Week #3 in Andrews

Well howdy!:) This week was AMAZING. we started with 2 investigators and Ended this week with a whopping 6! Its truly been a week full of miracles.

Miracle #1 So we volunteer at the food bank twice a week, And while we were there sister oviatt saw a former investigator Debbie, who we were Actually planning on seeing later that day. we asked if we could stop by and she said she wouldnt be hoMe but that her son would be. So we gave it a shot. And sure enough he answered… his name is Jose he is 22 and a single dad. We asked if he had a minute and he was more than interested in talking with us. We kind of just found out about his religious back ground and he was SO excited about the book of mormon. he asked us to come back. she the next day we went back and taught the Restoration of the gospel… and he was freaking out! he was like.. this is so crazy. I literally had a dream last week about this book. and when i tried telling my family about it they all thought i Was crazy. he reads the book of mormon all the time and just loves to learn. Im excited to see where our lessons will go πŸ™‚

Miracle #2
All I can say is… our heavenly father is very aware of every single one of us. We planned to go see a less active member who lives with his girlfriend (non member). We parked outside their house and we could not stop laughing. And NOTHING was funny. Everytime we started the prayer one of us would just crack up again. (sometimes the sun gets to us and we go crazy) but it was getting to the point it was so frustrating. We were sitting there for like 10 minutes just trying to calm down. my abs hurt after from laughing so much. We finally calmed down… and prayed and knocked on their door. It didnt look like anyone was home.. we knocked again.. .nothing… but for some reason we waited. All of us just felt prompted to stay. After what seemed like an eternity He answered the door…. and he was like “what! no way.” and he turned around to his girlfriend and he was like you are never going to guess who it is. We could tell she had been crying and when she saw us she was just like “wow.” They eagerly invited us in. They explained to us that just a few minutes ago she had gotten off the phone with her mom and a family member had died… she said they were just hugging and crying and praying. Then we knocked. If we wouldnt have had that stupid laugh attack, we would have knocked too early and been there before the phone rang. We came at the perfect time. She was like.. this builds my testimony so much on god. He truly knows us and what we need. We shared some scriptures and just talked about my favorite subject… our heavenly father and our savior. The spirit was so strong and it was just awesome. Like Nephi said.. I may not know everything but I know god loves his children.
I know that god really does know each of us individually, and even though he cant be here physically he will always make sure we are taken care of. That simple experience strengthened my testimony so much.

Miracle #5
SISTER DONOHOE WANTS TO BE ACTIVE AGAIN!!! YES!!!! she is the cutest old lady who hasnt been going to church. Then one day when we were working in her yard she was like.. you know what.. im going back to church. If our savior suffered for me I can suffer for him. My health may be bad but I can go to church. It was so awesome. She told us she saw the blessings in her life after going to church… and this past sunday she bore her testimony. and she said.. you really can love people back into church. shes so cute. yay donohoe!!!

Miracle #4 On our walking day.. IT RAINED!!! it was cloudy and cool! THE CHURCH IS TRUE! hahaha its been around 115 degrees all week.. and the one day we walk it felt sooo good out side. Its the little things in life im tellin ya.

Also another miracle.. I dont have bugs. We were talking to a recent convert at her house.. and my companion was playing with this tiny kitty and all of a sudden she was like.. what the heck? and there were HUNDREDS of these mini nasty squirmy black bugs hidden within its fur! the girl was like.. yeah its had those for weeks i dont know what they are. I just about died. I kept my cool… but the second we walked out i was like we are leaving. Im gonna freak out. I felt so itchy and nasty! We went home and started planning for the next day.. i was just counting down the minutes until i could go shower. I could not stop itching my head. I was like.. i freaking have those bugs. my comps were both freaking out too.. they were just trying to play it cool! then all of a sudden sister oviatt was like.. “whats that on your skirt?!” I literally in that moment ripped of my skirt chucked it across the room and was like. WE ARE PRAYING NOW. hahahahh So I prayed skirtless. then i took a 15 minutes shower just scrubbing my hair and i put all my clothes in a zip lock bag. I may have over reacted but people it was the nastiest thing ever. HUNDREDS of those bugs! AHHH I HATE BUGS!!!!!!!!!!!
But i love being a missionary so its okay πŸ™‚ and I love all of you!:) thanks for all the love and support πŸ™‚
Until next week!
-Sister George

DSCN0306 DSCN0317 IMG_1855


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