S’more Of What?

This week was so great! The weather was perfect! sunny and not blazzing hot. i like that!
Tuesday was Sister F´s Birthday. I woke up and made a classic american breakfast.. hashbrowns, eggs, bacon, pancakes. the sisters loved it! brazilians think we eat this kind of breakfast everyday! they had never eaten bacon plain and hashbrowns. The smell Reminded me of saturday mornings at Omi´s house! (obviously my cooking is no where as good as hers.. but for being in brazil.. it was pretty good.)

We are probably going to have to move josues baptism date. which is sad but good. just for him to have some time to prepare and stop smoking. We had a lesson with him.. and he started talking about how he wants us all to fast together to help him to stop smoking. it was so cool.. especially because this time it was his idea! we lost track of time i looked down at my watch and i was like.. no way.. it was 5 to 9. we prayed and then booked it home. hahahahahha bishop was laughing at us. we looked ridiclous… yet again… 2 girls in skirts booking it home just to make it by curfew. but we made it! my tights were to my ankles by the time we got home. hahahahhahahahahahhahaha cold weather probs

to top of our day and sister fs birthday i made them smores! my mom sent me marshmellows and grahm crackers.. two things they dont have here! They LOVED them! we made a mess! they keep asking me to make more…. too bad we dont ahve a fire. i actually have a story about that.. but its one of those after the mission stories. hahahahah but mircrowaves work good too 🙂

One day we walked home to get more water.. which we never do. we passed the same house we pass everyday that is on the property of our apartment building. as we passed i was like.. “hey do you think the elders already knocked here?” sister f- “im sure they have!” me-“yeah.. lets knock agian?” sister f- “yeah why not!” so we did. normally houses by our apartment and the road of the church have been over knocked… to the point people see us out of their window and hide! hahahah but we knocked this house (taht we can literally see out of our bedroom window) and a guy came out. he was like… “ahhh i was sleeping”. great way to start off right? hahaha. he was nice.. but wasnt interested. then he was like.. “ya know but i think my wife might be interested.. she likes this kind of stuff. she works across the street at the car shop her names monica.” so obviously we went! we walked into the noisy car shop… asked for monica.. found her.. and she didnt seem to thrilled. but she was like.. hold on i cant hear anything! we walked out side with her. she just looked down at the invite and was like.. mormons?! her attitude changed. she was like.. “ya know.. i was taught 20 years ago by two elders…. and ive lived in this house now for months.. and everyday i have watched elders pass by and recently you guys.. .and ive always wanted to talk to them but i was too embarrased. so i just prayed they would find me. then you guys came.. and girls are alot easier to talk too… and one day when you guys passed by i almost built up the courage to talk to you but didnt. i just hoped you would tlak to me!” If you could just imagine our faces at this point. I have always heard stories like this! it felt like a dream!!! it was so great talking to her. she invited us back the next day. we taught her. invited her to be baptised. and she accepted. I am SO grateful that our heavenly father is leading us to where we need to go. It was such a miracle. i am so excited to keep working with her!

I dont know if you remember how i said we knocked doors sunday night in the rain last week? well one of the ladies that we talked to invited us back.. and we went. her name is josie and she is a ball of sunshine! the first night we talked to her she didnt leave her house but was like.. come to the window! she looked at me and said.. whoa i know you! but we had never met. she asked us to come back. she is so great! fire red hair and green eyes and im guessing about 5.3 shes 71 and looks 48! she took us to show us her back yard. it was AMAZING. it is this cute little garden full of life! she was like.. watch this… she put some water in the bird feeder and imediatley a hummindbird flew over. she was like.. this one knows me! and he sure did! he sat right on her thumb and drank the sugar water our of her hand! i have never seen anything like it. like they were best friends! there were about 30 other humming birds.. ive never seen so many in one place. and tons of other kinds of birds… bright yellows and neon blue and green. it looked like a scence out of a movie! we taught her the restoration and the plan of salvation this week. and shes reading the book of mormon. we are being blessed with such amazing people to teach! she is loving it. shes one of the happiest people i have ever met. the type of person you want to spend more time with. she loved the plan of salvation. it was so spiritual. she was like.. so many questions ive had for 71 years are now being answered. then she asked if its because we knew eachother before this life and thats why i looked familiar to her. ah. shes the greatest. this week was amazing. and to top it off she made a blonde joke.. and it was towards sister ferreira hahahahhahaha shes sassy too!

Another miracle! so a member in our ward has a daughter who has been less active for years. we ran into her husband about a month ago at a bakery. he told us they have been inactive for years.. but invited us to go visit them. but they are super busy. all the time! but we finally got to visist them this week. their story is incredible. her first interaction with the church was two elders knocked on her door.. she invited them back.. when they went back.. she hid and didnt answer the door. (story of my life. haha) 7 years later she was visitng her mom.. he mom told her she has been visitng a new church.. she tagged along. got to church.. saw two elders and made the connection. goodness its the same church taht i hid from 7 years ago! she immeditely felt impressed god was giving her a second chance. she and her husband were soon baptised. they stayed strong in the church but not so strong financially. they passed through alot of hard times but always paid tithing. then one day an opportunity to buy a chicken company came up. but meant they would have to work sundays… they prayed. and took the job. because of hours they had to go to a different ward that met at 1 pm to still work. and continued paying tithing…they were abundantley blessed! exhausted but doing their part. i wont tell everything. but they had some issues with some leaders.. and stopped going to church and stopped paying tithing. she told us. everything stopped. work got awful.. she said it was like all the blessing were taken away in a snap! they still worked and stayed inactive for 4 years. but they still made their kids go to church… they had never lost their testimonies. then a few months ago their little 6 year old daughter came home upset from church. “mom, when are you going to go back to churhc? everyone keeps asking who my mom is.” she knew she needed to go back and that she wasnt doing her part. they prayed for a miracle and a way to sell the company. a few weeks later a huge and unexpectable over came up for a new company that didnt work sundays. they accepted and sold the chicken company. and sunday… they went to church!!!! ahh. it was the coolest thing ever. their three kids had the biggest smiles on their faces. those kids are the best missionaries i know!

This week was so amazing. we saw so many miracles! im so grateful for all the people i am meeting and the experiences im seeing. I know that everything happens for a reason and that God loves us and has an individual plan for everyone of us!

thanks for all being so great!:) love you bunches!
-sister George
1. What would life be without giraffe cardigans? when i went to buy this the lady working there was talking to me about my accent and where im from. as we talked i saw this and i was like.. “i love giraffes!” she was like.. “Yeah they have alot there where you are from right?!” hahahahahahhahahahha peoples ideas of the states crack me up. but i never thought iwould hear this one! giraffes roaming the streets hahahahahahaha.

2. the night we had to book it home sister f lost her name tag.. we found it the next day in the mud!S


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