50 spiders 12 cockroaches and a partridge in a pear tree

This week was insane trying to get everything ready for claudia’s and
Antonio’s baptisms. Goodness. But it was such an amazing week πŸ™‚

We had zone conference so thats always fun! I recieved a bunch of
letters from back home, Thank you all!:) People always recieve funny
things a conferences, the other sisters we live with some how ended up
with a bag of american candy (i think they robbed another missionaries
package hahahaha) Then at home that night sister ribeiro… Oi George!
what are Poppie Rockies? (brazilians had ie to everything they say in
english) i was like.. can I show you? she had like 14 packages! they
were all so amazed by the pop rocks! but scared to try them. hahahaha
they think we have the weirdest things in the states.. they also tried
peanut butter.. they thought it was digusting!

One morning before we headed out into the heat i was putting
everything i needed into my bag, i opened up the front pocket looking
for chap stick.. and i imedietly regreted it. HUNDREDS of tiny baby
spiders started crawiling up my arms! A mother spider decided to lay
all her baby eggs in the front pocket of my bag.. how sweet of her.
They were all swarming in my bag! i ran my bag out side onto our porch
and dumped everything out then went crazy with RAID bug killer. Oh
what a lovely way to start off a day. hahahah

Then that same day we went to the church to go clean and fill up the
baptismal font for claudias baptism. We opened the font… and the
cockroach family of 19 kids and counting was chillin’ there. I was
like.. you have got to be kidding me. I dont know if any of you have
experience.. but cockroaches are almost impossible to kill! Just
imagine me in a skirt… with a broom.. screaming and running around a
baptism font trying to kill all the cockroaches… sister Ferreira
sure thougth it was hilarious! hahahahahh she filmed the entire thing
i had no idea. but i dont know how to send videos.. so it will wait
until i come home πŸ˜‰ There are some things i really will not miss
about brazil….

But the 20 minutes of pure terror was so worth it. because claudias
baptism was so amazing. Luan her son who is a recent convert of 7
months baptised her.. it was such an amazing day. Ive never seen him
so happy (and he is always happy) after he baptized her he gave her
the biggest hug. ah. it was so sweet.

Anotonios baptism was the next day, yet another amazing day. He was so
excited and so anxious. After his baptism He could not stop smiling.
Ive never seen anyone smile so big for so long. Then after we had cake
for his birthday thats today! And we all sung to him. I dont know how
he smiled so big! im sure his face is… oh my gosh i cant remember
this word. hahahahaha its not swollen…. freak! you know after you
work out and your muscles hurt? hahaha im so sorry i cant remember
that word. oh my goodness how embarrasing. hahahaha but im sure thats
how he felt! im sure his muscles in his face hurt after smiling so
much. I bought him a shirt and a tie with the birthday money you guys
sent me (thankyou so much by the way) he didnt have one! he was so
stoked! he was like.. IVE NEVER HADA TIE! sorry sturs but ill only be
wearing this on sundays hahahahhaha. so funny. but on sunday that same
smile was there and he was wearing his shirt.. he had to ask for help
with the tie. but he had a new light about him. ahhh it was so

Sunday they both recieved the gift of the holy ghost in sacarament.
Claudias blessing was so.. wow. it talked about eternal families and
how much this decision will bless her kids. She was crying after.. adn
ive never seen her cry. this week of my mission is a week i will never
forget. Its interesting.. i was thinking.. I am SO blessed to have met
antonio and cluadia. because really…. any missionary could have
taught them. But i was lucky enough to have the previliege to teach
them. they would have been baptised whether it was sister george
teaching them or sister noname teaching them! I believe i was sent to
this area to meet them, becuase they have changed my life. They would
have been introduced to the gospel with or without me, but if i had
decided not to serve a mission, i never would have met them. My
testimony has been strengthened so much because of them. AH im so
grateful i was there to witness this day! i will never forget luan
hugging his mom and i will never forget antonios smile. SO SO SO
GRATEFUL. seriously serving a mission is the best decision ive ever
Thank you all so much for helping me get to where i am today πŸ™‚ ive
truly been blessed with the best πŸ™‚


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