I like your chicken

My mom sent me a package… and she sent me flinging flamingos.. sister f loved them….. i filmed a video of the sisters saying “thank you ms rachel!” then after sister f wanted to try to speak more english.. she was like ” i like…. uh.. your chicken.” hahahahahaha she always freezes up! i was dying laughing. first of all they are flamingos.. not chickens… and its hilarious.

The crisis here in brazil seems to be getting worse. our investigators that normally are fine with money have been selling their shoes.. clothes.. .perfume everything just to buy diapers and milk for their son. it broke my heart. but they are so funny at the same time. they are a young married couple… he is less active and shes our investigator.. we went over there to teach them.. and they didnt have food so they fried flour and sugar to make these little cake things.. but then they ran out of oil and sugar.. she was like.. alright.. heres the game plan. you go to the back and ask our neighbor for a little oil and ill walk to our other neighbors and borrow some sugar.. okay go! hahahah they were dying laughing like.. man… we are super poor right now. i loved how they laughed about their situation. she found work but she wont get paid until next week. its been rough here. but.. its been incredible that during this time they even said.. we have been alot closer to god. its sad that we need to be humbled to finally act. they are progressing well! i love them!
Last week we were passing a lady in the street and just said good morning! she stopped like she wanted to talk to us.. so we did.. it was super awkward. hahaha but we just started talking to her and she invited us back. we went looking for her house but couldnt find it. then we passed her in the street again and asked why we didnt stop by… we explained that we couldnt find it.. she gave us better directions and we went back looking. we got to the house and asked if it was right. there was a guy sitting outside staring at his phone laughing.. and to get to the house you ahve to walk down this huge drive way. he was like no this isnt her house but she lives next door! i felt the strongest impression to talk to him more.. but it was awkward.. i freezed up and we just thanked him and left. as we left i was like.. “ah why didnt we talk to him more?” sister f was like.. “idk because he seems crazy?” hahaha we found the right house but she wasnt home.. we started walking back and as we were about to pass his house again i got the same impression. talk to him. but it was so weird! its not like you just pass the house! you have to walk down the drive way. so i just kept walking then i looked at my planner and read the quote i placed there a few weeks back. “each day brings a new page to write on. live so that every page says, “im glad i did.” not “i wish i had.” i prayed for courage and an opportunity. over his mountain drive way we heard. “was she not home?!” we walked down the hill a little.. and i was like. “no! but can we share this invite wiht you super fast?!”  him.. “ofcourse!” sister f looked at me like.. what on earth are you doing?! hahahah i just shrugged. we walked down the mountain (haha) and started talking to him. we told him who we are and what we do. he just stared at the invite we gave him. after what seemed like an eternity he was like.. “yeah. ofcourse you can come back. we are needing it anyways.” he then began telling us how he found out he had cancer a few weeks ago and the doctors arent expecting much more time for him. and he was like.. and you know what? im not even a little bit worried. he began talking about how happy he is for living the life he lived. and that everyday is our day. we get to chose how our day goes… we can chose to be upset and grumpy. or we can chose to wake up smile and say “today will be a good day.” then he talked about how our decisions affect other people. and our decisions can affect generations. he said he wants his family to remember him as a happy man. because happiness is courage. he talked about how everyday is a gift and we get to ask. what are we going to do with it? it was so amazing talking to him. and feeling his sweet spirit! I learned alot from him! we are going to visit him and his wife tonight! im excited. i walked away full of gratitude. im so blessed that i recieved that impression.. and that heavenly father gave me the strength to act.  we left and sister f stopped and sat on a bench and said and started crying. ” he said exactly waht ive been needing to hear.” i wont write everything. but turns out sister f has been struggling with some few things about the mission and i had no idea. and i never would have known if it wasnt for our talk with zelmir (the guy we had just done a contact with.) now im able to help her out and she recieved an answer to her prayers. God truly does work in mysterious ways.
another mini miracle..
we got home after zone conference and i realized the next day my study journal wasnt with us.. it has all of my spiritual experiences and thoughts. i called the elders if they saw it when they were cleaning up. they said no.. but went back and searched everywhere. i think they looked for more than an hour! and it was no where to be found. i was super sad! ahh all my experiences!:( i prayed that it would show up. then two days later i got a call from elder and he was like…. you wont believe where we found it. as they were leaving sacrament meeting it was simply on top of the bench. that they had already looked there! they searched over an hour in the sacarment room. i was sooo happy! they still dont know how it got there!
sunday night our appointments fell through.. it was dark.. cold and raining. and we had nothing to do… so what do we do? knock doors! hhahahahah we were walking like.. who is crazy enough to walk in this wet cold.. us! the streets had no one! then we heard voices behind us.. it was two members from our ward… they had umbrellas and riding their bikes. the stopped us to say hi and told us they were going to do their visits… we saw them 3 times that night! they went and visited some of our recent converts and less actives! i am so grateful for members that do their callings. it was freezing raining and sunday nihgt.. and there they were right along with us doing the lords work. members rock my socks!
funny contact of the week…
“hi can we share an invite with you?”
“invite about what?”
“jesus christ”
“amen!!” and she walked away. hahahahhahhahhaha
anywho! love you all bunches! i hope you have a great week!
2 corinthians 12:9-10
and he said unto me, my grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. most gladly. therefore will i rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of christ may rest upon me.
10. therefore i take pleasures in infirmities, in reproaches, in necessities, in persecutions, in distresses for christs sake;
For when i am weak, then am i strong.
this scripture reminded me of this week. i  saw many people passing through hard things with smiles on their faces and god on their side.
ether 12:27
for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will i make weak things become strong unto them.


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