I’ll go where you want me to go

Latest email.

Twas a good week here in tubarao! so much happened. we are getting emergency transfered out of our area because of some problems that happened. All 4 of us sisters are doing a swap with 4 elders. we are going to joinvile! its 4 hours north of floripa and right now our area is 2 hours south of floripa. all for us us are staying together in the same house still. only differnece is now we will share the area! before we had different areas but the same house. Im so sad to be leaving tubarao especially on an emergency transfer. we wont be saying goodbye to anyone. but im excited for this new andventure. white washes (well actually a pink wash) will be super hard. but it will be fun 🙂 just know everyone is safe!:)

I dont have a ton of time to write we have to go pack! but i just wanted to share an experience with you guys i had this week.
So after a long day we were walking to go to an investigators house. there was a family sitting outside a resturaunt talking. I had to take a double look at the lady standing out side because i thought i saw my grandma George. (who had passed away about 9 years ago) The shock was insane. because after the double look it still was my grandma george. We kept walking. i told sister F she was like.. what thats so weird. i couldnt believe it. and i wanting to just go talk to her. sister f was like.. do you wnt to go talk to her? so we went back and i did. i just went up to her and i couldnt even finish saying “you look just like my grandma” before i started crying. I literally felt like i was talking face to face wiht my grandma. it was so surreal! she hugged me. she was like, man i must be getting old (shes like 70) I was hoping you would say mom! hahahhahaah I cant tell you how sweet of an experience it was. it wasnt my grandma george, but it looked just like her. i felt like i was talking to her. we talked for a little she was so kind and so funny. her personality was shockingly close to the same as well. I walked away full of gratitude for that experience. i cant express in words how amazing it was to see my grandmas sweet face. it has been so long!  it was so nice to just hug her! and it wasnt even her! It made me wonder.. imagine how amazing the day will be when we all get to see our families again? It gave me a small hint of the joy we will feel after we can embrace those ones who have been gone for so long. when we can have laughs and talk to them again.  I know we really can have that experience. Because of our savior we have the opportunity to return to our heavenly home with the ones we love most. im so grateful for this knowledge. to know that this life isnt the only life. I know christ lives and that families really are forever. that knowledge is priceless.  Im looking forward to the day where i really will see and laugh with my grandma george again.
Well thats my week! hahaha sorry its a short one today.
ill send you some pictures! we got to go to florianopolis to watch conference!:)
love you all. cant wait to tell you all about my new expereinces with doing a white wash in the middle of a transfer! so crazy. but im excited.
love you!
-sister george.
DSCN2573.jpgDSCN2591.jpgokay! so i was trying ot collect all the barbie kinder eggs.. and then they stopped selling them! i was only missing one before i had them all.. i get ot floripa and sister young had a bag of kinder eggs. she was like. i found an old market that was still selling the barbies!!! SHES THE BEST EVER! AND I GOT THE LAST ONE I NEEDED!!!!!!!!! ahhH!!!!!! i cried with joy hahahahhahahaha

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