My Husband has no teeth

YELLO! Seriously This week felt like 2 days. I hate that time passes so fast!

Sister Ferreira judges me sometimes when I go to the mens section to
buy shirts… its just so much more comfortable.. and womens clothes
are so tight.. and thats the worst thing ever.. sweaty with tight
clothes. yuck. But pday at the store she was looking for more shirts..
i was like.. will you please just try on a shirt from the mens
section? she did.. and she bought it. hahahahhaha also this week she
was eating fruit.. she NEVER eats fruit! she thinks im weird for
eating apples ever day.. shes turning into me. She still wont sing
frozen.. but im working on it!

So one of the many crazies in the roads here in shark city doesnt have
teeth… and everytime he sees us hes like… my wife! (reffering to
sister Ferreira) i remember the first time we met him.. he came up to
us and was like.. im gonna marry you one day. hahahah after sister f
was like.. do you think he will wait for me? hahahahhahaha but the
other day we were at a bakery and he came in.. he came up to me and
was like.. how old are you? i told him.. then he was like.. will you
marry me? i stole sister Fs husband… its a rough life sister f. 😉
hes super cute.. he doesnt have teeth. but then after he started
talking to another girl at the bakery.. player.
We Decided it would be a good idea to explain transfers to antonio
since they are coming up. and who knows if i will stay. he knows my
mission ends in november but he doesnt understand we dont stay in
one city our entire mission. we told him i could possibly be leaving
in 2 weeks. HE STARTED TEARING UP. oh my gosh. seriously the worst
thing ever. he was like.. cant you talk to your president to stay!? no
one has done what you guys have odne for me. i love you like my own
granddaughter! we explained (well sister F explained i was trying not
to cry too. hahahah) that another sister will come in. he was like..
wont be the same! ah it broke my heart. Antonio serioulsy stresses me
out sometimes. but I feel like he is my long lost family member. It
will be rough the day i have to say good bye 😦

Israel and ana julia are doing good. We taught them the word of wisdom
last week.. but they were still drinking coffee this week. They are
super poor… and its because they literally had nothing left to eat.
they went 2 days without food they only had coffee. we made a promise
to them that if they decide right now to live the word of wisdom god
will provide a way.. they commited. the next lesson we had with them
they told us they had stopped.. we didnt ask questions but htey had
bread on the table. I know that when we show our faith we will see
miracles in our lifes. There is no commandment we cant follow! they
said they are so happy and are seeing miracles in their lives!:)

we found another investigator looking for a non existing address. ( i
dont know if people lie to us or if tubarao has a narnia with all this
missing roads and we just havent found it yet) her name is flavia! we
asked for help with a road. she never heard of it… but she asked us
about what we do and asked us to come back and teach her! we did..
shes been meeting with Jehovas witnesses for 3 years now. and she has
a TON of questions. she was like.. do you guys have your bibles?
okay ill go grab mine!
sis f and i looked at eachotehr like.. oh no. hahahhahaha
but shes super open and really just wants to learn. she has so many
questions about the plan of salvation! its so awesome. ill definetly
be studying up on my bible this week!;)

EASTER IS COMING! instead of easter baskets in brazil the easter bunny
brings huge chocolate eggs that are filled with toys or more
chocolate. They have so many here in the grocery stores! i bought two!
hahaha a barbie one and a minion kinder egg.. super expensive.. so
worth it. hey.. im only in brazil once!

Funny moment of the week.
we had stake conference this week… antonio was sitting next to us..
and he was passed out! the entire time! well at least we tought he was
sleeping.. one of the speakers was like.. “i know we have a living
prophet.” and antonio shot up and put his hand in the air like an “ah
ha!” moment and yelled. “THOMAS!!” (for thomas s monson.) seriously so
hilarious! hahahahahahhahahhaha a few people sitting around us looked
up in shock and we were trying so hard not to laugh. antonio went
right back to sleeping (which really is his meditation.. because he is
totally paying attention. hahahahah)

until next week!:) Sister Ferreira is senior companion this week for
her 12 week training.. shes super excited. hahahahha wish us luck!;)
-Sister George
1. easter eggs in the stores!
2. a member showing us all her mission pictures. we were laughing so
hard at some of the experiences she had. but also the spirit was so
strong when she was telling some stories. missions really are the


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