SAI DAQUI!!! (Get out of here!)

This week was super fast.. and i have no idea how.. because this week
was a struggle bus!
Sister Ferreira and I went to check out this museum in central.. we
had no idea what it was so on pday we were like. .eh why not! it was
SO COOL! she was studying history in college before the mish and i was
studying art.. and this museum was the history of santa catarina
brazil.. and an artist had painted the entire history! it was so
awesome. So fun for both of us! and it was the history of our mission.
we learned alot and had a good time.. my advice to missionaries.. do
the weird things on pday.. they always end up super fun!:)

I dont know if you guys remember one of my first weeks here i was
talking about a super nasty banana meat cassarole that a member made
for us for lunch? well.. she made it again… i was like.. i warned
you sister ferreira. hahah it was so gross. but this time her grandson
was there.. and he was like.. “GRANDMA THIS IS AWFUL!” hahhahhahaha
leave it to the 5 year old to tell her the truth. because i have a
name tag… i cant. hahahhaha sister F and i were trying so hard not
to laugh or throw up at the same time.

Sister Ferreira gets super annoyed with me.. and i find it hilarious.
hahahha our relationship is so funny. its like two sisters (literally)
are serving together! We laugh all the time.. and We do things to
annoy each other on purpose. Its like im serving with my sister
Hailee.. only sister F is brazilian. hahaha. for example the other day
she was trying to sleep and i just started throwing things at her. or
she will take pictures of me super close up just to annoy me! So this
week we had zone conference.. and the elders know i dont know how to
conduct music.. so what did they do? sign me up to conduct the music.
So sister Ferreira was trying to teach me how all week.. the first day
it ended up with me on the floor whining in english (angrlily) about
how stupid this was. the next day after i did something annoying she
was like in english ” YOURE DRIVING ME CRAZY!” hahahhahahahahh she
learns english because when im upset i just start going off in
english. hahahah it was serioulsy so funny we both started laughing so
hard. She also has learned. Sup homie… throw down.. burn…. throw
me under the bus…. and sick! hahahhaha but after practicing all week
i learned how to conduct! and i actually love it! yay new talents! im
grateful for sister F and her patience hahaha:)

We still have no one to teach… besides our recent converts.. and
Israel our new investigator! so we do alot of contacts. Saturday all
of our marked lessons fell threw… so CONTACTS! yay!! but trying to
talk to people here on the weekend is close to impossible! we walked
for 4 hours… and at every corner flipped a coin heads was right
tails was left. i was like.. the object of this game is to pass a
road.. and when you see a sign of life.. knock! hahahah because no one
is home. After 4 hours we found 3 people at home that were willing to
talk to us.. alot of people yelled at us.. or then some would look out
the window.. see us.. then go back to ignoring us. hahhaha oh the life
of a missionary 🙂 its actually really funny. we gotsome fun new
excuses “IM IN A HURRY” (as shes lazily cleaning her house) “Im eating
lunch!” (4;30 pm) “im catholic! SAI DAQUI!” and my favoirte of the
week (opens up his window) “what do you want?” (say who we are and ask
to share an invite.) ” LITTLE BLESSEDS! I WAS SLEEPING!” (Very
annoyed) ahhahahahah sister F and i left that one laughing
hysterically. There really is always something to smile or laugh about
when things arent going the way we want. Im so grateful for my comp.
because this transfer has been rough with the work.. but yet we havent
had a bad day! We are learning and growing and we are hopeful that we
will find someone who is prepared and willing to hear our message!:)
and when we are having a rought time.. there is nothing that prayer
and food cant fix.

and thats my week!:) LOve you all so much!!!
-sister George




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