Zombies and Tooth Water

To start.. Bday bowling was a success! and hilarious. I have pictures.
We all played in our grandma Moo moos because its so hot in our
apartment. hahaha. I also recieved a birthday Kiss… We were waiting
outside the church for our lesson with michael and a stray dog came up
to me.. and as normal i started messing with him.. then he jumped up
on my lap and left a huge slobbery kiss right on my lips! the sisters
just about died. then he stayed there for 20 minutes as we watied…
Stray dogs love me.

Ive decided this has been the fastest transfer of my mission.. but i
think i say that every transfer, this time its for real. its already
week 4! my mission is flying. I hate it 😦 I also decided taht i would
be happy to stay in this area for the rest of my mission. I love love
love tubarao. mostely because of the members!

We left on tuesday to floripa for leadership conference, I only
brought a change of clothes and my pillow.. and i put it in my hiker
backpack thing. It was HUGE. it was hilarious.. i looked like a
homeless backpacker in a skirt. cute stuff. But staying in my old area
for a night was so fun. and its always the best to see my trainer
sister young. We talked for hours about everything and nothing. its so
fun seeing old comps. But there are a few things i dont miss about
that house. HOT. its so humid. its like walking into a sauna (dont
know how to spell that) And they have so many misquitos! and the fan
in their house broke… it got so hot at night. I was on an air
matress and i moved to the tile floor because it was cooler (fully
aware of the coackroaches roaming on the ground, totally worth it) I
think i got an hour of sleep. i got destroyed by bug bites.. and all
my clothes were drentched with sweat after this night. It was awful!
hahahha but a memory for sure. the coackroaches kept me company.. so
its all good! hahahh But the conference was awesome! worth it.

Sister Ferreira and i were walking down town saturday.. and she was
like.. sister george.. we are in a zombie movie. confused i was like..
what do you mean? then i realized.. oh yeah.. we are literally the
only two people walking down town tubarao. there is NO ONE here on the
weekends. It really is the weirdest thing walking in a huge city and
its only you and your comp. because during the week you can barely
walk there is so many people. but one good thing about weekends.. the
ROUSs come out! we saw an entire family! 5 babies and mom and dad!
everytime i see them i just want to scoop them up!

Its still super hot here just incase you were wondering!;) in the
morning it looked like it was going to rain..so we brought our
umbrellas.. they quickly turned into sun gaurds. The sun is so strong.
I put on sunscreen and still get burnt! When we got home that night
when i went to take a shower my bar of soap was completly melted and
then when i went to go brush my teeth my tooth “paste” was definetly
tooth water! i didnt know it was possible for toothpaste to melt.. fun
fact! its possible! hahhaha! im so excited for winter here. 5 more

A member in our ward took us to go do contacts.. oh my goodness.
hahahha shes insane first of all! shes proabably about 60 and she has
a bag full of invites.. we knocked everydoor! which is super awesome..
but man.. it was crazy. her neighborhood is super sketchy, we arent
aloud to go there without a member. and there were people doing strait
up drugs on the side of the street and she wnet up to them to do
contacts! hi we are missionaries of the church of jesus christ of
latter day saints! oh my gosh. hahahah i wish you all could have seen
sister ferreiras face! she was like.. this is not real life.
hahhahaha. then we went to one house and the guy was smoking. he was
like.. im not interested im catholic. (and this member is a convert
she used to be catholic) she was like.. really? do you pay tithing?
and he was like.. no.. and she was like. .and here you are smoking.
you arent catholic. both our jaws dropped and his friend sititng next
to him just lost it laughing. she is so blunt. i was scared for the
people we did contacts with. hahahahha but suprisingly we got a lot of
return appointments… good time doing contacts in the hood.

Antonio and claudia are still amazing! claudias baptism is friday and
antonios is saturday! Antonio is hilarious. He wanted our number to
confirm lessons.. he doesnt have a phone but he uses pay phones. so
the other day we were walking and we got a call from an unkown number.
we had no idea who it was… on the other end was like “hello? hello?
who is it” me “the sisters” “who?!” “the sisters, missionaries!” “OHHH
THE STURS!!” (he cant pronounce sisters funniest thing ever. “im just
at the beach! so many people here! its such a good time” we wanted to
respond but we couldnt because we were in the middle of the street
crying we were laughing so hard. hahahah if you could just imagine old
antonio at the beach at a pay phone calling us just to tell us there
is alot of people at the beach. oh man im gonna miss him whenver i get
transfered. He keeps randomly showing up to the church to invite
people to his baptism. its actualy really sweet.. he wants all of his
“family” (the ward) to be there. And after every lesson he is like..
you guys have changed my life. no one has done what oyu have done for
me. Cutest thing ever. So glad i met him. I now have an example, a
friend, and a lot of “antonio phrases” we quote him alot. hahaha im so
excited for his baptism 🙂

Welp thats my week for ya!:) a little random but its what ive got. I
love you all so much!:)
-Sister George
1. rain guard turns into sun gaurds!
2. sister young and I replacing the assistentes to president (we
always joke aorund we will bethe first sister APs)



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