Week #7 Rio tavares Brazil

Yet another week that just flew by! It was such a good week. It
rained SO much. I dont think I will ever forget walking up this HUGE
hill ( my knees were almost hitting my chest thats how steep it was)
and it was just pouring rain! the rain was rushing down this hill like
a river. the water was to my ankles! all from the rain! sooo.. we had
a lot of rain..annnnd alot of investigators reading the Book of
Mormon! yay! every investigator we gave a reading assignment to read!
and they actually read it and leanred and then had good questions
after! it was so insane. This rarely happens in missionary work. I
feel like everytime we leave something to read people are too busy.
But they all read and they all felt the spirit when reading. This is
what all missionaries try so hard to do.. get people to read! because
we ourselves cant just throw the gospel in their face and tell them
its true. they need to find out for themselves by reading the book! so
it was really aweome. ah such a good week!:)

Some of my favorite investigators are Julie and Elizeu they are the
ones that live up in the jungle with the “lizard” (totally a
crocodile) and monkeys! They are so awesome. They were taught by
elders a few years back… but i dont think they were ready then. they
never read and didnt have much interest. but over the years they have
been prepared more and have alot more interest now! They offered us a
ride home after a lesson with them…. He is so funny. and it was the
most un brazilian 30 minutes of my life. this guy wears this huge
indian jones looking hats.. he drives a truck.. which you NEVER see in
brazil…. at least here.. and he was Jamming out to Billy Joel. It
was Hilarious! I was like.. this guy is an american trapped in brazil.
So funny.

I also have a new crush here in brazil… hahah we were teaching a
lesson with a less active.. their 6 year old son always acts so weird
around me. but this lesson he came and sat right next to me. and in
the middle of sharing a scripture I feel a slobbery kiss right on my
cheek! But the little kid didnt just take it that far! after he kept
trying to go for mouth after! I dont know if you have ever tried to
dodge a 6 year old boys lips during a lesson in a foreign language..
not the easiest thing ever! and when he couldnt get a little lip
action he started playing with my hair! hahahah when we left the
lesson sister young was like… I think you broke some of the white
handbook rules back there. hahahah! nossa. little children.

Yesterday we went on a walk to a lighthouse.. everyone talks aout how
cool the view is. so me and sister young were super excited. I guess
you can see ruins from a fort on another island off the coast. but
after forever walking we ended up on a beach.. and to get to the hill
where the light house was we would have had to cross the water! ugh!
(we can do that as missionaries) we were so sad! so we tried climbing
up rocks to get there.. we both biffed it way hard… my chin is all
cut up and her knee is the size of a baseball. hahahah we both looked
at eachother adn were like.. maybe this isnt the best idea we have
ever had.. hahah hiking missionaries in skirts and slippery rocks just
arent a good combination. but it was a good run. Im glad shes not
lame.. sister J. santos (new brazilian) didnt want to go on our
pdayadventure because she was tired… she seems cool! but she cant
understand me or sister young. which is really annoying.. because we
talk to randompeople in the street and they understand us perfectly
fine! so i dont know why she cant. Oh well. But.. im just glad i have
such an awesome companion. we have so much fun together. Even if most
our adventures end up with embarrasing stories or scraped up legs!

love you all lots!:)
-Sister George.. Jessi… Sister Barbie.. or sister joelee… i think thats it.
picture one: she copied my outfit…. she claims i copied hers.. but i
dont think thats what went down.
picture two… because.. surf captial of the world…


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