter how good or how horrible you are at the language, it matters about how much faith you have.

So I Do have alot of faith, in our savior and in gods plan for me… but ive still been having a hard time with this whole visa thing. And its been bothering me that ive been struggling with it. and its not that I dont trust His plan for me, because I really do. I know that he knows what I need and how to push me so I can become the best I can be. So why Am I still struggling with it? we got to teach our companions as themselves (they werent acting like an investigator) and my companion told me how shes really struggling with this whole visa thing. So as I was whipping up a lesson for her I found a scripture in Alma 31:31 it says, we pray for PATIENCE through our afflictions. Not for our afflictions to be lifted or for them even to be easy, but for patience. I realized something after this… Its okay to have a hard time with our trials. that’s why they are trials. they aren’t easy! they are supposed to be hard, thats how we learn. However, we can pray for patience. Patience to endure, and patience in gods timing. Because I know that gods plan for me is perfect, he knows exactly what blessings and what trials I need so that I can become the best me i can become. And I now know that’s its okay to struggle with it still. Its not exactly fun waiting for a visa, knowing that I may never even get to brazil, its not exactly fun that I may have to at the MTC longer than planned, but… I know its for a reason. even if I dont understand that reason yet! And its okay that Im struggling with it, because I can have patience, I can trust in this plan with patience and know that even though its hard, its worth it šŸ™‚

Anywho.. I wish I had some crazy funny story to tell all of you.. but the things we find funny you all wouldnt. hahaha Us missionaries laugh hysterically at the DUMBEST Things! but its such a fun time. hah. I love the people here. its been such a blast, so whether this is my last week or not, im so glad I had this experience šŸ™‚ and any of you who will soon be entering the MTC, LOVE IT. make every second count and take advantage of the mtc, because “its not a school, its a spiritual experience” (another quote from bro nillson, hes so rad) Love you all!:) maybe I will be sending out an email sometime htis week informing all of you i will be leaving tuesday to… who knows where! or maybe I will just email you all next week as normal because im here an extra week.. but wherever this crazy path takes me ill keep walking with a smile!:)

-Sister George




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