Lets Baptize The Ice Cream Lady

This week was great! I dont understand how a week feels like 2 days. after emailing last week we went home.. and it was so miserably hot. hahahahah all 4 of us were sprawled out on the tile floor with our 2 fans and my mini fan drinking water and eating ice cubes and talking about doctorine and sciptures for hours. hahahahahahahha oh things that change during the mission. so funny. imagine 4 girls in their 20s freaking out over doctorine and finding scriptures. its the best.

we were walking doing contacts this week.. then i felt my wrist start to burn.. i was like.. what on earth? yep… the metal part of my watch got so hot from the sun in burnt my skin! hahahahahaha i was walking around with princess baindaids the rest of the week! so crazy!!!
We go get ice cream alot… because its super hot. and the lady that owns the ice cream shop slowly has started talking to us… and she has a lot of questions.. we use it as an excuse to get ice cream..  hahhahahha we decided we are going to teach her and baptize her.. she doesnt know yet… but we do. hahahahhahaha perks of ice cream right? we get to eat and teach!
Our family is amazing. Neide, angela, udjadson and iara. udjadson wanted to try to say the openeing prayer for our lesson. (hes 8) hes the coolest kid ever. and soo sweet. he was like “please send jesus to help the sisters find people to help and that they will be safe. and that their families can be safe too” ah. adorable. ive never seen someone so small with such great faith. hes an example to me. we taught about baptism and christs baptism.. he shot up his hand and was like.. DO YOU KNOW WHO BAPTIZED JESUS? me: yes! do you? udjadson: john the baptist! in the Jordan river.  I know because of primary! so so so stinkin cute. the kid is golden! and everytime we ask if they read sometimes the family didnt.. but hes like i did! and i didnt understand anything! hahahahahhah we invited angela to be baptized. annnd she accepted! the other 2 kids have to wait for their mom to be baptized because of their ages. But angela will be baptized on the 7th!:) im so excited for her. we are so blessed to know this family.
so last week we were walking in the street.. .and this lady was riding her bike with her two kids one in the front in a seat and one in the back. she stopped us and was like.. mormons! hahahh we talked to her a little. she was like.. seguir my daughters head! her daughter in the front was passed out sleeping. it was serioulsy so funny. sister ferreiras face was like. .this lady is crazy. seh was like… you guys need to come to my house. i need help, i need to change my life! she said it so casually. but ofcourse we went back! when we got to her house she was outside. she was so excited to see us. she invited us in. she told us her life story. shes been through alot. she was in a really bad car accident 7 years ago and her 3 year old daughter died.. and she has burn marks covering every inch of her arms and legs. after the accident she got involved in really awful things trying to numb the pain. she has 2 young daughters and is in a really low place. and she knows what shes doing is wrong and she was like.. i need help! we are trying to teach her little by little. because its like starting at ground 0! we went back 2 days later.. she was like, i can feel a difference when you guys are here. and i need you to teach me how to pray. she feels like she cant pray because she doestn deserve it. my heart broke. we taught her. and she still didnt want to. but by the end of the lesson we were all on our knees and she said a simple prayer. “Heavenly father. I cant do this alone. I need you.” the spirit was so strong. we have only known her for a week and you can see a differnce in her eyes. She was like. sooo you guys are going to come here and pick me up for church right? im not walking there alone! hahahaha so we woke up sunday and went to her house.. i was expecting we would have to wake her up and drag her to church. when we got to her road we heard jesus rock music blasting. and we were still far away from her house! sister f was like.. theres no way thats her house right? sure was. hahahahahah her daughters were sitting outside waiting all ready and she had the tv blasting with this music. it was seriously hilarious.we all walked to church together. it was blazzing hot. and she put her two daughters on their seats on her bike and we took turns guiding the bike. those little girls are heavy! a member saw us and gave the two little ones a ride. blessing. we got to church.. and during relief society it looked like she wasnt even paying attention. but then after she was commenting on everything the lady taught! and during princípios do evangelho (gospel doctorine?) she had THE BEST questions ever. everyone was looking at her with jaws dropped. and all the members were coming up to us after like. .you have to baptize her. hahahah the lesson was on convenants .. . and she was understanding everything. it was so funny.. we walked into sacarament and she was like.. what wheres the band?! then after church she was like (im translating the best i can.. but the slang sshe used in protuguese is so much funnier than this) church was legit… but the music. weak man! but church.. loved it. hahahahhahahaha she was like.. when are you guys coming back to teach me more? shes so crazy and so amazing. i know we are here for a reason. a member was like.. shes the type of investigator that will change her life.. stay strong in the church and then change the lifes of others. she has so much more faith than she realzises. shes always saying shes weak. but how many people search to speak to the missionaries? pray when they feel like they cant? and walk 35 minutes to  church in the blazzing sun with two young girls at 8 in the morning and its a church theyve never been to? shes so amazing. miracles are happening here.
Funny fact.. all four of us are staying togehter again! one more transfer hahahahhahaha me and sister Ferriera by the end of this transfer will have 6 months together! 1/3rd of my mission with the same comp! so funny. but awesome. we are stoked to be serving together 🙂
love you all!!!!
-sister George
we had disctirct meeting in the elders area.. this is a cute old train station!FSCN6811


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