Week #5, Andrews, TX

Wow, My last week In the US of A! I can hardly believe it πŸ™‚ Im so excited.. it still feels like a dream that I actually got my visa!

This week was busy busy, and As a missionary that is a blessing. We taught so many lessons, its so much better than knocking doors and hoping someone might be home.

My favorite lesson this week was with Vanessa (19 year old whos mom speaks only spanish) We taught her about faith, repentance, enduring to the end.. the fun lesson πŸ™‚ Towards the end of the lesson sister Oviatt was just talking about how much having christ in her life has helped her, Vanessa started crying And told us how much She has seen her life change and how much happier she has been in the past 5 weeks from our lessons and learning about Christ and His church. It was so cool. She has grown so much these past few weeks. when we first met her she didnt know who Jesus was and didnt know how to pray! and now she is reading her scriptures everyday and going back to church. shes so happy and so awesome πŸ™‚ AHHH its stuff like this that makes missionary work so amazing.

Another one of my favorites to teach is Jason (less active, doestn know much about the church) his girlfriend Vanessa (different Vanessa) and her two kids Zean and Maddy. This is the family that we showed up at the perfect time a few weeks ago. We have been teaching them regularly since. But the Kids are so awesome. They are involved in all the lessons. When we walked into their house zean had his Bible, Book of Mormon, Phamplets, and Pass along cards all neatly laid on the floor ready for the lesson. It was hilarious. And then in the middle of the lesson his friend knocked on the door and he answered and was like. “I cant play right now im in my Club!” hahah so we are part of his club.. the Mormon club! hahah! Vanessa has brought up baptism and Jason is really excited about all of it. They are moving to midland which is sad, but im so excited for their family and to see how everything goes!:)

We volunteered this week at the Old Folk home, and we got to paint nails! I did this ladies nails with really really bad Alzheimer’s. Our supervisor told us she had the worst case shes ever seen. And she told us how her husband was also living here at the old folks home, we asked if he was aware and she told us he was the sharpest 90 year old she has ever met. and she wasnt kidding! his name was Bill, and He came and sat by us while we did his wifes nails. And he had the most amazing stories! Some war stories that he didnt go into detail about with Pearl Harbor (but our supervisor said he wrote them in his journal and gives out copies but he just cant talk about it so we might get a copy!) And he told us the entire story about how they met and their whole love story.. oh my goodness guys. It was the cutest story ever. But SO SAD. He told us about all their good times and how they went dancing together and how much fun they had and how she is the love of his life.. then he paused and was like just look at those blue eyes. The way he looked at her was.. ah LOVE! he was like.. i cant just give up after 69 years of marriage.. and here we are.. and she has no idea who I am. He was like.. Do you remember any of these stories I am telling this young ladies? she just looked at him with a blank stare and started crying. He looked at us and he was like.. here I am a 90 year old man who has seen the hardest things imaginable in war.. not much will make me cry.. but having my wife like this.. thats enough to make me cry. It was SO SAD! he was like.. but ill never leave her side. I made her that promise the day I said I do! it was like the movie the note book but in real life. the entire time he was talking to us i was trying not to cry hahahahha sister custer was like keep it together! when we left I lost it! it was kind of like watching my mom watch the movie up.. hysterically crying but then laughing because its so stupid that you cant stop crying. SO funny but so sad!

We also did some weird service this week… we herded cats. the things that go on.. I dont even know! We got a call from sister donohoe and she was like.. GIRLS I NEED HELP! she was watching another members cats and she needed to get them in another room so people could come look at the house. we chased those stupid things for 45 minutes! and they hid behind the washer forever! and whenever we would reach back to pick them up they would hiss at us! it was terrifying! it was probably a ridiculous sight.. 3 sister missionaries in their sunday best and an 85 year old lady chasing a bunch of stupid cats around a house. I now understand why i hate cats so much and why people use the expression “its as hard as herding cats”

We met our District leader at the church sunday evening for Darius’s Baptism interview. And while he was getting his baptism interview the church phone rang.. which is weird because it was 7 at night and no one calls the church building. So sister Custer Answered it.. and then all of a sudden she just started telling the other end how much they mean to god and started teaching the Plan of Salvation.. me and sister Oviatt were like what on earth? She told us to write down an address then we did and she was like.. we will be right there! so she hung up and told us this guy was on the other line and he had a gun and was about to commit suicide and that we need to go teach him… and I was like.. uhhh no. first of all 3 sisters should not be going over to a guys house alone who is clearly emotional and unstable.and second the guy said he had a loaded gun soooo yeah.. so we called the police to send them over. But I mean.. what are the chances we would have been at the church at the same time as that phone call? so crazy!

Well we have the temple, Ice cream day (the Mcarthurs feed their children ice cream all day once a year its a family tradition and we get to be part of it) and Darius’s baptism this week! it will be a great last week πŸ™‚ I wont be able to email next week because I will be on my flight to Brazil! but I love you all πŸ™‚ cant wait to tell you about my first week in Floripa!!!:)

much love πŸ™‚
-Sister Georg



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