Americans Are The Weird Ones!!!

well Since I emailed Wednesday I have nothing really to talk about. I
found out emailing last week my Dog sidney died 😦 I kept it cool
during emailing.. but then after we went to go do contacts.. i saw a
dog and started crying in the middle of the street! hahahahah sister
Ferreira was like.. w hy are you crying?!?!?! hahahhahah i looked
like a crazy person in the road.. Again.. the people of tubarao have
seen way to much crazy on my end. Then we had interviews with
president and when we were waiting his wife was showing us funny dog
videos.. i started crying.. again. hahahahaha what an emotional week.

We finally have one investigator progressing! WOOO! Sister Ferreira
has been struggling to talk in lessons.. and ive been practicing with
her before lessons to get her to open up more. (for those who have
already served.. practices hahahah worst thing ever for greenies) Then
in one lesson i finally was just like.. ill force her to talk, after
the prayer she looked at me to start teaching and I just smiled at her
. she gave me a look like you have got to be kidding me.. we sat in
silence for a little.. . but she gave up and started teaching, then
looked at me again to start teaching.. i just smiled again. hahaha she
continued (angrily) she struggled at first but when she started to
rely on the spirit it flowed! ofcourse i helped and talked too.. but
it was so awesome. The spirit was so strong, and we taught with
unity! it wasnt just me talking! (she always helps but i wanted her to
start talking more) hahaha it was such a trainer move to do.. but im
so glad i did it. and she did so awesome. I love teaching the
restoration. the spirit is always so strong. its so cool too when i
can tell our investigators are feeling the spirit. His name is
Israel.. he already started reading the book of mormon before we told
him about it.. he is dating a less active! and he commited to baptism
after this lesson! so awesome. Theres a reason we teach two by two not
one by one.

So since I dont have much to talk about.. I decided Ill write the
reasons why Sister Ferreira (and other brasilians ive lived with)
think americans are Weird or the assumptions they have about us!

1.” How many times a week did you eat fast food with your family?
thats what you guys eat for dinner right?”

2. “You only want water with your meal? thats gross!” (They HAVE to
have soda or juice every meal)

3.”SISTER! dont walk in the rain! your gonna get sick!” (barely drizziling rain)

4. “you have a head ache because of the rain…”
“im sick because of the rain…”
“everyone is in a bad mood.. because of the rain.”
“im so tired… its because of the temperature change with the rain.”
(its always the rains fault)

5. “You dont wash your skirt after every use?” -brasilan
“yeah???? my jeans too.. who washes jeans after one use?” -me
“AMERICANS ARE SO DIRTY!” hahahahahhahaha (this definetly could just
be a jessi habit and not an american habit…
They also think its super weird i only shower once a day… but
again.. i could just be super disgusting….?)

6. “why are you putting strawberries with lettuce? fruit and sald dont go!”

7. “well, all americans have blonde hair and blue eyes.”

8. ” youre from utah and only have 2 siblings?!?!?!”

9. “why do you walk around the house bare foot?” (all brasilans have
flip flops that they only use in their house

10. “is it true you all have chips in your arms?”

11 “is it true that everyone is super rich?”

12. “is it true that everyone in the states is super fat?” hahahhahahaha

13. “Whats the first thing you will want to eat when you go back to
the states?” -Sister F
” a cereal buffet.” -me
“I dont know if all americans actually eat cereal everyday for
breakfast or if its just you thats just like a 10 year old little
kid.” – sister F hahahahhahahahahah

my mom sent me a package this week and i got little bags of cereal..
i was SO excited. I ate cheerios for the first time since ive been in
brasil.. sister Ferreira was like.. you are seriously one of the
weirdest people ive ever met! hahahahahah funny thing is all americans
get so excited when we recieve cereal in packages. its the little
things that count!!

i love cultures. especially because they find americans so interesting.
I hope you all have a great week! I love you all lots!:)

until next pday!:)
-Sister Geo


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