Week #8 Rio tavares Brasilllll

Hello everyone!:) This week was pretty great. It was FREEZING! then
rainy.. then sunny.. then rainy.. then freezing.. then windy.. then
hot. I never know what to wear.. because i can never win. when its
rainy and cold and I change into Boots.. the sun comes out and then i
die of heat.. or when i dress like it will be hot it gets freezing. Im
kind of excited for when its just blazzing hot everyday so at least i
can be prepared! I wore some new plastic flats this week for days when
its rainy but warm.. they destroyed my feet. The backs of my hills
were dripping blood. So we walked 2 miles back home to change my
shoes. it was awful. and on the way back we were telling funny stories
so i wouldnt think about my heels… and a huge van drove by right by
the curb and splashed nasty brazilian street water all over me! i was
soaked head from toe. it was so awful.. but so awful that all i could
do was laugh. then we both ended up laughing so hard we couldnt
beathe. I dont know whats wrong with missionaries.. even on the worst
days you can help but smile πŸ™‚

I ate some cow tongue this week! that was pretty eventful.. i had no
idea until after lunch! we were eating and i was looking at the meat..
i never ask what it is.. because honestly.. i dont want to know most
the time. and it had a weird bumpy grey skin around it. but i just
didnt question and ate it. it was good! then after lunch when we were
walking i saw a cow and stopped to pet it.. (i dont know why i just
really like cows) and sister young was like.. speaking of cows.. did
you know you ate cow tongue today? it kinda grossed me out. hahahaha!
during it was fine.. but just the thought of it isnt too pleasant….

Julley and elizeu are still as awesome as ever. we had another lesson
with them. jullie said she read… again! yay! but elizeu didnt 😦 we
asked her if she prayed.. she got this huge smile on her face and was
like.. yeah! she was like.. it was really cool.. i dont know how to
explain it.. but when i prayed i just felt.. peace. then elizeu looked
at her and was liike.. seriously?! and she was like yeah! then he was
like.. wow! then taht means this is true! hahhaha it was so funny but
so awesome. its so cool how prepared they are. We also had a lesson
with valnicey and her boyfriend (i cant write or pronounce his name)
they are the ones that live on the top of the huge hill that rain
slides down! she is so solid. she keeps all her reading commitments.
she was so excited to tell us she read. And she told us seh wants to
teach the next lesson! hahhahah i love our investigators.

Sunday was rough. Whatever language wall i felt like i was breaking
down this week i felt like it got built up 10 times higher. Yesterday
during church bishop came up to me and asked if i could talk in
sacrament in 30 minutes. I was dumbstruck. I wasnt sure i understood
waht he asked. But when he repeated himself i knew i heard him right.
my heart dropped to my stomach and i was doing everything i could to
hold back from crying,. i have been super insecure this week about my
portuguese. i dont know why.. and him asking that really put my faith
to the test. and im so sad to admit this.. but i told him no as i
started crying! hahahah he probabably thought im a crazy emotional
missionary. sister young hurried and offered to do it. she saved my
life. i think she was really shocked because she hasnt seen me cry
other than laughing so hard that i start crying. but after i was so
mad that i didnt just say yes and have faith to know i could have done
it. I have to give a talk in a few weeks.. and im not that nervous
because i can prepare and pracitce.. but when he asked me to give a
talk last minute i had no confidience and i wanted to cry! how on
earth could i talk in front of everyone in sacrament and just wing it
in a language id ont know?! (well i did cry) ugh. a disapointing
missionary moment. the rest of church I was holding back from a huge
break down… first time in brazil. I wanted nothing more than to be
back in the texas lubbock misison speakign english.never in my life
have i hated to be somewhere so much. I hated portuguese… i hated
brazil.. and i had no faith and no trust atall!! all my confidence
flew out the window. Its funny how that works.. we can be up and doing
so great and then in 2 seconds crash hard. After alot of praying I
felt better. But it was rough. Thank goodness for good companions and
prayer. im working my way back up. But this language thing is a roller
coaster ride! hahah i just keep staying postivie and keep trying my
hardest πŸ™‚ i hope next time i have an oppoortunity to test my faith
ill take it.

but im doing well! today was better than yesterday!:) and i learned
somehting from it:) sooo all is well!:) i love you all bunches!!!:)
my cow friend… hahahah he leaned in for it!
a member this week had a festa at their house.. sister huaman and i
went for it! they also had pulled pork sandwiches brazilian style.. it
was a nice break from beans and rice


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