Alright family and friends, The time has come…. we FINALLY received
our temporary Re-assignments! So, we had infield orientation all day
today (just prepping us for the real world of the life of a
missionary) any who, after dinner we went to the mail box (with hopes
low yet high, not sure if our re assignments would be in the mail) and
Elder Murry kept messing up the combination because we were all
freaking out because we could see them in the little window thing on
the mail box. anyways, we grabbed them and ran outside to say a
prayer, then he starts handing them out. they are just printed on a
piece of paper so we just had them face down. then we all flipped them
over at once. annnnnnndddd *drum roll please* I will be serving in the
PROVO UTAH MISSION!!!! I was super upset at first, but I just know
this is where I am supposed to be… besides it covers a lot of Utah
so I wont be close too close to home. And i’m not really aloud to tell
my family what zone ill be in. so we wont run into each other.. and
besides.. im totally kidding. hahahahahah. I will really be serving in
the Texas Lubbock mission! Sister carleton and Elder Murry got
Reassinged to the Ventura, California mission and Sister Hall and
Sister Lockhart will be going to Salt lake City, utah. So Im the lone
wolf! Im super excited!:) Some of my favorite Family members live in
texas! we travel there all the time, so Half my heart is already there
πŸ™‚ My mission covers half of New Mexico also, and they say the towns
normally only have around 5,000 people! hahahah so I will be going
from out in the middle of no where Texas, to Huge city Brazil once my
visa comes in! wow im so excited. It was just like opening up another
call. I will be heading out this Monday!:):) (not that the MTC isnt
fantastic but im ready to get out there) I cant tell you all how happy
I am πŸ™‚ I will finally be out in the field, teaching the People of
Lubbock Texas!:) So I guess I gotta trade my sandals to some cow girl
boots πŸ™‚ BYE Y’ALL!:


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