Horses and Stilts

This week was too good! i came home exhausted everyday.. which is a good sign.. we didnt have to stop a ton! sister sotelos health seems to be getting better! yay health!! pday we went to the beach because it was rainy and there was no one.. then as we were walking back sister sotelo BIFFED IT in front of a bus stop. i couldnt eve nhelp her up i was laughing so ahrd! her legs went flying up in the air and she landed on her back! hahahhahahahahhaha oh my goodness. it was too good. i wish i had a picture.

we had a lunch wayyy out in the middle of no where.. but when we got there.. i felt like i was in the states! none of the houses had huge walls in front! it looked like las vegas! and there were normal sidewalks….. but the houses were super nice…. then after we took a bus back to our area.. and we climbed another hill where kids play wihtout shoes in the dirty roads. its really crazy to me how there can be such nice houses and then such poor neighborhoods all in one area. its sad. we taught a new lady… whos house you can see EVERYTHING! the view is amazing. but its on stilts!! a little wood house hanging off the side of the mountain.. on wooden slilts! i was like.. its a good thing i didnt eat alot todya.. because i was scared the entire thing was going to break and roll down the mountain. every step creaked!
we went tracting another day in a richer part…. ah i felt like i was in my area tubarao again… people werent very.. open.  as we were walking sister sotelo was like.. do you think that lady needs help? i hadnt even noticed an older lady limping and carrying a bunch of groceries on the other side of the road. we went and offered help.(such a missionary move hahaha) she said she lived close. but i knew she was lying. the only thing close was huge mansions.. and she had no car.. she had only boughten bread and milk and she had old broken flip flops for shoes even in the rain. we told her we were headingi n the same direction. she accepted. but every corner she had to stop to rest. her knees are bent in.. she can barely keep balance. and the groceries were heavy. she was like.. you girls really dont need to help an old lady likeme! we told her we wanted to. it broke my heart. she struggled so bad even just to walk. and she lived way far away at the very top of the hill. the higher you get on these hills the poorer the houses. what broke my heart too is that we had to pass these huge beautiful houses… and people living their passed us.. car after car…. as this poor lady struggled to walk. at one point even a member passed us! we tried flagging her down.. but she didnt notice. it made me wonder how many oportunities we have each day to help someone but we dont realize it! i mean.. sister sotelo was the one that saw this lady! i was just staring ahead! and so many people passed us without realizing how much we needed help. it took over an hour to get to her house at the very top. she was so grateful. she thanked us a thousand times. but it was really nothing for us. but everything to her. and the cool thing is… she never once complained. the entire time we walked as she was in pain she was like.. you girls dont understand the forces god gives me. im so blessed ican even walk. she was such an example to me of someone postive and humble. this world is full of amazing people. she invited us to go back and teachher too… we will see how it goes! she thanked us but really im thankful for her. i bet too.. if we all just payed a little more attention in our everyday activities we would find alot of ways to give simple service to those around us.
we are seeing miracles here! i know that god is preparing people for us.. and all misisonaries all over the world.
I love you all! more than i love waterbottles and comfy shoes!
-Sister George

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