Week #3 in Rio Tavares, Brazil

Well my week was good but pretty uneventful! Its been colder here than
normal.. here its what the call their “cold front” but sister young
and I still wore short sleeves and felt fine! But all the dogs that
have owners had sweaters on… it was pretty adorable even though they
are still super annoying during proselyting. You cant even hear
yourself think they bark so loud! i liked dogs before my mission.. but
I dont like them now. Hopefully that will change when I go back to the
states…and no i have not stopped petting the nice stray dogs even
though i got peed on last week. hahah

The language is coming along! everyday I can tell I understand a
little bit more… Right now I can understand the topics of most
converstations… but with conjunctions its hard to know the exact
details! Ive had a few people try to speak german to me this week..
so thats new! But I do still have alot of awkward language barrier
moments.. like for example after we taught a lesson to this older lady
I was trying to give her Grandson a sticker and she thought it was for
her… and she actually really liked it. hahhaha… so moral of the
story.. stickers are for all ages. But I do have some awesome
portuguese teachers! they help lots! (haha) They are these three 5
year old girls in our ward.. 2 of them are identical twins.. I gave
them frozen stickers and now we are friends for life! They are
adorbale! they teach me protugeuse and get really excited to show off
their english skills. They will point at something and say it in
portuguese then ask me to say it in english. One time when i gave a
prayer their mom was like.. see sister george knows alot of portugese!
and they were like.. ehhhh hahahahah they are honest right?;)They
always are so excited to see me at church though.. we are homies! they
run up and give me beijous (kisses) its so stinkin cute 🙂 they sing
frozen in portugese and its the cutest thing ive ever seen. I think
they might like frozen more than me.. but thats still debateable.

We have been working alot to gain the trust of members… The members
here have only seen greenie americans that dont know any portuguese (i
fall under this category) with brazilian trainers.. so they havent
seen two americans together… adn since most of their experiences
with americans are we dont know portuguese.. .they never really talk
to me and sister young. and we havent recieved any refferals when the
others reciveve handfulls everyday.. so its been a struggle! But we
have to talk in sacrament soon.. (puke) so hopefully that will show
them that sister young knows portuguese! but for now we will continue
knocking on doors! (well i guess here we clap out side gates) our
contancts have been getting better! its been discourging with no one
being interested… but one street we were about to turn around and
sister young was like.. are you really to go try a different street?
and i was like.. eh lets go try this white house, then ill be
satisfied. So we did, and she wants us to come back! it was really
awesome.. and refreshing to have someone interested. she was like..
satisfied?! hahaha it was pretty cool. Then the next day we passed a
couple but she felt prompted to go talk to them.. so we did and set up
a lesson with them! woo!:) who knows if it will go anywhere but its

Our area is slowly growing and we are starting to see little miracles
everyday! Its so beautiful here and the weather has been perfect. 🙂
But thats all! sorry i dont have some super fun stories.. maybe next
week 😉
my teachers!:) so adorable!
2. we can see the ponte (bridge) off in the distance sometimes during
proselyting. its my favorite. Im obbsessed with it! it glows at night
too.. ahh so pretty

!DSCN0837 DSCN0848 FSCN0879 DSCN0862


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