yo no hablo español

This week was amazing! full of exhaustion and miracles! Im SO tired. all the time. I Dont know why. mission. almost everything fell through this week! so we tried their neighbor hahaha and it worked out! we found a lot of amazing people. we are truly being helped out alot here.i love teaching. the mission next to Disney land really is the best place on earth.

We taught another couple from haiti. they were so great! The husband has been searching for a religion for a long time. a granddaughter of a less active told us she feels like something has been missing in her life. and when she reads the book of Mormon she feels that hole being filled. shes 15 and inst a member. shes amazing! she went to church Sunday and loved it. she looks and acts 20.a reference from a member went to conference last week. he is a history major and i think might be more hippie than my little sister! he loves nature! he became interested in the church because of family history. and for the first time on my missino we got to mark with a member to teach and investigator how to use family search! it was so cool. he went to church again. he was like.. i dont know why but i feel like something is pulling me to learn more about this church. he has studied alot about religion but feels really good about what we teach! MIRACLES.
one night we went to an investigators house. her husband had gone to church a few times but htey hadnt met with the missinoaries yet. they are from haiti and he speaks a little bit of portuguese. but when we got to their house only she was home.. and she speaks almost no portuguese! it was a struggle bus!! we tried teaching but it wasnt working out. then i was like.. what languages do you speak? i had to ask a few times but she finally understood. hahaha she speaks creol french and SPANISH!!! sister sotelo too! such a blessing! she taught the entire first lesson in spanish. i felt like iwas back at the mtc! hahahahahah i could understand but i had to concentrate SO HARD. oh my goodness we left and i was like.. man i forgot how annoying it is to not understand people! my brain was dead! so funny! im so glad she spoke spanish! its amazing how our talents really hlep others! now i just gotta work on my spanish skills hahhaha 😉 because i definetly do not speak spanish!
we got transfer calls! ill be staying here with sister sotelo! sister gage is stayingtoo! which im super happy. shes one of the worlds funniest people! sister crump is heading home and sister gage will get a new comp.. another american hahahh! sister child! should be good!:)
love you all!:)
-sister george

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