Mission here I come!!!!!

Well, THis is a bitter sweet moment. I cant really put into words quite how I am feelIng. well I guess I can, But it may not make sense. BecAuse I am completely 110% heart broken. I cant quite explain the feeling I get whenever I talk about Brazil, Whenever I see pictures, Whenever I speak to a Brazilian over Skype or a missionary here, But I love it. I love Brazil and I alreaDy love the people. I wAnt to be in Brazil More than anything. I want to be where that piece of paper I received 6 months ago told me where I would be. I want to go struggle with the language I have been giving it my all to learn everyday for the past month and a half. I love Portuguese. I love Brazil. But the funny thing is, its not about what I want. It doesnt make it easier, but it gives me purpose. I know that our heavenly father has a plan for every single one of us. I know he has a plan for me too. And even if I don’t always understand the why of his plan, I know he knows the why. So, Like my parents always taught me, you can’t choose the situations you are put in, but you always have the choice on your attitude. So, I even though My heart is broken, I will go to the amazing People of Texas, and give 110% of my efforts to them and to the lord. I am SO excited to serve. Whether that is in Florianopolis Brazil, or lubbock Texas. I am just so excited to get out there! Missionary work is amazing. And even if it isn’t easy, or exactly how I want it, Its the most amazing experience I have ever been a part of. And I have only been a part of it for 6 weeks. SO, I will “cow girl up”, I will put on a smile, grab my scriputres, and face whatever journey I have coming to me with a big smile! besides, everything IS bigger in Texas, So i guess that means my smile and my hair right?;)

So we were doing some math the other day in class.. well I was attempting to do math. and we calculated, that we have spent over 410 hours in that classroom as a district. And in those 410 hours, of crying, of laughing, of making new friends, feeling the spirit, and feeling closer to my father in heaven more than i have ever before, My life has changed forever. I will never be the same! I have learned so many valuable lessons in that freezing class room! lessons that I will NEVER forget. And people I will NEVER forget. i am SO grateful for all of my time here at the MTC. It has been, well, amazing. I don’t know how I am going to say goodbye to all the amazing people I have met here. It will be rough, But I know that with every goodbye comes even more hellos.
I love you all lots. Thanks so much for all of the love and support.
Talk to y’all next week!
Much love,
Sister George


So this is my amazing Brazilian, she is going to serve in the St george utah mission and she is learning english, and I am going to Brazil, Learning Portuguese. So we are switching places! During infield orientation we role played with eachother, she practiced teaching me in English and I practiced teaching her in Portuguese. it was SO fun! she was like “you be my new companion okay?” hahahah. it was so awesome helping each other. Her English was probably just like how my portugese is! shes been here for 7 weeks learning english, she thinks it hard. im like seriously no way Portuguese is hard! So Its fun because I get a perspective of what I sound like to her. We have so fun combining both languages trying to make a conversation out of it. and again, even though her english was broken, when that girl bore her testimony the spirit was so strong! AHHH I LOVE IT. We just kept poinitng at random things and we would say what it was in english and portuguese. We kept trying to teach her how to say “awesome” and it comes out like “Alsoo” hahahha Shes hilarious. Im so glad I met her. I love teaching the brazilians whats really important, american slang!;) hahahah Oh how i love brazilians.Eu nao falo portuguese bem, ainda. Mas eu tento. Eu se que Deus Tem um plano perfecto para todos persoas. Eu se que Deus tem muito muito amor para nos. Eu sou muito grato por meu conhecimento sobre este por causa, sem este conhecimento vida é mais dificil. Eu se que Cristo vive. Eu se este porque eu posso sentir seu amor para meu cada dia. Cada dia, aprendo sobre cristo e sua expiacao, cada dia eu sento mais perto de Deus. Eu amo este evaneglo muito! Eu se que este evangelo e verdadiero! eu seu que este evangelo pode ajudar nos. Eu se que o livro de mormon e um palavra de Deus. O livro de mormon e muito importante para me por causa, O livro ajuda meu em todos coisas em minha vida. Eu sou muito grato para este O livro! YAY para o evangelo! vida e bem, Deus e bem! (sorry Im too lazy to use the portuguese key board so there are no accents haha)


My mom sent me this today!! It was hilarious walking around the campus with this thing. Like they say, everything is bigger in TEXAS!!


​Four square thug life! HAHA! I will miss these crazy people.
(I won the last round on my last day sooo… heck yes.)


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