eu sou da Bahia

Well… I wish I had amazing stories this week, But.. we walked all
day everyday doing contacts and knocking on doors. hahahah this Always
happens after baptisms… we have to start from scratch to find people
to teach!

Walking and knocking doors for 6 hours can get a little boring.. so i
like to mix it up. I asked sister Ferreira whats her favorite color.
its pink.. so i told her all the pink houses she will knock.. and my
favorite is blue.. so ill knock all the blue houses. it was so
hilarious. for the record.. there are alot more blue houses than pink
houses in our área.. i learned that the hard way. I had to knock a
house.. because it was blue.. a little old lady walked out. I love old
people.. but i hate doing contacts with them… they can never
understand me! and this one.. she was sassy. She was like.. stop
tlaking i dont speak your language! so sister ferreira translated for
me.. then she was like.. look girls. i know you are trying. but you
cant speak portugeuse. sister ferreiras face! hahaha goodness i wish
you guys could have seen it! ive never seen her look so frustrated!
she was like.. what do you mean.. shes speaking portuguese and im
speaking portugese. and the lady was like.. no you guys dont speak
portuguese your americans.. sister ferreira was like.. im from são
Paulo!! the lady was so embarrased after. ahhahah gotta love people
with open hearts 😉

then another day of only contacts.. i asked if she wanted to go knock
the super rich houses. THEY ARE MANSIONS!! and super fancy! so we gave
it a go just for fun.. she was like.. you have to start talking
everytime.. and talk with a thick accent.. rich people love americans.
hahahahha it was hilarious. But she wasnt kididng.. we actually got
some return appointments. hahahha

also during contacts this week.. i got asked if i was from germany…
argentina.. and paraguay! so random! sister ferreira and i were dying
laughing when we left after the lady asked if i was from paraguay. so
funny. It rained alot this week.. well one day was super hot.. then it
rained… i decided the worst thing about sister ferreira is she hates
frozen. but the best thing about sister ferriera is she lets me sing
it anyway! i Always sing when we are walking for hours on end in the
rain hahahha my poor companions. But we also sang bohemiam rhapsody..
i dont know how to spell that. Just imagine us walking on sunday (when
NO ONE is out) in the pooring rain singing queen… as loud as we can
with one thick brazilian accent. i msure it was hilairous… hahahah.

Im sorry my email was awful this week.. im hoping we will have more
people to teach! not that doing contacts all day everyday isnt a blast

Transfers are this week! im 99.9% sure im staying here to finish
training sister F. but i wont lie.. we are both hoping one of the
other sisters will leave and be replaced with a missionary that does
dishes. hahahahahha sister F and i spend alot of time washing their
dishes.. oh the blessings of a mish 😉

sister Ferreira is teaching me to speak with a accent from the bahia
so i can tell people im from there 🙂 (the title of this email)

-sister George


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