FRENTE FRIA!!! (aka cold front)

I traded my fan for a heating blanket! can you believe it? tuesday we woke up normal.. left to go work… and outside was only 80 degrees!!! it was amazing. i could have done contacts all day. we were all so happy… then wendsday morning i woke up FREEZING. and i could see my breath! if i was cold.. you guys should have seen the brazliians.. except for sister ferreira.. she was normal.. but the other sisters were dying it was hilarious. but after being in super hot weather for months you get used to the heat. so when it gets even a little cold.. its COLD. at night it was aboout 30 degrees and during the day 60s.. .we were all dying.. i have pictures its hilarious. but i slept so much better. then only problem is its not like the states where the houses are well insalated… here if its cold outside its even colder inside. the houses here are just brick. and they dont have ac or heaters.. the things we have in the states .. we really dont understand how lucky we are! we press a button and our entire house warms up or cools down!

even when it was cold sister ferreira and i decided to get acai….. we left freezing! hahahhahah we half booked it home just to drink hot water hahahh who does that? we are ridiclous
this week was good. flew by! we are teaching a lady named daniella… and we marked with her last week but she said she couldnt meet with us.. normally when this happens it means they dont have more interest.. but we met with her agian this week.. and she let us in! we were like.. sooo did you read.. she sat there.. and was like.. yeah. paused.. we were like.. annnnd? she was like. i dont know how to say this to you girls… i read and i did what you asked.. i prayed. and iknow its true.
it was SO awesome. and so unexpected. i couldnt wipe the smile off my face! we got to teach her the plan of salvation. shes amazing. she was like.. all my neighbors just keep telling me to stop meeting with you guys because you guys dont believe in god (and a lot of other rumors) hahahah. but she was like.. i can only feel the spirit when you guys are here. miracles.
Vania is so great. (the lady that went to church that we met in the streets) we walked into her house and she looks like a completely different person. she was like.. you guys the change in my life in just one week is unreal!!! she was like.. why are you guys always so happy? i need this in my life too. shes reading the book of mormon and goes to activities.. she admits she just goes for the food.. but hey she goes! hahahahha but shes loving it. and we are loving her! shes the best. so hilarious. we are laughing hysterically everytime we go see her.. she does the weirdest things. and shes very blunt. she was like.. this nephi guy.. why does he only say christ and not jesus christ? hahahhaha the way she thinks is great. she has the bible pretty much memorized. and we were like.. have you prayed about the book of mormon yet? she was like.. no… and we were like what why? she was like.. im scared. what? scared of what? she was like.. that someone will appear! hahahahhahhahhahahhaha oh my goodness. only vania.
welp thats pretty much my week! one funny thing… we were tracting.. and one lady looked out the window and was like.. “awe no! im drinking my coffee woman!!!” hahahahahha we left laughing. peoples rejections are always so hilarious.
I get to go to floripa today for the leadership training! sister pomponio and i are going but will be back in joinville tomorrow. butim stoked! and mothers day! happy mothers day to all the  amazing moms out there!:) you are all the bees knees.
much love!
sister George

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