HELLO HELLO 🙂 yet another week has passed here in shark. (tubarao) i
think its funny this city is just called.. shark. not shark town…
shark city… nope just shark. even more weird.. we are no where near
an ocean…

We had a rough/ really good week.. life right?:) tuesday. EVERYTHING
fell through. EVERYTHING. we walked for hours on end. when we got back
to central i was like.. i need to sit down and eat ice cream.. so we
did.. i seriously couldnt get back up after. We looked like a bunch of
old people hobbling around trying to talk to people in the streets..

So the next day… we wake up.. and it was like we had done p90X the
day before. we were SO SORE. i have no idea what happened. we walk
about 5-7 miles everyday.. so i dont know what was different about the
day before! we were both exhausted. but we got to work. we went and
taught Israel and Ana julia.. then when we got back to central about
10 minutes after it started to POUR! and this is normal here.. so we
took cover in front of a store.. because normally the sun comes back
out after 15 minutes … we started filming goodbye videos to our
families as a joke… because it was coming down hard.. then after 30
minutes.. kept raining.. then all the cockroaches from the street
joined us under the roof in front of the store to hide from the rain..
so i started killing all of them.. because they are disgusting.
hahahhh it was quite the series of events. then 45 minutes..the rain
was only getting worse! and it started raising up onto the side walk..
the streets were completly flooded! people were running to cars in thy
deep water and cars quickly turned into boats! our safetly soon wasnt
so safe…. we were backed up onto the wall and couldnt move without
entering into the flood! it started out as a joke but then we were
like.. oh snap now what. ahhahahahaha so i was like.. okay we have a
few options.. stay here and watch the water rise.. or try to get to
the church! (about 45 years ago tubarao had an awful flood….it
destroyed the entire city and a lot of people were killed) so we were
like.. the flood is happeneing again!! so i was like.. lets try to get
to the church! first thing.. i took of my shoes in preperation to dive
into the water…. then a guy was like. . are you crazy?!?!? you dont
know whats in that water! true.. i still debated it.. i didnt want to
ruin my shoes. but i thought about all the huge holes that brazil has
in the roads.. and glass.. and disease.. haahahaha i sadly put on my
leather shoes to take the plunge. i was like lets go sister ferreira!
she was like no! hahahah she was so scared her face. oh my gosh. she
was like. “IM SENIOR THIS WEEK LETS STAY HERE!” i had already started
walking. the water was just above my knee.. sister f followed yelling.
“ah sick! cockroaches.. rats…. glass.. disease! im gonna die and its
your fault” hahahahahh seriously so funny. it was insane! we got to
the churhc.. i dont really know how.. we only had to cross 10 lakes to
get there… but everything was quite and dry there.. .the rain
continued for 2 hours… we left the church to get home when it
stopped. the streets were destoryed!!! mud and trash everywhere!
seriously a day ill never forget! we (and my shoes) survived the flash
flood! (no people were harmed.. only a few cockroaches.)

After lunch one day we had to take the hour and a half walk to another
part of the city… we were running late so we were walking fast. we
ended up taking a different way we have never taken before.. i dont
know how.. it just kind of happened… a car was pulled over on the
side of the road.. and a guy with his kids were inside it. he was
like.. HEY SISTERS!! we stopped to say hello.. he was like.. we have
been waiting 4 years for you guys to come teach us. What. hahahahah
they are a family that live here in our ward.. he is a returned
misisonary but they left the church about 10 years ago. He had an
experience a while back and has been working on returing ot church.. a
young man found him on social media asking him if he had served in
forteleza… he had.. the young man told him that he had invited his
granma to church a week before he was transfered. but the young mans
grandma got baptized.. and he wanted to thank him for serving a
mission and inviting his grandma… and now that young man has his
mission call to serve!
he was like.. imagine how i felt.. i Returned missionary who had left
the church.. i knew i need to change. he was like.. we have been a
little timid to return.. i talked to the bishop.. but we want you guys
to come teach our family. AH! so awesome!!!:) miracle. also. they live
in the part of the city we were walking too. and gave us a ride…
yay! miracle 2!

Antonio has been bugging us to go visit his aunt… but really i
thought he was just crazy. hahahah. but we finally left with him.. the
old man walks so fast! and he has tubarao memorized! he was like our
own personal tour guide clumping around in his huge shoes. hahhah
every market he stepped in just to give a thumbs up to the workers..
.he knows everyone! he also stopped to tell us about memories he had
at old buildings from when he was a teen… like. this used to be
cinema.. or this is where i met so and so.. me and my friends used to
hang out here… it was actually really cool! we got to his aunts
house.. she actually exsists! shes 97 and so sharp still! and even
more crazy.. shes not crazy! (because antonio is a little crazy.. i
expected his aunt ot be too.) she was so awesome. she told us stories
of tubarao and her life there. and her caretaker who lives there has a
husband who had taken missionary lessons aout 15 years ago. she
remembers the lessons and feeling the spirit. we are going ot go back
to mark a day we can visit her and her husband. so cool!

For the first time in my mission i was able to take a nap after
church! yesterday all missionaries had to stay at home after church..
because of this huge protest that was going on because of the
government here. I dont really understand all of it.. all i know is
that we pretty much got a pday yesterday! so we decided to celbrate
easter together with the other sisters. My mom sent me a package with
stuff to make easter baskets for the other sisters.. when they were
sleeping i hid them and after lunch i told them about our traditions
in the states for easter and that they too had easter baskets to find.
they were so stoked. i hid them so good. hahahahahha they spent about
40 minutes tearing apart the house. it was so awesome. and we got to
eat togehter…. hang out… talk about home.. our investigators.. it
was such an amazing sunday. (thanks mom for always thinking of other
people) fun fact…they think twizzlers are disgusting. hahhahah
sister ferreira looked at me and was like.. is this healthy food?
hahahah no its candy!

Anywho…. Thats my week! This week is the last week of the transfer!
i think/hope ill be staying here another transfer. i love this area.
and my comp. .and the sisters we live with. but we will see! this week
sister pomponio and i will be going to floripa for a leadership
training.. we leave thursday and dont come back until saturday! should
be fun! but im sad i wont get to teach our investigators this week 😦
until next week!:)
love you all so much!:)

1. easter baskets!!
2. sister f “document this moment! sister george used heat on her
hair!!” ive got tools and im not afraid to use them. first sunday in
my mission i wouldnt have to work after church. i took advantage of it
and curled my hair.. defs wont happen ever agian during my mish

1. other random museum in our area!
2. i found money in my suitcase. it was all moldy.. so i cleaned it
then hung it up to dry.. hahahhahaha 9 bucks.. that like 40 reais!!!


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