okay first of all.. i just got on my email and i have a bunch of emails that bring in tidings of great joy. …. I GOT MY VISA!!!!! i just found out from emails from my parents!!! WHAT?!??!?!!?!?!?!? with that being said….. i shall tell about my first week in the land they call texas 🙂
okay… so the night before we left the mtc I was super nervous about us not waking up to the alarms.. me and my comp sis carleton had to wake up at 2;30 am. and she was like i promise i will wake up.. so i was like alright alright… so i fall asleep and all of a sudden i hear this banging at the door and someone yelling “IS THERE A SISTER GEORGE AND CARELTON IN THERE?! YOU WERE SUPPOSED TO BE AT THE TRAVEL OFFICE OVER AN HOUR AGO!!!” it was security. my comp had turned of the alarm when it went off in her sleep. sooooo we had 4 minutes to throw on an outfit.. and get out.. i honestly dont even remember brushing my teeth.. greeeatttt first day as a misisonary out in public and i dont have make up on.. and my breath smells like death. perfect… just a great way to start the lords work am i right?;) We booked it to the buses and took off.. i did my make up in the dark.. and if i must say it wasnt as horrible as it could have been.. i popped in a mint… did my hair.. well kinda… and i was ready! So my first experience was with a guy sitting next to me on the plane.. oh and did he have a lot to say… about how much he hated religion.. hahah i definetly am not in the MTC anymore! we get off the plane and everyone is telling all these awesome experiences they had and im just like what the heck?! hahah but its alll good it was just preppin me for the real world. The guy was nice he just ya know.. didnt exactly love mormons. The second we got off the plane into lubbock texas our mission presidents were there. they are so awesome. Sister heap is serioulsy the best. I aspire to be like her!

So im in a trio!! WOOO HOOOO!!! its serioulsy the funnest thing ever. Sister Oviatt is from OHHH CANADAAAAA and sister Custer is from VIVAAA LAS VEGASSS! They are the funniest craziest girls ever. we have so much fun. This is sister oviatts last transfer.. its sister custers half way mark.. and its my first transfer. so we are all at different levels! They teach me so much.. how to teach.. how to eat way to much ice cream.. how to not be super awkward in awkward situtations.. how to make up church rap songs.. you know the good stuff 😉 We are in Andrews texas.. population to about 10,000 people… 400 tractos… 600 cows.. and 1000000000000 spiders.

Yes spiders. Literally everywhere. So we were talking to this less active lady on her porch and she wasnt wearing any shoes.. and we were in the middle of like this super uplifting spiritual talk.. and then all of a sudden this huge black furry TARANTULA crawls right next to her foot. we all freak the freak out! it was sooooo nasty! it was the size of a hampster.. dont worry i have proof. but how nast right? and then when we were cleaning the church sister cutster was like.. uhhh guys… and there was this nasty black spider the size of a small tomato. and bugs. bugs are friends to texas too.. we were teaching this guy outside and all of a sudden in the midst of my companions talking about somehting.. (I odnt know i get lost alot as a greenie so i just shake my head and smile) I felt somehting bite me.. and I look down.. and like 50 red aunts are crawling in and out of my shoes. I was like you have got to be kidding me. So i now have lots of un identified bites all over my legs.. sister custer looks like she has a disease from all the bites she has.. OHHH the joys of being a misisonary 😉 but its all worth it I promise 🙂

another thing about texas.. everyone thinks i look like elsa from frozen. hahah we volunteer at the food pantry.. and this lady works there that doestn speak alot of spanish.. and she was like “you face looks frozen” and in my head im like.. i think she means blazzing because im literally dripping sweat. (other fun fact is been like 110 degrees everyday here) but she was like.. .”like ana Sister!” and i was like oohhhh elsa! hahha she was like yes! my hair was in a side braid and she kept taking pictures of me for her daughter and niece. it was pretty funny. then today at the store a girl was like.. mom! elsa! hahah I mean ill take it.. elsa is pretty rad.

even though there are spiders that might eat me and the sun might kill me here in andrews texas.. the people here. are AMAZING. everyone is so kind. even if they arent interested they are so willing to listen. a lot of our work here is to work with less actives.. there are a ton of them here in Andrews. Some of my favorite ones we teach are Vanessa and Hilma.. Hilma is vanessas mom and she is a convert to the church.. vanessa is 19 now and was baptized when she was 8 but they went inactive shortly after that. So vanessa doesnt really know anything about the church.. or well religion at all. Hilma doesnt speak any english. But vanessa speaks english and spanish fluently. I can understand almost everything hilma says.. .But when i try to use portuguese back she cant understand me at all. .now that could be because its portuguese or just that im horrible at portugese.. so im just gonna go with that its not me its the portuguese so i dont lose too much confidence 😉 but hilma really wants to start getting back into church. and vanessa just is curious. she wants to know what its all about. They are so fun to teach. both are great listeners and really want to learn. Vanessa doesnt even know who jesus christ is really. Its so crazy to me how much I take for granted. I dont realize how Blessed I am to know how to pray.. Or to know who God is. Some people really have no idea. Im so grateful for my knowledge of these things.. life is alot better with prayer and god in it. Vanessa and hilma both came to church on sunday and stayed the entire time.. I guess they havent done that since vanessa was really little. So it was awesome. Hilma is so cool.. she trys her hardest to stay involved in relief society. The branch her only has like 5 families in it so its really little. Its fun.. we all try to translate it into spanish. Sister smith.. a member here speaks alot of spanish so she could help alot. Vanessa said she really enjoyed church. I kinda hope i get to stay a little bit longer so i can continue to get to know her and watch her grow. they are such good examples to me. I love the people here.

The members here are so amazing too. There is this crazy old lady sister Donohoe. She loves us missionaries and we love her.. cool thing. .shes OBSESSED with giraffes. Guys im not kidding when i say OBBSESSED. outside she has all of these giraffe pictures and yard things and inside its giraffes EVERYWHERE. we get along great as you could imagine 😉

Im so stoked I got my visa. Ive been dreaming about Brazil every night. .and even though I try to stay focused and I love the people here. this doestn feel like my mission. Its funny earlier today I was writing letters to my parents and I talk about how much Im stressing out that I may never get my visa.. but I cant believe its here. I honestly am kinda sad though at the same time! I love love love my trainers and the people here. But maybe i will finsih out the transfer here.. i have no idea I just found this all out 30 minutes ago!:)
Ill send out some pictures of our new furry friends.. (the spiders not my companions)
I love you all lots 🙂 thanks for all being so supportive.DSCN0248 DSCN0224


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