Week #6 Rio tavares

cant believe I finished my first transfer here in brazil! it feels
like ive only been here for 2 weeks! This week was really good. But i
hate transfers. It just consists of goodbyes even if you are staying
in your area. Sister Gaitan went home, which i was so sad about. I
loved her! But the rest of us are staying, and sister Huaman is
getting a brazilian comp! which im really excited about. Because when
people ask where im from they dont believe me when i say the US…
Everyone says i dont have an american accent…. weird…. i think im
getting a spanish one from living with sister gaitan and sister
huaman. hahaha! Im so sad im most likely half way done with sister
young though! I want to stay with her for three transfers.. cross my
fingers šŸ™‚

Some of our new investigators invited all us sisters to lunch this
week… they live in such a beauitful part of the island. They live up
this huge hill and they have a really cool view of the ocean.. but
when we were walking there all of a sudden sister huaman starts
booking it up this huge hill (hills aqui are mountains in utah)
yelling MOCACO MOCACO!!! we saw our first monkey! it was so cute! and
so fast… adn then as we continued our trek up this hill teh bushes
moved really fast and i looked over! and i was like.. sister young..
there is a crocodile in the bushes!! she was like no freaking way?!?!
and it was! it booked it and sister h and g started freaking out! but
then they were like its a lizard!! sure enough it was… biggest
lizard i have ever seen in my enitre life. I finally feel like im in
brazil. hahahah

I feel like im finally starting to break down this language wall. Its
so cool. We were walking… and sister young was ahead of me.. then a
car pulled in between us and rolled down the window on my side and
they started talking to me asking a question. I immediately and
frantically looked to sister young on the other side of the car for
help.. when i realized.. wait i understand what they are saying. So i
replied to their quesiton.. they said something else.. i replied
again.. and we had a conversation! they drove away and sister youngs
jaw dropped! i just started laughing out of pure joy! it was the
coolest hting ever! she was like.. you just hada full on conversation
with someone and they had no idea you have only been in brazil for 6
weeks! it was so awesome. SO awesome. Its truly amazing what i can
learn and do when i just put faith and trust in Our heavenly father!
Then this week during district meeting we all were asked to share our
testimonies.. i was a little nervous.. becuase ya know.. portugusese;
But when i got up.. all of a sudden it just started flowing out. after
i sat down sister oyugn was like… where did that come from?! she
told me i used words i havent used before and all my conjugations were
perfect. it was such a strong testimony builder to me.. that the
spirit really does guide us and help us in the very moment its needed.
So this week was great. im so excited to keep learning and growing. Im
starting to hate the language a little less šŸ˜‰

We got to watch general conference.. it was really hard to understand
in protugese though.. i knew the topics but didnt catch details, but
it was fun to know that all my lvoed ones back home were watching it
at teh same time! i sure do love you guys and miss you!
sorry we emailed late today.. teh internet was down, so we went to the
beach instead… yay brazil!:)
also.. i think next week is a holiday so i may have to write on tuesday!
com amor..
Jess!:) (Sister George



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