Sun, sun, Mr golden Sun

I have NEVER felt the sun so strong in my entire life! I ALMOST DIED
THIS WEEK! hahahahhahah. We did contacts for days! and every time we
saw even an intch of shade we stopped to open our eyes and drink
boiling water. hahahah we were both squiting our eyes the entire day.
I am counting down the days for winter. I cant do this sun thing

We also ate ice cream alot this week… so thats always good.. .one
day was twice… its pretty embarrassing.. but its so hot ice cream
and water is all i want to eat! The guy at the ice cream shop knows
our names and waht we want hahahahahha. no shame.. right?

I am having a really hard time with the language. I officially cannot
speak english. Or portuguese. hahahhahahah I dont know how to explain
it.. Because im thinking in both so its all just jumbbled in my head!
Ill be speaking portugeuse and english words will fly out! We did a
contact at the bus stop.. he was about 18.. and he was like.. where
are you from? i told him. .he immediatley started speaking englsih to
me.. he had been studying for over a year and wanted to practice. he
asked about why im here and i tried explaining to him about my
mission.. I sounded so dumb! so embarrassing! i was like stuttering
and i would start the sentence in english and protugeuse would leave.
” we have church every domingo” seriously so awful. sister ferreira
could not stop laughing! I gave up and he was speaking in english and
i just responded in portuguese. hahahahahaha im done for. he probably
thought i was so stupid! i left there like.. how on earth am i gonna
go home one day? hahahhah Its rough. i need to practice seperating the
languages. its embarrasing. hahahah
We got a reference from sisters in another city. They gave us her name
and address… but the road didnt exist.. (shocker) brazil is so
unorganized with addresses! and they said her house was the only one
without a number on the road.. so we found a road that was similiar to
her road… and we asked around if anyone knew alysandra… no one
did… but we kept trying. We asked a girl walking home.. she was
like.. oh yeah its my mom! we walked with her to her house.. yep a
house without a number! she was like.. my mom is in the shower but she
will be done soon. so we waited. She came out in her towel (hahah good
thing we arent elders) we were like hi! we are missionaries (gave the
run down) and we were like.. you talked to some missionaries the other
day and you gave them your address! she was like… ive never heard of
your church or talked to missionaries? we were like.. wait what?
hahahah we had her name.. her address… (so we thought) and she never
talked to them. we explained the situation.. and she was like.. well..
its super weird.. but clearly god sent you here.. so teach me! she sat
down rigth then and there.. we taught her (still in her towel hahaha)
and she invited us back! SO CRAZY!!!!! our heavenly father really does
work in mysterious ways 🙂

Valdette our investigator is doing really well. we have been teaching
her for about a month… and she told us she wants to be baptised! we
havent taught about the word of wisdom yet and she was like.. ive been
praying to stop smoking! so cool. Israel is also doing really well.
Progressing.. and wants to be baptized We are seeing miracles
everyday!:) All is well here in shark town 🙂

Love you all!!:)
-Sister George
1. we told antonio he doesnt have to wear ties just to be taught.. he
told us he likes to because its “charming” hahahahah then he looks at
me. stur do you know what chraming is? he likes to help me with my
portuguese. i believe he is the only old person in tubarao that can
understand me. hahahah
2. we celebrated my 9 month mark and sister rochas 1 month mark
together. Brazilian pizza.. the best thing ever. we had been looking
forward to it all week… we called our favoirte pizza place and the
car broke down so they couldnt deliever.. and it was past curfew so we
couldnt leave! we asked our neighbors if they had numbers.. they gave
us 4… we tried everyone… they were all way expensive..but then we
hit gold.. the last one was cheap and delicious and they delivered.
hahahahah you guys dont understand because you have never tried
brazilian pizza.. way better than the states


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