#1 Week in BRASILLLL

Well after 34 hours of travel I finally arrived to FLORIPA!!:) lots of travel, let me explain:I knew I was at the right gate when There was a bunch of kids juggeling rolled up clothes like a soccer ball, So while I was waiting in Florida to Board my flight to Sao paulo I saw a group of people headed towards the gate in suits and dresses, and then i saw… dun dun dun the flash of the famous name tag! eek! other missionaries! i almost jumped out of my seat with excitement. Then they got closer… and…. just a flight crew 😦 i was so disapointed. I was really hoping to see my district, and it was weird being alone. (ive been with someone 24/7 for the past 3 months!) So i was solo missionary still! But after getting off the plane and going through customs I saw a sign that said CHURCH TRAVEL yay! it was a worker from the church that speaks english and portuguese so they could get us safetly to our next gate. so everything went smoothy. While I was waiting for my flight to florianopolis I saw another sister missionary (not flight crew this time) I was so excited. Her name is sister Crump and she was going to floripa aswell! but.. this is where it gets interesting, they gave her the wrong ticket and put her luggage on a flight to salvador. And I was not about to just leave her! so we moved my flight back while we tried to fix her flight stuff. It was interesting with us knowing really no portuguese and the airport workers speaking little english. but they were so kind and so helpful, we played alot of charades trying to comminicate, but it worked out. they took the time to get everything perfect for us, they even called our mission president to let him know we missed our flight. After alot of walking around the airport with them trying to get a new ticket for her we finally got booked for the next flight.. so we were in the sao paulo airport for 10 hours. but it was tender mercy, because later that day I ran into my companion from the MTC so it was cool being able to see her 🙂 and me and sister crump werent alone.

When we Arrived to Floripa, her bags didnt. (dont worry they found them the next day) but sister Silva our mission presidents wife was so relieved to see us when we arrived. She doesnt speak any english but she brought an AP that did. We after went to the misison office in down town floripa to meet Presidnet and find out who our comps are and where our areas are. It was amazing driving through floripa, its exactly how i imagined it to be, busy, loud, and colorful. Its right on the coast and the bridge, is amazing! its huge! and its all lit up at night.

My companion is sister Young, She is from Ohio.. I dont know how I got so lucky but Im the only one with an american comp.there are only 9 american sisters in the mission and She is the only american sister that has been here for more than 3 months! she has been out 9. and she speaks great portuguese! every conversation we have with people they compliment her on it. But its great becuase she wont really speak english with me so that I will learn portuguese. I try my hardest to speak only portuguese, but its nice when we want to talk about past funny stories we can use english/portuguese and she can understand me. and she can explain cultures to me.. and she knows exactly what im going through with learning a language so she knows what will and what wont help me. She is so awesome. Very patient and a lot of fun. Im sooo grateful to have her!

My Area is on the Island of Florianopolis! YAY! i wanted to be on the island. Our area is called Rio tavares, It covers half of the island, its HUGE. and there are a ton of beaches. We live with two other sisters, sister gaitan and huaman. one from Argentina the other from Peru (no english) Sis. G only has one transfer left and Sister H. has 2 left. They are so funny. i can understand most of what they say.. im actually really suprised how much they can understand me and how much I can understand them. But I can really only understand other missionaries, because they know to talk slow, and they are very patient. But when we talk to random people… psshhh right over my head. They talk SO fast here. SO FAST! im like.. umm excuse me what language are you speaking. hahaha. everyone jokes around that i will learn so fast because they speak insanely fast. But members Are so kind, they all want to help me learn the language and they try their best to talk slow, so with time.. i will learn.. hopefully. hahah 🙂

I dont really know how to explain what its like here.. the weather is perfect (for now) its 70s and breezy. we walk but if an area is far away we take the bus. There are a ton of houses on the hills, and they are all colorful! they dont send letters becuase most people dont even have addresses.. its strange.. and kind of confusing! the only thing I hate here is how many dogs there are! ah its so annoying! its hard enough to try to understand what people are saying to you without 1000 dogs barking in the back ground. My favorite things are the people and the food. They people are AWESOME. they are all so kind. Even if they arent interested they are still very polite. its like america here.. its a big melting pot of people. In fact, we blend right in. no one would know we arent brazilian until we open our mouths.. or until they talk to me and I just give them A blank stare. hahaha! We have lunch every day at members houses.Their lunch is our dinner. And they werent kidding when they said brazilians eat alot of beans and rice… seriously guys without fail every meal! and Guarana. Its so good. SO GOOD. my other favorite foods are pineapple juice.. its one of the best things ive ever had. and there was this one juice a member had (dont know the name of the fruit) but it tasted just like the pink tropical starbursts. paçoque is this candy that is similar to a reeses cup without the chocolate, its delicious. especially because they dont have peanut butter here! Sister young made us pao de quejo and brigadeiro. Brigadeiro is amazing!! it somewhat like chocolate pudding but better. we also tried this weird stuff that looks like chocolate ice cream but its not.. its a weird fruit similar to a blue berry and banana frozen yogurt stuff called açai. everything i have eaten has been amazing. And yes hailee… they have kinder eggs 🙂

I really love it here. This truly feels like my mission. Its not easy, but its beautiful. Its somewhat hysterical and hard with the language. and EVERYONE after appointments asks me to pray. hahah and i already had to give a spritual thought at lunch.. its nerve racking but its great practice. I know with time the language will come! but for now i will just look lost. hahah 🙂 and today we are going to the beach! so excited

FSCN0642 FSCN0639 FSCN0652 FSCN0647


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