Week #1 Shark

This week was AMAZING. by far the best week of my mission! ( but maybe
i think this everyweek) My brain is a little fried… because we are
used to being able to space off because our last companions spoke
fluent protuguese.. so by the end of the day with sister young if an
investigator was going off on a random subject i could day dream about
ice cream and pop tarts.. but now that sister wilkins and I are on the
same level we have to give 100% of our attention at all times. we get
home SO tired.  (not to mention its been the hottest week of my
mission so far)

This Area is amazing! I love love love it here.. for many reasons.
first of all.. .they have ice cream. and they have it EVERYWHERE! and
the best part is.. its sooo much cheaper here. well, everything is
cheaper here! its awesome. the island was so expensive.. for examole
to email there was close to 12 reais.. aqui é 3! and people actually
eat it.. and then hang out around parks and enjoy it.. the culutre
here is so much different than the island.. and its only 2 hours away!
Our area is down town tuburao… so its urban.. and its so fun.
Plus.. the accent here is so different! some members were joking
around that i picked up on the floripa accent because i talk so fast.
people here are alot easier to understand. its awesome.. they actually
breathe between phrases… in floripa people spoke 1000 words a
minute. another one of my favorite things about the city is christmas
decorations! the entire city  is lit up with cute lights. we have to
cross a bridge everyday to walk to our area.. adn its covered in
lights. it makes us so happy walking home aftera long day! And they
have shopping everywhere. its a problem.. i wnat to buy all the
shoes.. but i wont… but all the windows for the shops are decked out
with christmas. its awesome. but its funny seeing christmas stuff when
its 97 degrees outside.. i feel like we need snow! the best part of
this area is the members. They are SO amazing. I cant even express to
you all how excited they are about missionary work and about helping
us out with anything! they have an activity twice a month just to
invite investigators… and we recieved a reference at least 3 times
this week.. that never happens!

So I am recieving two things this week… SO much sun. And SO much
help. Sister wilkins and I went into our first lesson together not
really knowing what to expect… its weird being with a new
companion.. and its especially different when youboth only have 3
months in brazil. But we walked out of that lesson… and i was like..
i have NEVER had so much help from the holy ghost in a lesson my
entire mission. She was like.. im not gonna lie ive never used half
the words I used in there. It was such an awsome experience. We have
not struggled at all during a lesson. and if she doenst remember a
word i help her out.. and when I dont she knows it! its been such an
awesome week. Its been so fun teaching. We both said that we didnt
help teach nearly as much as we should have with our other companions.
Now for the sun… its SO hot here. this city is one of the hottest in
the mission. There is no ocean which means no wind.. and its in a
valley so all the heat just traps. its awful you guys.. the members
are all like.. you think its hot now.. wait unitl january. they said
it gets to 42 degrees celcius… im not sure what that is in F but i
know i might die.  Its funny too.. almost every brazilian we talk to
tells us we need to wear sunscreen. .they are all very concenred for
out “american skin”

One of the members gave us root beer floats this week.. i was like..
no you need to save your rootbeer yo ujust brought it back from the
states! apperantley they think its disgusting so really we were doing
them a favor by drinking it! hahh it was so nice. Ah america.  But i
also had By far the nastiest thing ive ever eaten in my entire life.
(yes mom… even worse than the food in porto rico) So we ate food at
district meeting.. so going into lunch we werent even that hungry..
but we cant be rude so we ate anyways…  It was this disgusting
casarolle thing..with unknown meat and banana and farofa… this weird
grain stuff. IT WAS AWFUL. i was gagging it down. and then once i
managed to clear my plate she was like.. eat more sister! i tried
telling her no thank you.. then she was like.. you dont like it? and
she got offeneded.. so i was like.. alright ill have a little more!
then she put a bigger helping than the first on my plate. sister
wilkins was trying not to laugh.. but then she put more on her plate
too.. hahaha karma. closest ive been to throwing up at a dinner
table.. but i did it. i ate the cow poop banana casarolle.

The language has been so fun this week.. its cool seeing how much
portuguese we actually know. We havent had any big problems yet..
besides sometimes contacts are a struggle. We were talking to this
crazy lady and the bus stop… adn she started going off on some
random thing.. we both had no idea what she was saying.. .then she was
like… you americans how do you expect to teach people if you dont
speak portuguese?! hahaha… how sweet.. thank you maam. and then
sister wilkins was doing a contact and this little kid literally
stopped and pointed his finger and started laughing hysterically
saying he couldnt understand anything she was saying. i wanted to take
off my 10 pound bag full of scriputres and chuck it at his face.
ahhahaha (but ofcouse has a representative of christ i cant do that)
hahah he was such a little snot!

Coolest part of the week… so you know how i said the members are
awesome? they have had this dinner set up at a resturant for months
now.. each couple brought a non member couple to this dinner.. our
mission president came to talk about eternal families and we got to go
around tlaking to every couple to ask if they had interest in recieing
the missionary lessons. We got so many lessons lined up! the night was
insane.. and the food was delicious! my head hurt so bad by the end..
because we were in a room that echoed… trying to talk to a milllion
different people in portugeuse… and the piano was playing so loud!
it was so hilarious. Some people could understand me perfectly… and
were shocked when i said i only had 3 months here.. .and then some
people looked at me like i was speaking mandrin chinese. hahahah its
so funny. some people can udnerstand my accent and some people look at
me like im stupid. I dont understand why some people can understand me
and some people cant… hahah. BUT the Mayor of tuburao was there! it
was so crazy! we got to talk to him and he invitited us to come share
a message with his family… he is in the sisters area though… so we
gave teh reference to them. but its a night i will never forget!

All in all this week was amazing. If i learned anything this week its
how much our heavenly father loves us. and he really will never leave
us alone to fend for ourselves. He wants us to succeed and be happy.
and we just have to have the faith to act 🙂 we did lots of contacts
and lessons this week.. and even if some parts were hard.. everything
ended up okay 🙂

Love you all! happy thanksgiving! ( we thought it was last thursday…
that awkward moment when a brazilian member has to tell two american
missionaries that they dont know their own countrys holiday) hahah
-Sister George
1. I found the tubarao in tubarao


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