The kinder eggs from the kinder egg store

I dont know if I told you guys about Eric.. hes a son of a member and he has 3 years. Hes super smart.. and a pain. hahahaha our second week here we had lunch at their house and he took a nail and almost stabbed his eye out on accident! so i was like.. whoa little one.. and i took it from him. he got super mad at me.. told me im the worst and never talked to me again.. seriously everyweek at church he said hi to all the sisters and looked at me. and was like.. ” i wont say hi to you no!” so i had a game plan to get him to like me.. and i bought him a transformers kinder egg…. who doesnt love kinder eggs? we got to their house.. he said hi to sister f then just looked at me and was like.. nope not for oyu. then i was like.. eric.. if i give you something will you like me? he was like.. depends. i showed him the kinder egg and he freaked out! he was like yep!! hahahahah then he wanted to say the prayer before lunch.. “”please bless the eldereys (elders he thinks we are all elders) and the kinder egg piggy george (my name to him because of peppa piggy) gave me that she bought at the kinder egg store.” we were all dying laughing. so cute. but i have bad news.. they came out with sport kinder eggs for the olympics.. i now will have to collect all of those too.. why must they be so addicting?!?

we had a lesson at a less actives.. and a ton of her family members were visiting. they all freaked out when they heard my accent. then the flood of questions. mostly from the kids but some from adults…
“wait.. you guys speak english there? like no portuguese at all?”
“are there cats in america?”
“whats it like in japan?” hahahahahahah they think that i know everywhere jsut because im not from brazil. good times… ill miss these questions after the mish.
Sister ferreira (sister F) has many talents… and many great attributes.. one of those being. every. single. drunk guy we see… wants to marry her. hahahahahah we had a lesson with kel a recent convert here. (fyi.. one of the greatest people ive ever met.) and her father in law was visitng. and he was super drunk. and he was saying goodbye.. gave me a hand shake.. then got to sister f and gave her a hand shake then didnt let go. kel was like.. dont even think about hugging her shes not aloud too! he was like.. im not gonna hug her! sike! im hugging her! then he went in for a huge drunk hug hahahahahah sister fs face was priceless. like some little kid eating sour candy and her hands to her side stiff as a board! kel was like.. LET GO ARE YOU CRAZY! he was like. .crazy for her! then kissed her hand and left hahahahahah
next day we had to wake up super early to go to florianopolis to renew my visa (cant believe thats already happening.. how does the mission go by so fast?!) and we were at the bus station and these homeless drunk guy sits right next to sister f and just starts asking quesitons about the church.. but gets closer adn closer to her. he stops and is like.. wow your really pretty. he looks at me.. shes really pretty huh? me- nope nope not even a little! he turns to her again.. you can convert me and then we can get hitched… i want 10 kids. im trying not to laugh to egg on the situation.. .sister f is super uncomfortable but also trying not to laugh.. then the lady next to me was like. .stand up and walk away! sister f did.. then he followed her.. he was like.. come away with me! the lady.. NO WAY! shes staying right here with me and you are walkingaway. hahahahahahahahhaha the lady was like.. mygoodness.. bus stations and ladies of god.. never a good mix. we talked with her after.. super nice.. butnot interested. shes still our  gaurdian angel of the bus station.
the next day we were wlaking.. then all of a sudden a drunk guy comes up behind us… wow.. beautiful jehovas witnesses! then he was like.. to sister f.. how old are you? are you single?
my goodness. all day. everyday. hahahahhahaha
We had a lesson with josue.. we were super nervous because it was the word of wisdom.. the only thing that would stop him form wanting to be baptised. and we hadnt met with him for 2 weeks because he has been traveling. we have been praying all week! so we start teaching.. and at one point im like.. so there are 5 things that god has asked we dont use… i name off all of the things.. but i only have 4 fingers up… i stop and look at my hand and im like.. wait.. where the fifth one? he just starts laughign and sister f too! we can teach lessons normally all day.. and every lesson we have with him is alwasy so awkward hahahahahhahaha. i dont know what happened but it was super funny. he stopped for a second after the lesson. .and he wasl ike.. idk this is all new for me… but i agree 100% ive seen so many people with so many problems because of these things. we had to move back his baptism for him to have time to quit smoking. he his seriously so elect. Its like we dont have to do anything! we just teach (awkwardly) and he acts! he is so great. during church too he was making comments during sunday school and the teacher was like.. wow you are reading my mind! everyone thinks he has been a member for years!! and he is getting baptised in a month! it really isnt us misisonaries who prepares people.. there really are the elects that have been prepared by god to recieve the restored gospel!
neide has been good.. but she hasnt been reading or going to church. angela is the one that walks with iara and udjadson. we called her sunday morning to see if she wanted a ride from a member. she was like.. no i have a head ache and im sick. so we were like.. okay we will see you tuesday then! seh called us back 20 minutes later. she was like.. no i want to go. can you ask them to give me a ride? she got to church and she was like.. i started to sleep again.. and i heard a voice.. you need to go to church. so i did! it was so awesome. and she told us she has been living the word of wisdom for 3 weeks now! ahhH! so exciting 🙂 also! so we have a goal to always be searching for new investigators.. this means alot of knocking doors… and we normally find news everyweek! its super great. but alot of the new people dont have a lot of interest. its about 1 in 15 that progress. but one of them that we taught one time 3 weeks ago.. israel went to church!!! everytime we went to his house he wasnt home. he was taught by missionaries years ago. and he was like.. one of the elders sent me a message on face book and was like..go to church! so i went! so cool. misisonaries being missionaries even with out a name tag. we need more members like this! so great. so many miracles here..
we are getting transfer calls this week. im hoping i dont get transfered. i have to see josue get baptised and we are meeting so many amazing families! awhile back i wasl ike.. eh i could use a change. but now im like.. i hope me and sister f stay together. if we do it will be almost 8 months together! but i love her! and we work so great togehter.ah im so nervous for transfer calls! i dotn want anything to change!:(  but everything that needs to happen will! should be interesting!
anywho! love you all!!!
until next week 🙂

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