One year older and wiser too

Yet one more amazing week here on the mish! Just for breaking news. me and sister f (aka sister ferreira) are staying together one more transfer! hahahahahhhahahha for those of you who have served or who understand transfers will understand.. that this is unheard of! 5 transfers together!!!!!! normally you only stay with a comp for 2! we are joking that our pictures fell off the transfer board and so president doesnt even know we exist (totally joking.. but sometimes i have my doubts….) but im so happy! shes so great. and we work so well together! so hey! who needs transfers?! the other sister are staying too! ive been with sister pomponio and sister f for 6 months and sister rocha for 4 and a half! who knows… i could end my mission with them! imagine!
I got bit by a dog! that was super uneventful.. literally. ive secretly wanted to be bitten.. because thats an awesome mission story. we were walking … and this angry dog starts running at us.. but this happens all the time so i didnt think anything of it… then he jumps up and bites my arm!!! but i had two jackets on so it did nothing.. then the owner came out and started yelling at him. sooo.. i got bit.. but its not a blood story.. so its not that exciting. i dont have the marks to proove it!

our family from the north moved back to the norht 😦 i was so sad. but we left them with the book of mormon… so im hoping one day.. who knows right? i dont even want to finish writing this email my hands hurt from the cold! they dont have ac or heaters in this country.. and its freezing. i can see my breath. so crazy a few weeks ago i was compaining about the ehat….. i dont understand brazil hahahaha.

but ill keep going… it wasnt easy for them to wrtie the book of mormon on golden plates either…

So i officially have ayear on the mission.. i dont understand how that happened!!! i feel like ive been on my mission for a week.. yet an eternity. a week in time but in growth.. an eternity. we celebrated with a huge pizza (thanks dad) and açai´! i have pictures 🙂 ive been super emotional this week…. i bought heathly whole grain cookies.. that tasted a little like dirt. im trying ot be healthy hahahah and they were super expensive… i left them in a bag under a table at church for a meeting.. then i come back 10 minutes later and they are gone! some little kid robbed them! i got home and started crying hahahahahhaha sister f was like.. .ive never seen you cry! let me get my camera! hahahhahahahah i feel the love! she was like.. youre really just crying because you have a year on your mish huh? one year emotions! then at lunch a members daughter was watching a good dinsaour and the dad dinsasour died and i started crying at lunch ahhahahahahahah sister f just started laughing. IM SO SAD I HAVE A YEAR 😦 because i know how fast its just going ot keep flying.

I remember 2 weeks before angelas baptism.. it was fast sunday. adn we were like.. go bare your testimony! she was like.. no way i will ever do that!!!
yesterday… she got up and bore her testimony! the spirit was SO strong. you guys shes one of the shyest girls i have ever met. but the young womens president ahs really taken her under her wing and shown so much love! it has helped angela so much. im so grateful for people who really do their calling. it makes such a huge diffence. it was such a sweet spirit during sacrament. she was like.. im so grateful for the church. being a member has already changed my life. i know who i am. and i know my father in heaven loves me. she is such a blessing. ah. the love i have for her! im so grateful to know her and be part of her conversion. shes helping strengthen my testimony aswell!

This really has been the best year of my life. im so grateful for my mission. I never thought i would love it as much as i do. it was the best decision i have ever made. ive never felt so close to our father in heaven. and im so blessed to be part of His work here. I know he is always with us through the good, great, bad and awful. im grateful for all of those moments. the good to know the diffence of the bad.. and the bad because of the growth ive seen. ive seen so many miracles and have seen lives change. but the most change ive seen is with myself! im so grateful for my testimony. mission.. best thing ever.

in preach my gospel the first presidency wrote.
“wecompliment you on the great opportunity you have to be a missionary. there is no more compelling work than this, nor which brings greater satisfaction. the lord will reward and richly bless you as you humbly and prayerfully serve him.” then at the end they say:
” more happiness awaits you than you have ever experienced as you labor among His children.”

i can now understand this happiness they talk about! i remember before the mission in mission prep our teacher asked.. why are you serving? in my joruanl i wrote.. “to help other people!” but never did i imagine it bringing fun times.. or happiness….
i remember people saying.. wow you are leaving everything behind! you will miss out on so much! i believed it. i remember returned missionaries saying “the best two years..” i didnt believe it. i wanted to! but i thought they were crazy hahaha.

matt 10:39
“he that findeth his life shall lose it, and he that loseth his life for my sake, shall find it.”

“losing” my life is the best thing ive done for my life. this is something we all have the opportunity to do! whether at home or in the misison field. we can leave our lifes behind, stopthinking about our selfs and serve. I never will forget my young womens president “losing” her life for me. or the young womens president here. “losing” her life for angela. and i know.. that when we serve our heavenly father with pure love, we really will find our lifes. and whats truly important in this life! because what i thought was important to what i know now is important is completly different. im so grateful for the lessons ive learned. and the lessons ill keep learning. its not the easiest thing ive ever done, but by far, the must fufilling. I know that christ lives, and that this is his church! im so grateful for this knowledge and for the opportunity i have to share these precious truths with His children.
love you all!
– Sister George


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