The ship left the Island!

Week 12…
So much happened this week! but yet nothing happened…
First of all.. I finished my training! 5.5 months in and im finally
not a greenie! (mish term for missionaries in training after 12 weeks
in the misison field)
On wednesday after walking forever in the heat I went to go die on our
tile floors when the phone rang.. it was the APs with our transfer
calls! what is this?! they called early! So I got transfered to
Tuburao.. its 2 hours South off the island. Tuburao means shark..
which is weird because there is no ocean here….

I havent gotten to the best part. Ive definetly got a challenge
ahead… My companion is sister Wilkins… She has less time than me
on the mission.. adn we both just got done with training here in
brazil.. so we both only have 3 months in brazil. Yup. pray for us.
hahahhaa Im so nervous but so excited. We will definetly be forced to
learn more portuguese and really teach with the spirit. I just got to
my área an hour ago.. she seems nice! The área is really ugly… but
our apartment is huge.. 3 bathrooms… im not complaning! we share
with another dupla.. both brazilians 🙂 but we dont share the same
área and we have diferente wards.. sorry about my words.. this
keyboard is on autocorrect for portuguese…

Sister Young is staying in rio tavares! she will be with sister crump!
the missionary that i stayed at the são Paulo airport with for 10
hours! she was in a trio with my new companion.. so we switched áreas
and comps!

So onto my week…
Since me and sister Young wont be together for christmas we did all of
our christmas activities early.We played Egg roulette with the other
sisters.. which is when you have a bowl of eggs.. some hard boiled
some raw.. and you dont know which are which.. you have to grab one
and slam it against your head.. it was hilarious… i got two raw
ones… we also put flour in tights and had a snow ball fight.. it was
super messy… but a blast.

I HATE BRAZIL!! (not really) well kind of.
soo.. sister Young and i were closing our day.. then out of thin air a
huge coack roach.. dont know how to spell that. attacked her face! ive
never seen an insect or two missionaries move so fast in my entire
life. I jumped up onto our beds.. (which is impressive because its
bunkbeds) she jumped on her desk.. yet another impressive jump.. and
we both were screaming and laughing so hard. I grabbed my shoe and
chucked it at it and bug guts went flying! this is the worst part.. i
get down to grab my shoe.. and the stupid thing wasnt there! it was a
zombie. I couldnt sleep that night i was so terrified. THEN the next
night i was taking a shower.. and i look up and an another one is
staring right at my face! i didnt want to move hoping it would just
mind its own buisness on the wall… so i just kept my eye on it..
then i hurried and got out to put on my clothes.. when i hear a snap..
and all of a sudden its flying directly at my face… and i couldnt do
anything because i was only in my towel and we had new sisters staying
the night at our house.. so you just hear me frantically screaming in
the bathroom running from a coack roach. yep thats my life.
i also had a weird bug bite on my foot… my foot swelled up so fat.
hahah dont worry i have pictures.. adn dont worry mom its better now!
she sent me a package and it had an ice pack.. moms really know
everything. (thanks mom)

All in all.. it was a wild week. an emotional one for sure. It was so
hard saying goodbye to sister Young and everyone i met while i was
there. Ive got this trial ahead of me.. but im excited. I know our
heavenly father has a plan for each of us. And i know he wont give us
a trial we cant overcome. I know this transfer wont be easy. But i
know I will learn and grow so much. Im hopeful and excited! I love you
love- Sister George 🙂
1, my foot hahaha
2. one of my favorite families! goodbye rio tavares 😦



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