Week #2 in Andrews Texas!!:)

I survived 2 weeks in this Texas Heat and I havent Died yet.. so thats promising πŸ™‚ Things here are great. And i cant tell you how great it feels to know I have my visa! I will be heading out at the end of this transfer. My flight to Brazil is August 24th. and it sounds like the rest of my district from the MTC has recieved their Visas as well so we will probably be all on the same flight to Brazil!:) Im so excited. To celebrate a member had us over with their family. They made us a Brazilian Dinner. Her husband who is our Branch mission Leader Served in Brazil. It was so good! I also tried Avacado Shakes.. Sounds nasty.. but tastes delicious!:)

My trainers are amazing.. Even if they dump a cup of flour on me when im in the shower. Hahhaha. I slipped and fell on the flour on the floor. dont worry we also stay on top of missionary work too i promise! It was pretty funny. We went to Celebrate Sister Custer’s Half way mark at this restaurant that everyone says is the best! and let me tell you.. it was NASTY. I dont know what these people out here consider good food but that was some of the nastiest over priced chicken ive ever had. But now we know.. that people in andrews are crazy!

Speaking of Crazy.. A big part of our job here as missionaries is to visit less actives. We visited This lady named Gloria.. Gloria’s first language is spanish and shes around 95 years old.. like shes old guys. her skin is hanging off her bones. and shes also a hoarder.. .like im not kidding she could belong on the TLC show Hoarders! she cant even open her front door.. she sleeps outside and stays outside all day. All around her house has trash and it smells like pee. I was trying not to gag when we walked up to her porch! I feel so sorry for her. I guess the city wont do anything about it either. But the craziest thing is.. The lady drinks RAIN WATER. she just sets buckets outside and drinks rain water! so we found a bunch of empty water jugs around her house and went and filled them up at the city water hose thing. (you cant drink the water here because of the chemicals in it from the oil fields) when we brought it back she just started crying she was so grateful. Its amazing how I take the littlest things for granted. But rain water seriously?! how is she alive! its so crazy!

Onto some more positive things… So we went and sat down with our investigator Darius.. and the second we sit down he was like.. Im ready to set a date for my Baptism! ahh! we are so excited. He is so awesome. He has read the entire Book of Mormon and he knows its true. We taught a lesson on the holy ghost and he had so much great input. Its amazing. I swear I learn more from the people I teach than what they learn from me.! Darius will be baptized August 22nd! my last weekend here! and my trainers last weekend of her mission! what a great way to end this transfer πŸ™‚

We got to do some more service at my favorite persons house.. Sister Donohoe! (the one obsessed with Giraffes) She is so funny. We walk in and she is wearing a rather short Moo moo (grandma dress) for an 80 year old woman.. she is wearing toms and high white socks and her hair is stuffed up on the top of her head. Shes so funny… shes always so excited to see us.. and she was like Oh good you are here! I have to have you pull up those stupid weeds in my yard.. as shes saying this she is opening up her dish washer and pulls out three huge butcher knifes that almost make her lose her balance they are so big! shes like.. These otta do the trick! hahhahah can you imagine 3 sister misisonaries and this crazy old lady outside murdering weeds with butcher knifes?! it was hilarious. Im sure it was quite the sight to see. She always takes us out for icecream after though.. so its all worth it πŸ™‚

We All spoke in sacrament on sunday.. it was nerve racking… but i mean i guess there is only like 15 people in our branch 10 of those being kids so it wasnt too bad πŸ™‚ and I didnt pass out so its all good! I should just enjoy it now because in a few months im going to have to do that in portuguese! A lady in our Branch was telling us about a Fire side in a City an hour away about missionary work and it was an RM speaking. We thought it would be perfect to bring Our investigator Darius too! hes 19 so we are hoping to get him excited about a misison in a year or so. We called him up and he sounded really excited about it! so he went with another family in our branch there and we drove with another member. We get there and there is only like 20 people there.. so we were like well thats kind of weird. but we didnt think much of it. Then all of a sudden this kid gets up and starts giving his talk. Hes like.. well.. its great to be back and to finally see all of my family here.. and then he looks at us.. and is like.. and some people I dont know. We clearly didnt get the Memo that this was a family event. SO AWKWARD. and at least our investigator and the family he went with blended in.. me and my companions stick out.. we are missionaries! we literally have name tags that say.. we are not part of this friend or family group! hahahahah. Me and sister oviatt just start silent laughing uncontrolably. It was so awkward. And to make matters worse it wasnt even a talk.. he just went through a slide show of pictrues from his misison (and 99% of those pictures were of him being disobidient!) it serioulsy was not spiritual at all. and we were like great.. we drove our investigator an hour out here to some random family event! missionaries for the win! it was one of those awkward situations where you just start sweating and your face goes red. all of us were dying we could not stop laughing.. hahahaha… good times. kinda.

All in All another great week πŸ™‚ I am loving it out here. I have the best trainers ever! and Im glad I got the experience of serving stateside for one transfer πŸ™‚ Im really excited to get to Brazil. So far.. this mission thing has been going pretty good πŸ™‚ I wouldnt trade it for the world. I love you all so much! and im sorry I cant respond to everyones emails every week.. I try my hardest but its hard with a time limit. I will get to them eventually! just know i really appreciate the support and love. I love you and miss you all
-Sister George

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