One Bucket at a Time

I did the wonderful favor and passed my sickness onto sister Rocha… we both stayed at home sick together for 3 days. its the worst. i was going crazy! I didnt want to stay at home at all anymore! we were going crazy. hahahaahha i literally read half of the new tetstament….. in 3 days. mind. blown. we just sat in the bunk beds all day and read scriptures and slept. shes super great. i love sister rocha hahahhaha at one point i was sleeping then got down to go get water.. and i hear this sniffiling and im like.. are you crying?! she was like.. the phone rang… and i was dreaming about my mom. and i thought it was her. hahahahhaahhahahahahhah. the struggle is real.

The other sisters investigator got married saturday and baptised sunday morning! she asked us to go over to help with some decorations. (this was after the sickness passed) we went and helped make these little rose flower things… note to the world.. never ask sisters for help with creative things hahahahhahah they turned out awful! its like you go on a mish and poof out the window with anythign  thats not scriptures and doctorine. hahahahahha but we can eat… that is a talent we have!
We got to teach gisele again. she has not been reading the book of mormon at all. shes been super busy. so going into the lesson i was nervous that we would recieve the same “i didnt read again.” but she was like… i read all of moroni 10 and the intro. then i had my husband read it to. shes like.. theres no way you can read this book and not feel that its true. i mean.. if you believe in the new and old testament you will believe in this. because it really is another testament of jesus christ. our classic beaming faces popped up again. hahahaim sure we looked like little kids that got told they will be going to disney land. its so funny. you cant even respond because all you can do is just smile! hahahahhaha. now we just need to work with her little by little. the first lesson she told us she would never change religions… but now shes chaning her mind! hahah. im so blessed i get to teach these people. its so cool how when they read and pray my testimony is growing stronger with them!
angela neide iara and udjadson are good! they are the best. hahhahah i love teaching a family. udjadson reminds me of dallin oldroyd when he was little. its so funny.. .they have the same laugh!
quote of the year:
*udjadson looking at fotos from before the mish*
“wow! sister george.. .you were really pretty…. what happened?!”
hahahhahahahah leave it to the 8 year old to speak the truth. sister f just about died laughing. it was so funny……..
your testimony isnt the only thing that changes on the mish. hahahahhaha
we went to go try our north brazilian family again. we clapped outside the gate.. and a teen came out. he was like… “what church are you from?” we told him.. he was like.. come in! hahahahahahhah he had no idea we had already met and taught his parents and was like.. oh i want to hear more come in. man i love northern brazilians. hes so awesome. they are such a great family!
sister rocha was walking and she stepped on a broken part of the side walk.. the concrete flipped up and landed on her foot. hahahahahhahaha i know its not funny but if you knew her you would be dying laughing too. her foot is SO swollen. she couldnt even walk. and shes already a very dramatic person when its something small.. and so just imagine when she actually has a problem. she was hobbeling around like a crazy person. “ILL NEVER WALK NOMRAL AGAIN!” as she was crying hahahhaha. the poor thing. it was a day before their investigators baptism. and she couldnt walk down the stairs. so i went with sister pomponio to go see andressa their investigator before her wedding! it was so fun. make up and hair… soemthing i miss! because it doesnt exist on the mission (just refer the udjadsons comment) ahahah. it was planned ofr andressa to be baptised 7:30 in the morning before church so she could receive the gift of the holy ghost after. the sisters woke up early to go help out. bishop went even earlier to fill the font.. it takes about 2 hours. then a little after they left sister f and i got a franitc phone call that the water stopped (this was 20 minutes before the baptism) so we rushed to the church and got together all the cleaning bukcets and started filling the font. it was super caotic but really hilarious. seriously.. i dont think a baptism ever has or ever will run smoothy. there was the bishopric and the sisters running from one end of the church to the other filling up buckets of water to fill the font. at one point the bishopric got distracted and started talking and left the bucket under the fossit in the bathroom running…. and it flooded the bathroom hahahahahhaa. BUT. we did it. we got the font filled.. the baptism was an hour delayed but it happened! it was freezing water on a cold day but all is well 🙂 one bucket at a time.. everything really will be okay 🙂
anywho. thats our super weird week!:)
i love you all so much!:)
-sister george


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