What a Licey sunday

his week was insanely fast.. as always.. but this one FLEW by! transfer calls are this week… who knows if anything will happen… lets see if sister ferreira and I stay together 6 transfers! all i know is i dont want to be transfered! i love this area!!

Im now teaching taylor swift.. so thats pretty cool! hahahaha shes 19 her name is hellen but she looks like she could be taylor swifts sister.
one day when we were leaving to go do contacts we passed monicas house.. we havent been able to teach her. she was sitting outside and told us she doesnt want to continue meeting with us. UGH!:( she said her life is just super busy. she wants to meet with us one day.. but i guess todays not taht day. and then we went and visited gisele the same day.. its been about a month shes never home. she also told us she wont be meeting with us anymore because sehs too scared to change religions. MY HEART BROKE. gisele knows the book of mormon is true and loves temples. we first met with her in april and ahve had so many amazing experiences with her. its the worst feeling ever knowing they know its true and wont change. we walked away with heavy shoulders.. literally and figuratively… because they both gave us back their copies of the book of mormon.. which arent light. and im not gonna lie we cried a little too! Im hopeful one day their paths will cross with future missionaries…
We got to go to festa julina! president let us go because there were a ton of investigators! there were more vistitors than members!
I dont really know why they celebrate this… i dont know the history behind it. but its a party brasilians have in july and everyone dresses up like farmers and they have a ton of food and carnival games! They had sweet corn….. pop corn… sweet rice.. pinhão which is this nut thing that is sooo good! they boil them with salt! and cotton candy! jsut that the cotton candy was with regular non flavored sugar…. but I beat the entire ward at musical chairs.. not trying to brag or anything..buuuut it was pretty sweet. and so much fun!
Sunday was a disaster!!!! i wont use names… but a lady we used to teach came. which was super great. we were really excited! then during relief society she just got up and left and was like.. ill come back soon! i thougth she was just going to the bathroom… but she never came back! and after sunday school her two little girsl were like.. wheres my mom?!?! she straight up bailed and left her kids there in primary! and the worst part.. her kids are awful! so we sat them with members during sacarment to watch them. and we tried calling her and calling.  they were so loud the whole time. those poor members. she didnt answer. she came back 15 minutes before the meeting ended reeking with alcohol. then she grabbed one of her daughters.. sprawled her out on the floor and started picking out lice from her head! In the middle of sacarament!!!!!  like two wild monkeys!!! sister ferreira was like.. do you wnat to pick her up? she did.. but continued picking out lice!!! and my goodness… everytime she parted that little girsl hair… swarms of bugs!! and she was flicking them all over the place! and when the other one started crying she just started yelling saying she wanted to learn about god! it was a DISASTER. all the members kept lookikng back.. alot got up to help. but then there was a group of teenages crying they were laughing so hard…. oooo just wait. they are laughing now but here in a few years they will be out in the mission field.. and karma is a real thing. hahahahhaha. we were counting the minutes for the meeting to end. finally sister f grabbed one of the little girls and put her on her lap! and locked her there with her hands. the other sisters were like.. thats breaking a rule! and sister f just shot them a look like… all rules are out the window right now hahahahahha ti was hilarious! after she left a member came up to us asking if we were okay and sister f just burst out crying! hahahahahhahahahahah in the momnet it was so bad but now its hilarious. i never thought i would witness such an insane meeting. then at night when we were saying our prayers together sister f was like… we are grateful for sacarment meeting we had today… then she paused and i just burst out laughing in the middle of the prayer! ahhahahahahha i will never forget that lady picking the lice out of her daughters hair. and flicking it all over the place…. “dont worry hers doesnt spread!” yeah right. hahahahha
i guess we will find out soon right?
yeah but that was my hectic week! Much love!
i thought i should send some pictures of our area.. things that are normal to me now that are super weird for you all! bananas on the side of the road.
and these are the invites to festa julina! we were SO excited president let us go!!!


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