Week #6 Last Week In Andrews

I am in florida waiting for my flight to Brazil 🙂 And the military lounge has free computer usage (thank you mike and dad for your service ) they also have free snacks so this is a really good day!:)

My last week In andrews was a good one. We got to go to the temple with our used to be inactive active! sister Donohoe, it was so awesome. She hadnt been to the temple in over 4 years! Shes the sweetest. And we got Red Robin after I got my last american burger!:) Temples and burgers.. I cant complain.

Friday this week was Ice cream day! Sister Mcarthur does it every year the Friday before school starts. She buys alot of ice cream.. like around $150 of ice cream… and the kids (and missionaries) get to eat it all day. the only rule is you have to ask her. It all started because Moms always have to say no, and Dads get to be the fun ones. so once a year Moms get to say yes all day! and that means alot of ice cream. ALOT. Sister Oviatt, Sister custer and I all decided to have a competition with us and all the neighborhood kids of who could eat the most ice cream….. yep that was a mistake. Sister Mcarthurs son ate so much. He ate an entire box of ice cream bars in an hour. We went over there for every meal including breakfast and thats all we ate all day. So we tallyed it up by Servings.. so like an ice cream cone is one, a popsicle is one, and an ice cream bar is one. Sister Oviatt ate 47 things of icecream! Thats insane! i had 21 and i literally thought death was about to come upon me! During Personal study my head was spinning. I wasnt stomach sick i was just like.. sugar overload! having all that ice cream on an empty stomach really is not good for you. hahah I couldnt even think straight. me and sister oviatt were going crazy! we were so hyper and could not stop laughing at everything. And the best part is we both had our departing interviews with our mission president 2 hours after we ate 10 ice cream cones for breakfast. Nothing like having a meeting with president when you could easily be mistaken as doing illegal drugs. Sister oviatt came out of her interview and she was like.. well that was awful… he would ask me a question and i had no idea what language he was speaking. hahahaha… dont do sugar kids.

And the best day of all.. was Darius’s Baptism!! It was amazing. A Family in our branch sang Nearer my god to Thee and played guitar.. and they sounded amazing. Alot of people came to support him. Which meant a ton to him because he didnt have family there. (besides the family he claims to be his.. yay friends!) His girlfriends Dad Baptised him, the spirit was SO strong. It was so perfect. well until…… you hear this loud bang and Brother W. that baptised him nailed darius’s head on the side of the font in the middle of the dunk. Hahahahahha it was so bad! but so funny! and yet the spirit was still there… so it all ended good. but like what are the chances that he nails his head? he will truly always remember his baptism… well maybe not. Head damage. Im just glad he didnt float back up! Im so excited for Darius. He truly was the Golden Investigator every one talks about. He had read the entire book of mormon before we ever started meeting with him and he knew it was true. So most of our lessons I was learning from him. He has such a strong testimony. Ah it was so amazing. Im so lucky I got the opportunity to teach him!

Saying goodbye was rough. My time in andrews texas was unforgetable. God truly does have a plan for each of us. Even if we dont always understand the “why” of things. I was really sad when I didnt get to go to the Brazil MTC, and I met some people I will be friends with for the rest of my life.. and my testimony grew more in that 6 weeks than it had in the past 19 years. I learned so much about the gospel and about myself. I was sad again when I still hadnt gotten my visa and I got reassigned to Andrews, and My companions were AMAZING. We had so much fun together. I learned so much from them, and I met people that we taught that I will NEVER forget. Everything Happens for a reason, and altough it killed me to say goodbye to andrews, I know tomorrow in Brazil only consists of Hellos. Part of my heart was left in andrews, and I will never forget my 6 weeks there, but i cant tell you how excited and comforted I feel to be getting on a plane to Brazil in just a few short hours 🙂

I love you all 🙂 Cant wait to tell you about my first week in Brazil!
-Sister George





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