Week #9 Rio Tavares Brasil

Hello hello!:) this week was so fast! SO FAST. i feel like i was just
emailing yesterday. I really dont want this transfer to end! Already
half way done 😦 This week was so good. We had alot of mini miracles

We went out to go find some new investigators.. which means knocking
doors.. which is never really efficient. BUT we went to this one house
and this girl that was wearing close to the same shirt as me came
out.. and we didnt even finish saying we are missionaries from the
church of jesus christ of latter day saints.. when she was like.. you
guys seem nice! can you just share a message now or do you not have
time? hahahahh I mean pull my leg. it was so awesome. we shared the
entire first lesson! sister young turned to me to share the first
vision.. which i havent really practiced since the MTC. but I was
like.. welp if i mess up the spirit will pick up where i fall short!
so i did.. i think i messed up on some pronunciation.. but the spirit
was so strong. she invited us to come back next week! yay!:)

Julli and Elizeu are great! we keep teaching them and they keep
keeping all their commitments. BUT… they didnt go to church. ah. me
and sister young were so upset. we waited and waited for them to
arrive… and we really thought they would. they keep all commitments.
then we had to do the classic missionary walk of shame back to class.
I hate that walk. Hopefully next week they will come. They did call
after to apologize though.. gah. anderson.. another investigator is
starting to make little steps! we have been going really slow because
he doesnt have much of a religious back ground. but during one of our
lessons he told us he looked up “mormon Music” online and is learning
how to play nearer my god to thee on violin! so legit!

another mini miracle… sorry they arent too exciting.. but its the
little things in misisonary work πŸ™‚ we had to buy more gas for our
oven… brazil right? hahah i didnt even know taht was a thing..
anyways! the guy that came to change it out was like.. oh mormons?!
hahaha hes not a member but his daughter is. we got to talk to him a
little bit and a few days later we saw him outside his house which
happens to be right next door to our bishops! we are hoping to go
visit him soon πŸ™‚

I had alot more opportunities to speak portuguese this week. its funny
practicing with sister j. santos.. because she says im pronouncing
something weird.. but it sounds exactly teh same to me.. but then when
i try to help them with english they cant tell the difference between
Want and Wont. I imagine how this is for me when they are saying im
saying something weird. Gosh danggit languages. Me and sister young
had to give a small training for zone conference. and it was the first
meeting i understood EVERYTHING. it was so awesome! it wasnt until
after where i was like.. wow i didnt space out for once! hahaa it was
really cool. and its alot more fun sitting through a 3 hour training
when you know whats going on and what language they are speaking.
haha. AND. i taught an entire lesson to our less actives this week and
i didnt wnat to cry.. haha.. and they understood. its really amazing
when we lean on our heavenly father for help the things we can
accomplish. never in my entire life did i imagine myself having
random conversations with people in the street or teaching entire
lessons in a foreign language. Its so cool how much our heavenly
father really helps us with EVERYTHING in this life πŸ™‚ we truly are
never alone πŸ™‚

We had a mini activity with the members this week to get them pumped
about missionary work! there was this one game called name that hymn..
so one person on your team would read a hymn.. and the yhad to hum it
and you had to guess the title! i knew one.. and i immedietly regreted
shouting out… ESTUDANDO AS ESCRITURAS! because let me tell you..
trying to read hymn titles in portuguese is pretty much imposible.
finally i came across i am a child of god. hahaha thank goodness. but
it was alot of fun. it really is so important for missionaries and
members to work together.. because we really could not do this work
without them! literally every single one of our solid investigators
was a reference. and for example.. one of the members that gave us
jully and elizeu were like.. idk how interested tehy are… but here
we are teachign them and tehy are thinking about baptism. SO… if any
of you have a friend… tell the missionaries.. share share share the
gospel!:) im done being an annoying missionary now πŸ™‚ but I love you
all bunches!:) thanks for all the emails and pictures. I really do
love hearing about your lifes back at home. I sure do miss all of you
but I know this is my home now for 18 months πŸ™‚
love, SISTER GEEEEORGEY ( how they say george here. hahaha)
1. our activity! i love love love the members in our ward. they are all so fun.
2. this was only after a 30 minute walk.. i will die this summer.
this week I saw 3 bunnies in someones yard! i freaked out! i went to
the gate and one came jumping towards me and i got to pet it throught
the fence. how adorable right?! sister young thinks im a freak.. but
it was a nice break from a barking dog. hahahaDSCN1336 DSCN1339


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