Tchau sister ferreira 8(

This Week was a blur!

We got transfer calls thursday!!! sister fs first transfer call.. .and she has 7 months on the mission! 5 transfers together FLEW by. the other sisters came bursting throught the front door and sister rocha starts yelling… PRESIDENT CALLED SISTER POMPONIO IS GOING TO BALNIEARIO (which is the prettiest city ever.) she was like.. HES CALLING YOU GUYS NOW!! and sure enough the phone started ringing. sister f grabbed the phone and started running aorund like a crazy person and just started cyring hahahhahahahahah we were like ANSWER THE PHONE WOMAN! so hilarious.
shes going to stay in joinville but a different zone! so she will be doing a white wash… and wait for it.. TRAINING!! ahh! she will be getting a new missionary! im so so excitedfor her. but i am so so so sad we wont be comps anymore. i LOVED serving with her. i never imagined staying with one comp for 5 transfers would be fun… but it was a blast. i lvoe her. shes such an amazing missionary and person. i am going to miss her. but i cant be selfish and hog sister f! shes going to bless so many more lifes! im so grateful for my mission and all the friendships i have made.. i have truly been blessed with only the best companions and room mates. OH how i love the mission.
I honestly cant remember this week! its been emotional!
BUT funny story
Half of our areas water shut down…. hundreds of houses with no water! for almost 2 days. but they have emergency water.. but then that ran out too…. businesses even had to shut down for a few days… my goodness. you dont realize how water is a blessing until you dont have it!!! dishes piled cant cook. or shower… or even brush your teeth! so i took some soap to the church… the churhc was the half of thecity that still had water.. and i took a half bath in a sink. hahahahhahaha and then sister f and i filled up huge buckets of water. and.. just for you to understand how weak sister ferreira is.. she thinks im hulk. hahahhahahahah so just imagine we had 5 minutes to make it home by curfew and huge buckets of heavy water walking down dirt filled streets in skirts. SO EMBARRASING. but so hilarious. she splashed water all over her sefl on accident. and it was soooo cold! just imagine this scene.. we were dying laughing. only on the mission these things happen. we had to stop every 30 seconds. but we made it home.. and on time. holla! and then after our treacherous journey we opened the door and the sisters looked at us.. and were like.. oh yeah we forget to tell you.. .the water came back on.
i took a bath in a sink for nothing.
also.. another sister f moment.. .she biffed it down the stairs on sunday at church. ive never seen anyone get up so fast. once i saw she was okay we just burst out laughing. shes super smooth…you have no idea. hahahahha OH i am going to miss her!
also… today we woke up at 4 am to get my new comp… it was freezing! her bus showed up but she didnt! we called or ZL…. he was like.. oops! she comes in tomorrow not today. our luck this week… my goodness. hahahahahah
anywho! im excited to tell you all about my first week with a new comp! should be interesting! ive had the same comp for 7 months!
lots of love!
-sister George
1 we taught neide how to make cookies! brazilians LOVE chocolate chip cookies

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