Week #5 In Rio Tavares

This week was… well i dont really have words to describe it.. it
was all over the place!
Last Pday we were shopping around looking for some new shoes for
sister Young… and when we were in a store all of a sudden I heard..
Taylor swift playing in the background! ahhh it was AWFUL. It made me
miss music so much. It was blank space too.. I was like … aweee I
miss sophie and Jamming out to T swift with her! theres a reason we
arent aloud to listen to music.. it makes us homesick. hahaha. But
other than that this week was great! We got 3 New investigators!
EEK!:) One of them seems super solid. and she has the cutest baby
ever. Im excited to keep teaching them and see where it goes 🙂

So during lunch during a topic of discussion I didnt know the vocab
too I started spacing out.. and I realized.. Some of the food we eat
here is SO weird. For example this day we ate…. Rice… with
chilli… and for a “salad” we had chredded carrots and cabbage…
with mashed avacado.. lime juice…. mayo…. onions… and
tomotoes… all mashed up in one bowl. and the way brazilians eat is
they put the rice.. then the chilli.. then the salad and they mix it
all togehter on their plate! if someone couldnt have touching food
they coultn come to brazil.. because they just mix everthing on their
plate together! its hilarious! BUT we had the best lunch ever. We went
to a members apartment.. it was the nicest apartment ive ever seen.
and they had a cook.. .adn man.. she could COOK. there was sooo much
food. it was like having thanksgiving dinner at a 5 star brazilian
resturant. It was so fun. and so delicous. (not weird food) But for
desert they brought out ice cream… and it looked really good.. but i
think the flavor may have been icey soap with caramel on top…
brazilians and ice cream… yep nope.

I have another food story… i dont know why but food is just the
topic of the week. So we went to aloha pizza.. its a pizzaria a member
owns and she has us come once a week for free pizza. its amazing too!
I look forward to it. But when we were eating our pizza doce.. sweet
pizza… it had chocolate and coconut on it. I was like.. guys I have
a fear of this word.. and I pointed to the coconut… sister huaman
was like.. why?! its because CoCô is poop… and Coco is coconut…
its a tiny tiny difference that i can barely hear! they were laughing
so hard. We went all night practicing how to pronunciate each one! So
i finally had it down.. so i thought… then the next day sister
huaman and I were at the store buying food… I saw super cheap
coconut cookies.. so out of excitment i was like (in portugeuse) “they
have cocnut cookies!!” some people turned around in shock.. and sister
H just burst out laughing.. i was like.. i said it wrong huh? she said
yes and kept laughing. hhahaha so i said “they have poop cookies”
lanugauage barriers.

I have a new nick name… Angelina jo lee…. Sooo I had quite an
eventful day. i saw some weird bumps on my legs.. and During personal
study I started feeling super dizzy. Then it got worse… I couldnt
even stand up. and it was pretty scary! so i laid down.. and after an
hour it wasnt getting much better.. so the sisters called presidents
wife sister silva and she insistied i went to the doctor.. i didnt
want to.. i tried telling them it would pass but they made me.. i went
with sister Huaman since she knows more portuguese and knows the way
doctors work here better than sister young.. (i learned alot of new
medical vocab that day) so we went.. and the doctor was like.. idk.
and he gave me a perscription for light headedness… but by thsi time
i felt completly normal again.. then at lunch my stomach started
itching sooo bad. I went to the bathroom and the weird bumps were all
over my stomach now.. i showed sister H and she called sister silva
again.. so she told us to go to a different doctor this time ( thank
goodness) this doctors office was so much nicer and the people were so
nice and the doctr was awesome. he didnt speak much english but he was
using his google translate to help me. He didnt know exactly what it
was.. he thought it was a food allergy or an allergy from a bug bite..
so he gave me meds for the itchy ness sort of like benadry and creme
for the bumps… that night we went to the others sisters
investigators baptism and my lips started feeling funny… then sister
young was like.. your lips are huge!! hahah they had swollen up! it
was so funny and so awful. I had bumps everywhere.. my face was
swollen.. I was exhausted and iddint know what anyone was saying to
me. hahah the members were all so awesome though.. everyone was so
helpful. but they all call me sister joe lee now.. They will never
forget the american that didnt speak portugeuse with teh swollen lips.
But im all good now! the medicine owrked and my lips are back to jessi
hahah quite a week.
Love you all!:)
Love, sister george.
1.swollen lips
pic 2. this was part of that apartment i ate lunch at.. so nice

DSCN1019 DSCN1026 RSCN1033 FSCN1044 DSCN1040


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