Açaí is lyfe

I survived yet another super super super painfully super really hot weak. it only got up to 120… no biggie. super fresh 😉 Sister F has this weird skin rash… the poor thing. and the sun is destroying her.. she has to walk with an umbrella.. and she puts on sunscreen every 2 minutes.. literally. she went through a tube of sunscreen in a week. hahahhahha we went to the doctors.. .they gave her meds so its getting better! this area has açaí on every corner.. i have only seen it in floripa! its like frozen yogurt but its a specif flavor from the acai fruit from the north of brazil. its sooo good. but really expensive. yet worth it. we ate acai 5 times this week. hahahahahhaha and ive never had it with anything but just acai.. here they put strawberries.. banana… chocolate.. passionfruit.. its amazing!!! its become an addiction. everyday we are like.. no we cant go buy acai.. then after 3 hours of walking in the sun we some how end up buying acai.

The family we are teaching (neide,udjadson, angela and iara) are so great. the kids especially. udjadson has 10 years.. and he is adorable. we have a handshake! last time we went to go teach them he was sitting out side waiting for us reading the book of mormon! and ive never seen teens so stoked about temples. i brought some pictures my mom sent me and i let them keep one each. they were freaking out! im so grateful to be teaching them. they are examples to me!

A few weeks back the elders had a random guy come to church because he was curious. they talked to him.. but we got to teach him for the first time this week. HE IS GOLDEN. we were waiting for him at the church.. and he pulls up in this super sweet beamer.. sister f was like.. op. rich. hahahahha we taught him the restoration and it was amazing. he was like… i feel so good about this church and i dont know why. he went to church again sunday.. he acts and looks like a member! and everyone already loves him. hes 50… and plays soccer with all the youth.. hes like the new cool kid on the block.  hahahah he wasl ike.. my first time at chruch i was super confused.. why is everyones name elder?!?

We were tracting… and we clapped outside this ladies gate.. and she was like.. ah no you already passed by! we were like.. really? she was like jehovas witness right? us: no mormons! she came out… and sister f was holding out the invite and starting talking.. then all of a sudden she aggresivley starts stomping her foot. i looked at her like what the heck are you doing? i didnt say anything thinking she would stop.. but she kept doing it! and it was becoming more agressive! hahahhaha the lady was looking at her like she was crazy! but sister f just kept talking like everything was normal. ” hi we are missionaries form the church…” i was doing everything in my power to not laugh. but you know situations when you cant laugh but you want to.. it just makes it harder not to laugh! and those who know me know i look like a choking seal when i try not to laugh. this poor lady.. here are 2 mormons outside her house… one trying not to laugh and the other stomping her foot to a non exisitant beat. sister f saw me out of the corner of her eye then she started laughing too. finally i was like.. sister f what are you doing?! i didnt want the lady to think we were laughing at her! she was like.. there are bugs biting me!!! the lady was like.. “then stop being weird and wipe them off!” i was dying at this point. all three of us started laughing hystericaly. then aburptly the lady stops laughing and was like. oh mormons thought.. yuck i dont like this church. i was like what why? she told us how elders passed by a few years ago and just ate all her food. hahahahhahhah she was super salty. she was like.. people only change churches because they arent true to their faith! we taught her a bunch of the restoration there on her porch.. she was super grumpy but in a weird way really funny and cool? she was like.. alright fine. ill go to your church one day. she didnt invite us back.. but we are totally going back there. hahahahah

but everything here is great! im loving this area. we are finding so many amazing new investigators everyday. We are seeing miracles here. its super hot. but i love it. transfer calls are this week! it will be interesting to see what will happen. us 4 sisters have been together for 3 months.. ive been with sister f for 4 and a half. we are all a big family now. we love and fight like sisters hahahhaha mostly over food. but i love them. ive been blessed with the best during my mission.

-sister George











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