Week #2 in Brazillllll!!!!

ola famila e amigos! things here are still great! and no im not
dead… yesterday was a holiday here (brazilians have alot of random
holidays) and everything is closed so we couldnt email.. also… i
dont have time every week to respond to everyones emails… so im
sorry! i will try to finish up next week 🙂 just know I love you all
and love hearing from you!

so this week was great.. but also very hard. Im not gonna lie… this
is a whole new way of mission life. and I havent had cuture shock but
ive had mission shock. Im adjusting to the way things are done around
here instead of texas. One day I was feeling really… well hopeless.
I couldnt understand anyone all day… and I missed being able to feel
the spirit and be envolved in lessons. because teaching is the best
part of being a missionary… and its not very fun when you cant
understand anything thats going on.. and then they start crying and
you want to help but you dont know how. so when we got home that night
right before bed… i just layed down and started reading my
scriputres becuase ive never felt more alone.. and i just wanted to be
at home with my family and speaking english. As i was flipping through
my scriptures i opened to a page with blue highlighter (blue means my
favorite scriptures) and it was d&c 6;36 and it says ´`look unto me in
every thought, doubt not, fear not` a wave of comfort and love came
over me. I had simply been reminded that im truly not alone.. i feel
like i constantly need this reminder. But i was so glad i read that…
because yes.. this is really hard. I dont know the language and I have
at times felt alone.. but the thing is… im not! and none of us are
through anything… but the fist word in that scriputre is a verb..
LOOK. i have to constantly look for christs guiding hand in my mission
in order to see it…. things arent just going to happen i have to
act. So i prayed.. I prayed that the next day i would feel more
comfortable in lessons and be able to understand better…

The next day on the omnibus I heard a bunch of people speaking english
and one had a german accent.. .so I took the advantage of the
situation and started up a conversations.. they were all here for a
service trip. they asked why i was here so i told them about
missionary work… then one of them in the back was like.. wow! my
cousins are mormon! he didnt know alot about the church and asked me
to tell him more.. so i got to teach part of the first lesson and give
him the churches website… i felt the spirit… and i understood
everything (yay english!) it truly was an answer to my prayers.
Even though this can be hard im having a blast.. I still smile and
laugh lots.. mostly at things that happen to me… for example…
after walking we took a sitting break at a bus stop. a stray dog came
up to us… and i just started petting him becuase he was the first
stray dog that didnt start barking at us. sister young was like.. oh
gross dont touch him! i was like.. nah we are homies! so i made a new
friend… and she was like… thats nasty. Then just as we were
building up our new found friendship… he walks away. AND PEES ON MY
LEG! hahahhahahahah i was like… and this is why i hate dogs in
brazil. sister young was crying she was laughing so hard.. not to
mention this was the day our house ran out of water so i got to clean
a stray dogs pee off of my leg with handsanitizer. awful. hahahah

Becuase we white washed in this area we dont have anyone to teach…
and this isnt quite how you would picture brazil… people are very
closed off here. and we dont have much sucess when knocking doors. so
after hours of doors slammed in our face we felt a little defeated. so
we decided to pray for guidence… we walked down this random road
(the roads here make no sense and have no organization) then we just
went up to this ranodm house… and the lady seemed angry at first..
.until… hi we are missionaries from the church of jesus christ of
latter day— her face lit up! MORMONS! i was seriously so shocked.
she told us how she was baptised when she was 14 but hasnt met with
misisonaries sent. and her records arent at our ward (everyones
records get lost here becuase people move so much and they dont really
have addresses) so truly it was a miracle that we met this lady. she
asked us to come back to teach her more.. becuase she doesnt remember
much from the church she just remembers feeling good about it. it was
so awesome.

So that was my week! the language is slowly getting better.. .i can
understand a little more everyday. and me and my companion have a
blast together. im glad i have her!:)
eu amo voces!
com amor…
sister george:)
pictures are from pday we went to the beach and walked up this hill
with a gorgeous view!






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