Antonio x3

Sorry everyone these are her passed emails… I have been traveling for 3 weeks and have not had access to a computer. -Sophie


okay so antonio (our crazy Recent convert) was found by missionaries in the street.. they just gave him an invite to go to church.. he went.. got baptized (long story short)
the other day we were doing contacts at a bus stop… we invited an older (somewaht crazy… about half the crazy as antonio) to go to church… he told us he would.. we asked his name.. antonio. haahhahaha
Last sunday there he was.. cowboy hat and all at church. and he loved it! no one goes to church! do you know how many people we invite everyday!? only crazy antonios go! during gospel principles (i think thats what its called in english?) antonio #1 asked antonio #2 what is name is.. he was like.. antonio! antonio #1 got so excited because they have the same name!  2 crazy old guys.. same name…now best friends. hahahahahah.
Alright… so this week.. AMAZING. sister ferreira and I ahve been praying what we can do to better our area. After teh training last week we decided to set a goal to get one new investigator everyday… this is close to insane… we normally get 0-2 new investigators every WEEK. we started our week with a fast.. and prayed a ton. we left after emailing last pday to knock doors. after the first door.. the lady let us in.. .and we made a return date. bam new investigator.
ofcourse this week wasnt all sunshine and roses. ive never worked so hard my entire mission. i was so determined to get our goal. because we need to people to teach. and we acted with faith. knocking doors for hours on end trying to find a new person to teach. we saw miracles.. but along with that we saw alot of rejection. Ive never felt so rejected in my entire life!! but we had some funny  “get out of heres”
*try to share an invite with a short video for easter* “internet is of the devil, *weird hiss* *door slam*
two teens sitting on a bench.. “hi can we share this invite with you?” One of them… *puts in head phones.. “you talk to the weirdos in skirts” …. no response.. they sat their in silence ignoring us looking at their phones. hahahahahahahah
and the worst one yet…
walking in the street… “Hi! can we share this invite with you?'” guy looks at me with disgust… grabs my arm and shoves me away… ” im evangelica.” and walks away! OUCH. People are so joyuss around the holidays here in santa catarina brazil 😉
But.. we saw MIRACLES. we met people who are prepared to hear our message. people who were kind and humble who let us in to here more. we Reached our goal.. we ended the week with 8  new investigators. Seriously insane. sometimes i dotn know how.. because sometimes it was when we only had 45 minutes before curfew.. and we did it. we are receiving so much help! I know that if we have faith.. and act… we really will recieve blessings.
 sister ferreira has shin splints… hahahhahahahahha she was like.. ive never felt this in my life! and we had to walk 3 miles in 45 minutes… hahhahahaha i have no idea how we did it but we did. miracle
another day as we were walking to claudias a guy stopped us on his motorcycle.. “do you guys walk like 300 miles everyday?!” in my mind.. somewhere around there. he asked what we were doing.. he told us he has seen us in every part of the city walking and walking. we told him.. he invited us to come teach us. SO AWESOME.
one day we were waiting for a bus.. we had 20 minutes until our next lesson… the bus never showed up. then a bus driver that knows us pulled over with us bus because he was doing a different route for school kids. he was like.. get in ill take you guys where you need to.. the city bus wont pass for another hour! he dropped us off right on the road we needed. MIRACLE!
Hardest day yet.
we had a lesson with israel and ana julia finally. we kept marking with them and they were never home. He told us they dont want us to return to their house.. along with some really hurtful things about our religion and our teaching. he was a completley differnt person. 2 weeks ago he was marking a date for his bapitism.. he was reading everyday.. quiting smoking  and everything it was a complete 180. we were upset after.. but we kept our chins up because of all the miracles we had seen this week.. and we knew we were one person closer to the person who needs to hear our message. it was a holiday friday… and it was raining. worst combo ever. people were so rude. we knocked doors for hours.. people wouldnt even leave their houses to come talk to us. after 3 hours of walking in the rain and rejection i was on the verde of tears. what an awful day. i was so sick of rude people adn being cold and wet. i just wanted to call my mom hahahah and eat food. perferably red robin. as we kept walking.. no one was in the streets… looking down and walking i hear “keep going girls. im praying for you.” i looked up a little suprised not knowing what to expect.. there was a blonde lady passing us in the street. she kept walking and said “mormons right? im always praying for you! god bless.” i wanted to stop her and talk to her.. but i didnt have words! i just blurted thank you . but she just smiled and kept walking and turned the cornor and left! I looked over at sister ferreira and was like.. you saw her too right?!?! sister ferreira just sat there with her jaw dropped. I dont know who that lady was. but i needed it. im considering her my gaurdian angel here in brazil. she willl never know how much those short simple words meant to us. after hours of rejection she gave us what we needed to keep going.
I know heavenly father is aware of everyone of us. he truly knows us by name!
This week i learned so much about faith.. and if we just act.. we really will see miracles!
im so grateful for the lessons ive learned and the things ive seen! both bad and good! because of these experiences im growing 🙂
okay so ill end my email with another miracle…
Sooo we were doing contacts in central. we passed an older guy sitting down eating ice cream.. we shared an invite with him. he perked up “mormons?!” he lives by the temple in porto alegre. and has talked to lots of missionaries in the streets. but he has never visited a church. he is just visitng this weekend.. but we invited him to church. at the end i was like.. whats your name… you guys will not believe it..
ANTONIO. i was doing everything in my power to not burst out laughing. I couldnt finish the contact. i covered it up by acting like i was coughing. i manged to say ” i hope we will see you tomorrow!” then we left.
craziest part
we were walking ot church yesterday… and two roads in front of it.. there was antonio! he was like.. i dont have church pants i only have shorts! we were like.. no problem! then he went to church with us! WHAT! hahahahahahahhaha  bishop was like.. no way. and best part.. hes completely normal!!! i want to baptize him and then he can marry claudia. hahahha he is serioulsy so cool . im so sad he doesnt live here. but he visits a ton.. so hopefully we will see him around. when we told the sisters they were both crying they were laughing so hard. they couldnt believe it. note to self. antonios always go to church.
welp thats my week here in tubarao. love you all bunches!!!!!
-sister George 🙂
pics: sister f and i made the famos chocolate easter eggs! we filled them with brigadeiro (somewhat like fudge.) so much fun and so much cheaper than buying them at the store (60 reais!)

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