Week #4 Rio Tavares, Brazil

Ola!! This week flew by… the weeks keep getting faster and faster.
So I have some really truly amazing news… Sooo brazil has the worst
ice cream ive ever had in my life. and its super expensive.. and for
those of you that know me.. i love ice cream. LOVE. and the ice cream
here is super icy and just… gross. BUT. we ran across a mcdonalds..
and they have cones for 2 reais…. and you guys.. its the same kind
as the states has!! AHHHH!! I almost cried out of excitement.. and the
cones are better here! amazing. truly a miracle πŸ˜‰

This week we went on exchanges.. I got to go with sister Giatan. shes
from argentina and shes probably one of the sweetest girls ive ever
met in my entire life. But she doesnt speak any english… so i was
kind of nervous to go a whole day teaching lessons and walking with
not much communication.. but it ended up being awesome! we did
language study together in the morning.. it was alot of fun teaching
her english and her helping me with portuguese. and we were able to
have conversations all day.. we never had a quiet moment.. it made me
realize that i know alot more than i thought i knew… even though we
still played some charades to get our points across and we pulled out
our handy dandy dictionaries from time to time! During a lesson i
understood every converstation.. so that was a miracle! im starting to
understand almost everything if i can pick out the topic… i just get
lost on some words but i can guess! but during this lesson with a less
active i felt prompted to share a scripture out of the blue.. and
normally i say the oraçao and at the end bare my testimony. so i was
like.. sike yeah im not gonna talk. but I felt prompted again so i
did.. and she understood perfectly everything i said and didnt ask how
long ive been in brazil. it was such a cool experience for me..
because i need to stop being so insecure about the language and just
try more πŸ™‚

It rained like ive never seen rain before…. it POURED. which is
super inconvient here.. because in the states if its raining during
tracting you can just go up to the door and still talk to them and
they stay dry.. and they actually answer..but here where we have to
clap outside a gate for them to come out they never come out during
rain! so we walked a good 4 hours in the pouring rain and talked to 2
people.. But.. hte next day our tracting got so much better… we
tracted into someone who had taken missionary lessons 9 years ago and
went to chruch a few times.. he was really excited for us to come back
and teach him and his wife. so we will see how that goes πŸ™‚ we got to
teach rosangela… the girl we tracted into that was baptized when she
was 15 but doesnt rememeber much about the churhc.. the lesson was
awesome and she wants us to keep coming back. its been a blessing with
the people we have been finding πŸ™‚

okay so when i first arrived sis. young was like.. im so glad you can
sing…. no brazilians can keep a tune and they are all tone deaf..
and i was like.. nahhh it cant be that bad.. and she was like.. just
wait until church.. you will see. Guys the girl wasnt kidding its
AWFUL. no one was on tune and everyone just sings as loud as they
can… its hilarious! it sounds somewhat like all the dogs howling and
barking during tracting… anyways! so on friday a members 8 year old
son got baptized… and right before his little 7 year old brother
started throwing up EVERYWHERE. ahh it was awful! so they had to hurry
and clean it up then start the baptism.. so imagine a stuffy hot
room… 50 brazilians singing (so beautifullly) as loud as they can..
whith a potent smell of fresh puke in the air… it was the worst
situation ever but the spirit was still so strong! oohhhh brazil. and
then on sunday a little kid during sacrament in front of us started
throwing up everywhere too.. ew ew ew i hate germs. hahah pray i dont
get sick everyone!;)

the language is coming along.. I am learning so much everyday! I
actually know mostly what people are saying to me when they come up to
me at chruch and ask questions.. and I feel alot more comfortable
trying to have conversations with people during lunch.. its actually
been really fun… I love learning and its nice knowing the members
will always help me out with the language.. its fun for them too..
and i teach them the words in english! and ive been working on trying
to be more envolved in lessons..because i really miss teaching. I
have had the nerve to speak up a few times and ask questions.. and
they actually understood me this week and responded! haha so thats a
step up!;)

Eu amo voces!!!:)
-sister george
or sister barbie.. thats a new one.. and its catching on. hahah in
church ill randomly hear SISTER BARBIE!!! and its the other sisters
recent convert.. its pretty funny. Its like im the first tall blonde
they have ever seen!

RSCN0930 DSCN0923 DSCN0954 DSCN0974

other picture… this is what you look like after a day of pouring
rain.. yes mom im wearing the ugliest skirt ever that i bought for one
real… thast like 25 cents.. and chacos… its a good life of a
sister missionary πŸ˜‰


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