Blazing HOTTTT!!


Those are the only Words I really need to say to describe my week.
But… As you all know I type novels.. So here it goes! (so sorry 😉 )
So.. yep.. hot.. hot hot hot. Im still looking back on my week and
wondering how Im living. I cannot describe to you all how exhausted I
am. All the time. hahahha. We walked out side tuesday morning.. and it
was only 11. And it was by far the hottest ive ever felt in my entire
life. Its almost hard to breathe.. because its so humid. i feel like
im drowning. Im always sticky with sweat and my clothes are always
damp… its pretty miserable. but all we do is laugh about it because
thats all you can do! everytime we pass the church we chug cold water
and i stick my head in the freezer. Funny thing.. sister Wilkins and I
were waiting at the bus stop. I was so tired I plopped onto the
concrete ground.. after waiting for 10 minutes we stood up.. and there
was a huge sweat mark right where we were sitting. hahahhahahha. SO
GROSS. I just want Snow! We went to splash cold water on our faces one
day too.. we both started crying we were laughing so hard and nothing
was funny.. im not gonna lie.. some of my tears were real. hahahaha we
are losing our minds. the heat is making us crazy! So funny.. so hot.

Okay onto the happy stuff 🙂
Michael… Is really one of those golden investigators every
missionary prays to find. After our first lesson with him he accepted
to be baptized. He said that the restoration is answering so many of
the questions he has had! He is golden! But after our second lesson
with him we gave him a church tour… He doesnt want to be baptized in
the font.. he wants to be baptized in a river! hahahahah thats
literally his only concern about the church. The bishop was like..
well then lets baptize the man in the river! But.. our mission
president said no 😦 its not safe or sanitary.. wa wa waaaaa. We told
him ot pray about it.. .hopefully he will still get baptized! we are
hoping for the 26th of december! Its been so fun teaching him. Such a
miracle! and sister ribeiro.. the sister who has never had a desire to
learn enlish asked us to help her write out her testimony in english!
its been so cool 🙂 and michael invited 2 of his friends to church
too… he bore his testimony in sunday school.. ELECT.

Claudia.. shes been an investigator for 5 months… they had a baptism
date for her 3 months ago but it fell through.. so we have been
working with her because she has just needed time. after alot of
praying we invited her a few weeks back to be baptised on the 19th.
She told us she would pray about it and let us know. Our lesson with
her this week she said shes not ready. So we decided to lay off a
little longer! Then later in the lesson we cleared up a huge concern
we had no idea she had about i cant even remember what. But anyways..
she was like.. ill get baptized next year. (great eternal
investigator) She was like.. when is your next baptism? we told her
about antoinio on january 23rd. she was like.. would it be okay if I
got baptized then too? hahahha what! me and sister wilkins were both
holding back huge smiles. OFCOURSE! so we have two marked for next
transfer.. we are both hoping we will stay! transfers are always so
random here.. you never know what is going to happen 🙂 we are so
excited for her!

Vera.. personally my favorite investigator… shes so crazy and so
fun. Everytime we have a lesson with her I just feel so happy after!
shes a blast and a half. she came to church and she was like.. im
sitting with my sisters. because im a sister too.. i just left my name
tag at home.. im sister black brazlian. Hahahahhaha. She is SOOOO
close to being ready for baptism. She just told us she needs a little
bit of time. I really believe she will be baptized next transfer. We
really are seeing so many miracles in this area and recieving so much
help. Its been so amazing.
Im so excited for Friday! we are going to floiranopolis to have a huge
christmas party with half of the missionaries in the mish! I GET TO
SEE SISTER YOUNG! and we get to wear pants and play wii.. i think.
should be a good time 🙂
Love you all lots!:) have fun in the snow while im dying here in shark.
-Sister George
1. dying at the bus stop.
2. my new home. hahahahB


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