Big Mac and Fries

Sorry everyone these are her passed emails…But I have been traveling for 3 weeks and have not had access to a computer. -Sophie

This week was too good. But passed by too fast! We never got transfer calls! ahahhaha so im staying here with sister ferreira! im super excited 🙂 She is too.. i think hahahah

Sister Pomponio and I went to Florianopolis Wednesday for the leader ship meeting with Elder Zwick on thrusday. (member of the 70) It was AMAZING. We all just got trained up on how to be better examples as leaders and what we can do to better the work in our areas. he was awesome.  plus we got to eat lunch at a really fancy restaurant and sleep in rio tavares! its always fun seeing old friends from the mission! Then we had to stay in florianopolis friday with nothing to do! so it was PDAY! hahahah we went down town to go shopping. seriously so fun. and i got to eat mcdonalds!!!! we have a mcdonalds here in tubarao but we arent aloud to eat there… because its in shopping… this mission has a rule we cant enter malls 😦 so sad. but we can go to outdoor malls so its all good. but i felt american again. mcdonalds is awful but its good because its mcdonalds. I was so happy. the taste of america!!! then that night we slept in agronomica.. which is the new area of sister young on the island! ah it was so fun and so needed. I missed speaking in english! not that portuguese isnt amazing.. but stories are so much more fun in english. i had a rough time trying to speak at first but after a few hours i was fluent again 😉 her new comp sister Eisinger is seriously so awesome too! i felt like i was hanging out with friends from home. We went on exchanges with them so we got to teach some of their invetstigators… their area is seriously a huge mountian. the hills were sooo steep. and its more humid there than tubarao.. some things i really miss about the island.. others.. nope not even a little.
The next day we had another training with elder zwick but htis time with everyone. so there were a ton more missionaries! it was yet another amazing day. and its always fun seeing more people. i have so much motivation for this transfer its insane. i feel like how i felt at the first of my mission again. ive always loved my mission but im feeling like a new missionary again!
 After this week i am SO tired. we barely slept. one night was because i woke up an my air matress deflated.. so i slept on the floor.. and it was freezing because its so humid.. and i didnt have a blanket so i slept with my tiny towel.. ahahahahah the other two nights we just stayed up talking and laughing about all of our experiences of the mission with all the sisters. it was 10 sisters in one tiny apartment. then after the meeting with elder zwick the vans took us back to our area.. so after a 3 hour drive… a totally of about 8 hours of sleep for 3 days we got home at 7… and i was like.. sister ferreira.. do you wnat to go do contacts? she was like.. yep lets do it.we didnt have to go out that day but we are so STOKED and motivated. hahahaha we were half dying in the streets for being so tired but it was os fun. my eyes were twitching and i looked like  a crazy perosn. but we met so many awesome people that want ot be taught!! YAY!
cool experience!
This week we had a lesson marked with israel and ana julia but then they cancelled.. first time ever! so we were like nooo now what?! so we were like.. oh we can go try this reference that a member gave us.. but it was a reference like.. oh she lives on the road with that one tree.. across that street from that one apartment.. (like all refrences) but we attempted.. and even more crazy.. we found it… wait for it.. she was home! wait for it.. she let us in!!!! she was like… i had so many things to go out and do today but i felt like i needed to stay at home! im thinking this is why! her name is Ester and shes amazing. We taught the plan of salvation. the spirit was so strong. after she was like.. EVERYTHING makes sense to me now. Shes gone through alot these past few years.. her husband passed away 3 years ago and has been struggling ever since. she said something really cool. “I can have Happiness even when im passing through things that arent happy.” she had been wondering why she was still living when she was always alone. but now she understands that she has a purpose and that shes preparing to return to our father in heaven.
2 nephi 2.25
“Adam fell that men might be; and men are that they might have joy.”
We are here to have JOY. so then why do we have so many not so “joyful” moments and trials?
2 nephi is full of doctrine sobre plan of salvation…. and has many promises.
one promise 2 nephi 2:13 “and if there be no righteousness there be no hapiness” its clear that when we arent living the commandments we arent going to be happy. Its the same thing with our parents.. we had rules growing up for our protection.. same thing with our heavenly father.. he gave us commandments for protection.
another promise found in D&C 24:8
be patient in afflictions for thou shalt have many but endure them, for, lo, I am with thee, even until the end of thy days.
its a promise also that we will have many trials. but wait whay.. how  Even when we are keeping the commandments?
I think of it like this… our parents gave us chores right? they could have done all of our chores without our help (probably even better than we could. haha) but they gave us chores for us to learn and grown even though chores arent fun. we had chores even though we were good kids… chores werent always a punishment. its the same with trials. we have trials to help us learn and grow!
isaiah 55:12
for ye shall go out with JOY, and be led forth with peace. the mountains and hills shall break forth before oyu into singing. and the trees of the field shall clap their hands.
The mountains will break forth… for me this means.. get ready for your trials… because you have mountains to climb. but its because of those mountains that we can have JOY! joy doenst mean we are going to have 100% joyful moments. infact its oppoiste. joy is progression.. and without trials we can recoginze good and we cant progress. Joy is knowing who we are. Why we are here. and where we are going. We can have joy knowing that this life is a “probationary state” (alma 12;24) its our time to “prepare to meet god” and its been promised that to have eternal happiness isnt an easy road. we will have difficulites and trials that we dont understand in the moment. but “after much tribulation shall come blessings.” d&C 58;4
and maybe these blessings arent waht we expect. but thast because god knows how to get us to return to him… so we have to trust him.
mosiah 24:15 “and they did submit cheerfully and with patienct.. ot ALL the will of the Lord.”
sister zwick this week shared her testimony about trials and blessings.
she said something ill never forget.
“He knows your name.
he knows what your going through.
and if you just have faith
miracles will happen.
He may not move those mountains
But he is there EVERY step of the way.
to help you climb them.”
I KNOW. that we are here for a reason. we are working for that day that we can embrace our father in heaven and ahve eternal life with our families.
I know that one day we can look back and be grateful for our trials.. even though we dont understand them now.
I know that christ lives. and he is truly with us every step of the way if we invite him to be. and that because of him and his plan for us.. we can have joy even in the hardest of times.

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