oh theres sunshine.. blessed sunshine

I hope i never get transfered again (it is a possiblity with 7 months left i could stay here.. keep your fingers crossed) because i NEVER want to pack up all my things ever again. hahahahah and with 4 sisters it was even worse. i dont know how we ended up with so many things! books.. memories.. clothes.. shoes… and who knows what. seriously half of my suitcase was medicine for allergies. hahahahah

and then… sister ferreira and i are the only ones that can lift anything. hahahaha so we had the wondreful privilege of carrying 15 suitcases (about 50-70 pounds each) down 5 flights of stairs. we couldtn even walk after. my goodness. fiasco!
a huge van came to pick us up to drive us to floripa. I cried as i watched tubarao disapear. Ah. i loved that city. even if it was full of crazy people. I have so many memories. and so many people i love. But.. transfers happen right! we got to floripa and ate lunch with president at a super nice resturaunt.. that was fun! then we got to watch the elders struggle with our luggage to switch vans.. i seriously have no idea how sister ferreira and i carried those things down so many stairs…
we got to our new apartment… yet another 3 flights of stairs.. so we got to carry them up! good times…
first thing we walk in.. sister pomponio “ew.. .smells like elder.” hahahahahhahahah it smelt likea boys locker room! if that was “clean” for them.. idont even want to know what dirty looks like. cleaned everything again. pink wash probs.
our new area is the bees knees!!! Everything is SO close! the church is a 3 minute walk.. the grocery store 4 minutes! its such a small area. i love it. but it has a ton of neighborhoods…. our last area was 40 minute walk to the church and 20 to the grocery store. the only down side.. ITS SO HOT. it got to 110 degrees.. we did 5 hours of contacts. i just about died on the side of the road. the more north the hotter it gets. sister rocha is from fortaleza… and she said its way hotter here than where she lives which is insane. and all the roads here are just dirt. i get home looking like i havent bathed in months. covered head to toe in sweat and dirt. its pretty awful.  but fun fact… people here dont give me weird looks! because everyone is blonde and tall! there is so much german influence here… and people just ask me when i talk.. oh are you from germany? ive had a ton of people try speaking german with me… so thats pretty fun! we went to central today to go to the bank… it looks like germany in the middle of brazil! if anything.. people are looking at sister ferreira like shes the foriegner. its so funny.
but we survived our first week. starting a new area has been hard but so fun! we have amazing investigators… we are even teaching a family! ah! sister ferreira and i think we will be staying together another transfer…. 6 months together! poor girl.  the members are amazing. everyone is stoked to have sisters. (sorry elders) and i got to hold a chicken this week.. that was exciting. but thats pretty much it! hahahah
love you all lots!:):)
until next week!
-sister George
pictures of the struggle bus.
the weird sign the elders had in their bathroom.. hahahahaha
and sister pomponio cleaning her matress with detergent hahahahaha


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