Pets Aren’t Aloud

This week was full of so many things!! we had training conference, interviews, zone training, angelas baptism, and mothers day skyping!

Florianopolis was so great as always. its definetly worth the 3 and a half hour bus ride. (not to mention being car sick that entire time.) its so fun seeing friends on the mish! we stayed in sister youngs area! we talked forever! im so sad i had to say goodbye! this is her last transfer. i dont understand how the mission flies by so fast!
all the conferneces and trainings were great. its always fun giving trainings and hearing other missionaries trainings! sister f and i alwasy get way to stoked about things and make crazy goals.. but they are good goals so thats good right?:) hahahaha
I dont know if ive already talked about gizele.. she was the mom of the family we found a few weeks ago! shes amazing! we have been teaching her alot. and she is elect. seriously shes like.. ill read the book of mormon but im not chaning religions.. well.. actually who knows right? if i get an answer its true that would change a lot of things! and she was like.. you guys need to come back in two days so i dont forget the things you teach! and she is always talking about how she feels different when we are over at her house.  Josue is great too! we invited him to be baptised.. and he was like.. ofcourse!! hahahah now we just have to set a date! we are seeing miracles here.
Angela was so cute all week! she was so anxious for her baptism. at interviews she couldnt stop pacing! she told us she wants to go on a mission in a year! ah! shes the!  her baptism was so great too. even though me and sister f are officilaly the most irrespsonible missionaries ever. hahahahhahaha. so we forgot the baptism record before interviews.. and our DL was like. .oh dont worry just bring it to zone training and ill sign it there.. welp. zone training happened. and we were waiting at the bus stop after and sister f shoots up out of no where and was like… WE FORGOT TO HAVE ELDER SIGN THE RECORD AGAIN!!! seriously… how do we do this? we even brought it! so we had to call him and he had to come meet us in central. and then we had to book it to the church to have time to fill up the font.. im just happy this time there werent 30 coackroaches! then as we were waiting for the font to fill up i went to go get our phone from my bag to call angela…. then the phone wasnt there.. i was like.. oh no. long story short it ended up with us looking in the muddy streets for our cell phone in the pouring rain 1 hour before her baptism. hahahahhahahhahaha it was a disaster. then the sisters came back from a lesson and sister rocha was like.. oh by the way i accidently took your phone thinking it was ours! they had both the phones.goodness. hahahah but she was baptised. we got her record done. and it was amazing. shes amazing!
weird/ random story
We had a lesson with vania.. it was rough. idk shes been super weird. we left there a little annoyed and stressed out… we got home and werent really talking then all of a sudden sister f goes into our room and im in the kitchen. she stops and gasps. and im like what?! shes like.. what on earth.. please tell me you can see this too! i go in .. there is a huge black cat just chillin in the middle of our room! shes like.. do you see a cat too? ahahahhahahahahaha shes going crazy! i was stoked. so weird. how on earth a cat got into our apartment when we live on the third floor i dont know. we went to get the camera then he booked it out the window. im hoping he comes back.. but sister f was lke.. pets arent aloud! joy kill 😦
skyping was great!:) i hope all the missionaries and their families loved it!:) its so great seeing your faces and hearing your voices. so crazy to think the next time ill see my family will be at the airport. it goes by way to fast. by far my decision to serve is the best decision ive ever made!

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